Best ARK Server hosting

Best ARK Server Hosting For Gamers

Are you an ARK: Survival Evolved gamer? If yes, this article is for you.

We all know how much server hosting is important for gamers and we spend a lot of money on that too. Isn’t it important to check for the best solution before buying something?

I and my friends checked these hosting solutions and came up with the best ARK server hosting for gamers out there. Stay tuned!

If you are a beginner, let me tell you why you need an ARK server hosting:

1. Control the server – You can manage the performance because you own the server.

2. No lagging in gameplay – Your machine is not able to perform some advanced tasks and hence it creates lagging. With a server, you can control this and play your game with 0% gameplay lag.

3. 24*7 Availablity – Suppose, the host shut down the server then you don’t have any access to the game. But with these servers, you can play whenever you feel like it and stay connected 24*7 with your friends. Also, you don’t have to troubleshoot again and again to check you are connected or not.

4. Manage the players – Decide whom you want to play with, there are lots of hackers out there who just ruin the gaming experience. Buy a server hosting and you can kick or accept anyone anytime.

Lets start the comparison now and check which hosting server is best for you.

Best ARK Server Hosting

1. Scala Cube

Scala Cube is a very well-known ARK server hosting. We could see the different plans that the website offers such as Minecraft, ARK, Rust, and much more. We tried it out, and it works well. We tried out the 32 GB RAM storage, a 3.4 GHz CPU, and 32 GB SSD storage. It offered us options of various slots to hold, only because we had enough RAM storage.

Scala Cube

Thus, the larger the RAM storage, the more options available. This server also provided us with a pre-configured website and forum for free which is amazing! Everything else that a traditional server provides such as a control panel, PHP, MySQL, etc. was all available. They also let us choose between an HDD service and the SSD service, where we chose SSD.

The traffic on this website was very simple and unlimited, which is great as there were no interruptions with that! The prices are pretty average and something almost every website charges, thus, we had no problems with that. Although, there was no guarantee whatsoever. The good thing about payment is that you can pay in a lot of different currencies.

However, the customer service provided isn’t great. We faced an issue with our server, but the support system took too long to respond and did not change the server, even after constant calling and reaching out. After a month or so, they replied and gave us the new server, with a higher price, which works fine, so no complaints.

Thus, we did not prefer their customer service but overall, we think they are good enough and work well.

Scala Cube Pricing

The pricing starts with $3 and go to $96 based on your plan.


  • Various Plans
  • High RAM and SSD storage.
  • More options with higher storage
  • Offer traditional services
  • Allow options between HDD and SSD
  • Unlimited Traffic


  • No guarantee
  • Not a great customer service
  • Lagging issue

My testimonial on Scala Cube:

If you are into Minecraft, I will recommend this to you. But for ARK, not so good. The hosting is very niche and limited that it doesn’t offer you much for other games.

2. ServerBlend

SeverBlend is another great company that a lot of people recommend for ARK hostings. Server Blend was extremely useful and had so many options and offers, that we had to try it out! It had an Intel Xeon processor which is one of the best gaming processors.


Along with that, it also had ECC RAM storage, which made the process a whole lot faster for us. They too provide options between HDD and SSD drives and the Redundant Array of Independent Disks or RAID. We had taken the 5 GHz disk with 2400 MHz RAM.

They also have various tools such as control panels and others that only the ServerBlend service provider offers, making it unique and traditional at the same time. They have automatic installation and up-gradation which is great since we weren’t able to use the server all the time.

The server was very easy to use, thus, making it user-friendly. Also, the protection that the server provided was with utmost security as they understand the hacking problems and need for a great gaming experience. Our experience was amazing as they had DDOS protection which also gives low pings, so it was fun to play with!

However, sometimes the server did end up lagging for us and would not be visible on the page. We had to restart it and join again and again at times, but the customer service was amazing and they solved the doubt immediately! They even joined in on the game to understand and solve the doubt thoroughly. Once it was solved, it was not a problem.

Their standard and premium services are not very different except for the more powerful premium one, thus, we did not appreciate the price hike so much but otherwise, it was pretty good. All in all, we would rate this server great and worth a try!

ServerBlend Pricing:

The base plan starts with $18 whereas the advance plan costs you $30.


  • Intel Xeon processor
  • High RAM and SSD storage
  • Automatic upgrades
  • Extremely User friendly
  • DDOS protection
  • Great Customer Service
  • Low Pings and amazing gaming experience


  • A little expensive
  • Did lag initially

My testimonial on ServerBlend

If you don’t have any budget issues, this is for you. With a 4.9/5 rating over the internet, everyone is a happy customer of this hosting. I used customer care a couple of times and they answered all my queries really quick.

3. GTX Gaming

GTX Gaming server offers various gaming options along with various servers. They have a lot of features that other servers might not provide such as the Game Switching option. The game switching option is turning around the game whenever you like, so just with a few clicks, we could change to Minecraft or Call of duty!

GTX Gaming

These features are provided in so many nations that it is very impressive. They work on various CPUs ranging from the oldest ones to the newest and thus, worked great with our CPU as well. It also had the DDOS protection policy and worked so much better than a lot of other gaming servers due to its security wall.

Every map including the new one was available on the game and we could create our map too which was one of the best features, according to us. They also updated the mods automatically so we don’t waste time while playing. Another great feature was their auto backup. After every game that we saved, it could be found in the backup folder quite easily.

Our server did stop working in between though, and we could not figure out the problem. The customer service was good enough, they did solve the queries but after a little while. The price range for this server was quite cheap but the server does not support PS4 or XBOX which could be a problem for some but considering we used it on Steam, it worked just fine.

