Apptivo Review

Apptivo Review – CRM Software

When counting down the best customer relationship management software in the market, Apptivo is a must-have on that list. This versatile CRM platform is an answer to all your business tools needed for customer management like lead management, customer management, etc.

Additionally, this platform is not limited to just customer management solutions but has spread its wings in numerous other business aspects.

Apptivo CRM is an extremely helpful tool whose fundamental feature is to work on streamlining the sales and marketing procedure for the companies and it offers a variety of services for the same.It is designed to help companies get a clear 360-degree view of their consumers and cater to their needs more efficiently.

What is Apptivo?

Apptivo has evolved to become one of the first names that strike people’s minds when looking for CRM software. Launched in the year of 2009, this company is rooted in the idea of simplifying business operations all around the world. It has a cloud-based mechanism that keeps track of all your business solutions.

This California-based company acts as a perfect bridge between the companies and their customers which facilitates better sales and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Today, Apptivo has a user base of more than 150,000 users spread across 194 geographies around the world. Apptivo initially targeted only MSMEs but its easy-to-use interface and plethora of features made it a suitable choice for many big businesses too.

Displaying all the details about a contact and coupling it with analyzing features to know what a customer is actually looking for is the most needed feature for almost all businesses and Apptivo caters them with this feature.

This CRM platform helps businesses get leads, manage leads, and also follow up on leads all at one place in a hassle-free process. It also allows businesses to customize their contact management according to their ease and work with utmost comfortability.

The other major reason for Apptivo’s growing reach and acknowledgment is its affordable packages, Apptivo delivers five tiers of service which caters to almost all the business sizes ranging from huge firms to initial stage small businesses.

Features of Apptivo

Features of Apptivo

Apptivo is a platform filled with features helping its users in every stage of their business journey. Apptivo offers solutions for almost every hurdle that comes in the way of managing a business. It offers both inbound and outbound solutions for sales automation, data handling, marketing, and customer services.

Apptivo is a perfect blend of project management, customer relationship management, and procurement and is a perfect choice for businesses looking to manage all their proceedings on a single platform to avoid confusion. Apart from these fundamental features, Apptivo is a showstopper when it comes to additional features as well, let us briefly describe the basic features of Apptivo.

1. Customer relationship management

Apptivo efficiently tracks the sales process and acts as fuel in generating more leads by building healthy customer relationships.

2. Project Management

When working on different projects in a company, keeping a track of tasks and timelines becomes a cumbersome task and Apptivo helps companies manage all this in just one platform. Users can easily collaborate on tasks, manage timesheets, and much more.

3. Procurement

Procurement is another issue business owners have to go through and settle, so Apptivo allows its users to detangle the procurement process by providing features like vendor tracking, simplifying purchases and inventory.

4. Email Campaign

Sending emails or staying in regular contact with the customer helps companies engage more clients and emailing particularly is a seamless process that can help you stay in touch with remote clients as well.

5. Customization

One of the distinguishing factors of Apptivo is its wide range of customization options. Users have the ability to customize and create reports and dashboards for their clients according to their will. Apptivo basically caters to every business’s unique needs.

Apptivo Pricing – How much it cost you?

Apptivo has a pretty versatile price range when it comes to its packages, it offers five different types of plans ranging from the starter plan to the enterprise plan, and as the prices gradually increase so do the services and functions of Apptivo.

Apptivo Pricing

To give you a brief description of all the five plans we have created a small list below

  • The starter pack: This starting package is a basic package which includes all the fundamental services like basic CRM services like leads management and some additional tools for business management.
  • Lite plan: If the user opts for an Apptivo Lite plan they will have to pay a monthly amount of $10 and this plan provides them access to much advanced tools when compared to the starter pack.Users can have access to advanced CRM features,financial estimates,opportunity tracking and much more.
  • Premium plan:This plan is an upstep from the lite plan and offers marketing tools as well.Tools like campaign=gn tracking and management, promotions etc. are included in this package and users have to pay just a small amount of $15 when billed monthly for all these services ranging from CRM to marketing.
  • Ultimate plan:The ultimate plan is a perfect choice for businesses not wanting to spend much but want high end CRM and business management services.It offers services like pricing tools,sales planning, marketing tools and a tool that justifies this plan pricing, an app builder.This plan is priced at $25 monthly and $20 when billed annually.
  • Enterprise plan: This plan includes all the services and tools businesses can ask for and further details about this plan can be taken from the sales team of Apptivo.

Benefits of Apptivo

Benefits of Apptivo

1. Synchronised team

Having numerous apps for numerous tasks in a company is a cumbersome model and Apptivo acts as a bridge between different sectors and teams to interconnect them on a single platform.

This CRM software analyzes and arranges all the data that is entered into its software and aligns it in a way that all the designated teams have access to it. Having all the information on a single software enhances work efficiency and minimizes errors to a great extent.

Apptivo’s project management segment also allows the company to track the progress of different teams and promote easy collaborations.

2. Stable data flow

The first thing the company needs to move forward is data and this CRM software delivers a continuous data flowing model. For instance, your email responses are automatically stored as data in Apptivo CRM and that helps its users to draw analysis and further quote them the responses. If the deal goes through, Apptivo also allows its users to have auto-generated invoices and an active grievance redressal platform to promote customer satisfaction.

3. Feasibility

Apptivo itself is an extremely affordable software that enables businesses to opt for it without creating a hole in their pocket. It is a single platform that handles all your business needs under one roof. Additionally, this CRM software also helps its users track their expenses accurately by providing them with customized expense reports.

Eliminating the use of multiple platforms for business management turns out to be cost-efficient and eliminates multiple regular subscriptions and upgrades.

4. Personalized experiences

Customer satisfaction is the key to successful businesses, in the long run, a happy customer draws the rest of the crowd to your business through recommendations and referrals. Apptivo particularly works on providing its customers a personalized experience so they feel at home when using the software.

Apptivo’s team has made it possible to make customized HTML email designs for companies looking to add a personal touch to their client communication. It focuses on even the minute details like document signing, and other personalized micro-processes.

A help desk is always available for grievance redressal so customers can talk about anypron=bnlems they are facing throughout the process.

5. Lead management and conversions

Bringing leads to the company isn’t the last task but converting those leads into clients is the end of the battle. Apptivo has a really efficient lead management setup that helps the company arrange and organize all its leads in a single platform. It is a well-known fact that Apptivo equips its users with all marketing and sales tools, so it becomes easier for the sales team to bring leads and the other teams to start working on them too on a unified platform.

It also fuels lead conversions by providing personalized email templates that catch the buyer’s attention. It also provides the companies with extremely insightful reports so they can work on improving the white spaces they saw on the reports and improve when approaching future clients.

Top Apptivo alternatives

If your budget and requirement don’t fit Apptivo, here are some other alternatives of Apptivo which are worth checking.


I and my team tested Apptivo for one of our clients and trust me they know how to make their customers happy. The customer support team is always available to help you and respond quickly.

There are few problems like you can’t add phone number in employee signature, sometimes they mess up with our contacts and the UI can be improved. They can take some ideas from other CRMs like Zoho as they really have some amazing UI.

But the app is fascinating because you can easily find all the apps which fits in your business and can install them directly on cloud. I would highly recommend this to small and medium-sized businesses because of the features and pricing.

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