Amazon Myflexbot: How It Works And Is It Safe?

In the period of time-consuming and competitive blocks for delivery services, here is something that allows individuals to schedule delivery at their suitable time and earn some extra money.

We are talking about Myflexbot, a tool that promises to automate your delivery blocks and ensures drivers make extra money with Amazon Flex. Please keep reading to find out whether or not it is worth investing in.

What is Amazon Myflexbot?

Myflexbot is a tool designed for Amazon Flex drivers which helps them secure blocks of delivery shifts.

Amazon Myflexbot

In other words., it is an automated software system developed for Amazon Flexible drivers to make batch grabbing easier, and individuals can earn money by delivering the customer packages on their vehicle. 

Securing shifts or blocks can be challenging and time-consuming, so the Amazon Flex bot simplifies the process by allowing Amazon drivers a quick and efficient search for available batches in their area.

This software automates the process of searching and claiming blocks, making it easier for the driver to secure the shifts they want while also benefiting from other features, like speed control and automation settings, logs, email notifications, SMS notifications, etc.

Myflexbot monitors the Amazon Flex website for newly available blocks and sends the notification to the driver. At the same time, drivers can easily use this tool to claim the blocks.

This software also allows the driver to set up alerts for specific blocks, so they can instantly get notified when their desired shift is available.

Besides this, Myflexbot offers features like a calendar view of the scheduled blocks, swap blocks with other Amazon Flex drivers, and a built-in GPS navigation system to make it easier for the driver to find the delivery address. It streamlines the overall process and helps drivers earn more money.

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How Does Myflexbot Work?

Myflexbot, the software tool that automates the entire process of scheduling Amazon Flex delivery blocks, works by constantly monitoring the Amazon Flex application or website for available delivery blocks and then automatically claiming them for the drivers just when they become available. 

It starts by logging into the Myflexbot app or website with your Amazon Flex account information. After logging in, you can set your delivery preferences for which blocks you want to claim, including location, time, and pay rate.

The software will then use this information to search for available blocks that meet your needs.

Now, when a block that matches your criteria becomes available, this software will automatically claim it for you. It will also send notifications to your phone or email when it automatically claims a block, making it easier for you to confirm and accept the block you need.

How to Use MyFlexbot?

Till now, you must have got to know that MyFlexbot allows drivers to automate their delivery schedules. Here is the way how you can use MyFlexbot:

  1. Create an account on MyFlexbot’s website. Add your Amazon Flex email Id and password to log in and get started.
  2. After logging in, you can see a calendar view of your available delivery slots. From here, you can select the slots you want to claim, which will automatically do it for you.
  3. Set up notifications for the new slots that become available and you want to claim. The software will send you a notification when a new slot is available so that you can claim them.
  4. Set up a schedule for all your deliveries. You can claim those slots which fall within certain hours, days, or areas and choose slots that work for you.
  5. Use other features like analytics and reporting tools to track your delivery performance, see how many slots you have claimed, the number of deliveries you made, and how much money you have earned in total.
  6. Customize the claiming process as per your preference. 

This way, you can set your MyFlexbot and claim slots that suit you the most.

Myflexbot Reviews

Here are some pros and cons of Myflexbot.


Some of the pros of Myflexbot are as follows:

  • This software can automate the process of finding and claiming Amazon Flex delivery blocks, which makes it easier for the drivers to secure their desired shifts and delivery.
  • Myflexbot can also alert drivers when new blocks become available so that they can claim them before anyone else. 
  • The software can also track the driver’s earnings and delivery statistics and track the driver’s progress and performance.


Some of the cons of Myflexbot are as follows:

  • It is third-party software and is not officially supported by Amazon.
  • The cost of the software might be too high for some drivers, especially if they cannot secure many blocks or earn much money from their Amazon deliveries.
  • The software might arouse the feeling that it takes away from the sense of competition and camaraderie that can come from manually searching for blocks and trying to compete with other drivers.
  • The software could stop working or become outdated, which would retrieve the benefit of its automation and tracking features.

Is it Safe to Use Myflexbot?

Myflexbot has become a popular tool among Amazon Flex drivers, who use it to automate their work. This tool helps streamline the driver’s job. However, it is important to consider whether using Myflexbot is safe or not.

Using Block Grabbers is against Amazon Flex TOS

Before we answer, consider these two main aspects: the terms of service of Amazon Flex and potential security issues with MyFlexbot. 

Amazon Flex states that drivers may not use any batch grabber software or any other automated process to complete batches and make deliveries and that violations of this policy may result in deactivation from Amazon Flex, which means your account will get deactivated.

To Grab Blocks, Share Your Amazon Flex Login Credentials

Myflexbot requires users to enter their Amazon Flex login credentials, including email address and password. And as a result, there is always a risk of having your data at risk if you choose to use MyFlexbot. 

However, Myflexbot claims that they have already taken several steps to ensure the safety and privacy of its users. There are reports of accounts being hacked due to shared login information with the Flex bot. In addition, Amazon Flex has strict policies against bots and automated processes, so even if security is not the concern, users may still find themselves in trouble if they are discovered using the bot.

Using Myflexbot may provide extra convenience, but on the other side, it comes with certain risks that must be considered. The drivers should consider using the bot after thoroughly checking the potential pros and cons before making a decision and ensuring that they take all necessary precautions when entering their login credentials to minimize the security risk.

How Much Does a Myflexbot Cost?

According to the website of MyFlexbot, it offers a 15-day free trial period to the users, but the trial length may vary according to the region and availability. After the trial period ends, it charges the customers around $50 per month.

This pricing includes features like unlimited bots, task automation, scheduling capabilities, and access to customer support and resources.


Flex bots continue to become popular with their ability to provide ease and help drivers make extra money. But it can even have some drawbacks, including security at risk.

However, if we talk about the user interface, it is easy to navigate, and the app is constantly updated with new features. If you are an Amazon Flex driver, MyFlexBot is worth checking out, and you can go for their 15-day free trial and see how it works for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Myflexbot be used on any device?

Yes, Myflexbot can be used on any device with an internet connection and a web browser.

Is Myflexbot legal to use?

Yes, MyFlexBot is legal to automate the delivery blocks already allowed by Amazon Flex.

Can I cancel Myflexbot at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your MyFlexBot at any time through your account settings.

Does Myflexbot guarantee I will get delivery blocks?

No, Myflexbot does not guarantee you will get delivery blocks, but it can find and automate the customer’s delivery blocks as per the user’s comfort.

Can I use MyFlexBot with other tools or bots?

Yes, you can use Myflexbot along with other tools or bots, as long as they do not violate the terms of service of Amazon.

Does MyFlexBot support multiple Amazon Flex accounts?

Yes, MyFlexBot supports multiple Amazon Flex accounts and allows you to manage multiple accounts from one central location.

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