GTXGaming Pricing:

GTXGaming has various plans depending on the server you want. The minimum price range is $10 and an advance server will cost you around $70. They give you the flexibility to select your server according to your budget.


  • Switching games
  • DDOS protection
  • Allows different CPU users
  • Automatic updates
  • Easy to use
  • Create your map option
  • Auto backup


  • Does not support PS4 or XBOX
  • Lags a little
  • Customer service was okay

My testimonial on GTXGaming

I used GTXGaming because of a large selection of games but there was some downtime as well as I didn’t find the support super active. You can use it but I will not put it in my top picks.

4. Host Havoc

Host Havoc is a gaming server that provides options from the most famous games and you can easily play any of these on your server, especially ARK.

Host Havoc

Their ARK working is great and has so many options to choose from. Their FTP and file manager access allowed us to save games and access them whenever we wished to. It also automatically upgraded and backed up data, so all our games were saved properly.

They too give options to choose between drives like HDD and SSD and server-specific parameters that are helpful when you want to switch or have a much more powerful gaming experience. Not only that, the DDOS protection in this server worked so well, we did not face any lag.

We did not have to use up too much bandwidth and still get a great gaming view. This kept the network great and useful throughout the entire game time. We got to play with all the different maps, including the latest ones. We also bought around 30 slots, which is the lowest, and so was the charge.

The server became a little slow, but that got fixed eventually. Their customer service was good enough and there is no free trial or guarantee, so we don’t know before investing. But we must say, it turned out to be pretty good and we did not face as many problems.

Host Havoc Pricing

You have to pay $15 to $50 per slot.


  • Various games to choose from
  • Many maps available
  • Automatic upgrades
  • A choice between server drives
  • DDOS protection
  • Low bandwidth usage
  • Great Network and good price


  • Did stop working for a while
  • No guarantee or free trial
  • Customer service is okay

My testimonial on Host Havoc

Good product with easy server management. I want to recommend this to newbies as the setup part is easy and the support team can assist you with everything initially.

5. Logic Servers

Logic Servers name itself calls out their good company name and we understand that they are one of the best service providers in the market. Logic Servers’ ARK server hosting was great and we had lots of fun using this server.

Logic Servers

The server had an instant set-up, no hassle or hard work to be put in to just start the server. The game was already installed and updated once the payment was fulfilled. All the services that are used by servers, in general, are equipped and their control panel of them all has a built-in Steam Workshop.

So, steam users like us would not have any problem understanding the workings of the game and the server. This made it quite easy to use! Also, the control panel had the TCAdmin option. TCAdmin helps the player get better features and a faster gaming experience, which we weren’t disappointed about.

The ECC memory and SSD storage gave more options for more number slots. They too had the DDOS protection to keep the hackers and viruses at bay, and thus, our game worked faster than ever! This server is available in a lot of places and they charge according to the number of slots we bought!

The server did work fine and we enjoyed using it, however, after a few weeks it stopped working out of nowhere and after asking the customer service about the same, we got a reply and help after 2 days! So, not as happy with the service as had expected but overall, we’d say it is quite good and does not need any changes. 

Logic Server Pricing:

There are various slots depending on the game and hosting. It starts with $2 per month to $70 per month. We advise you to check here for more:


  • Instant Set-up
  • Automatic Updates
  • Steam Workshop provided
  • TCAdmin for a faster experience
  • ECC memory and SSD storage
  • DDOS protection


  • Stops in between
  • Customer service is late

My testimonial on Logic Servers

We all know logic servers for their zero downtime and great service. I used the ARK server for 3 months and trust me there was zero downtime, the support also helped in the initial setup. If you are into professional gaming, I will highly recommend this.

6. Survival Servers

Survival Servers is one of the most famous ARK server hosting websites as its name contains part of the game. We got the minimum slot plan which cost us $12 per month, which is pretty good. And the highest number of slots they sell is 255, which is the highest we have seen in any gaming server.

Survival Servers

We did not have to worry about any hassle with installation, as the set-up was instant and the best part, it works amazingly even with your PS4. A lot of other servers that we tried didn’t, so people with PS4s can also use this. Another good thing is that the control panel is customizable, so we could do almost everything quite easily and also customize the game with our little tweaks in it.

This one also has the DDoS protection wall, which made gaming faster and the backups and saves were covered in it too. The mods got automatically updated, although any other update in the game we had to look for. The installation of these mods was extremely easy too. We just had to click once and it was a pretty good service.

Which reminds me, their customer service was also really good but there is no way to email them, so contact is only through the ticket system. We also got great FTP access along with an SSD drive and dual CPU Xeon processors.

One thing that wasn’t that great is that the locations where this server is available are only in the US and European countries.

This made switching the location a little difficult in the maps for us as well. Along with that, they also don’t have any refund policy. So, once you have paid there is no going back!

Survival Servers Pricing

With the variety of slots, you can select your pricing from $0.35 to $90.


  • Inexpensive
  • The high and number of slots
  • Instant set-up
  • Supported on PS4 and PC
  • Customizable control panel
  • DDOS protection
  • Automatic mod updates
  • One-click installation
  • FTP access
  • CPU Xeon processor


  • Updates other than mod aren’t automatic
  • Only available in US and UK
  • No refund policy

My testimonial on Survival Servers

My friend checked this and recommended me. The company is not so popular as compared to other competitors but still has some decent configurations and pricing.

7. Shockbyte

Shockbyte is a great server that we surely recommend! Shockbyte is one of the servers that offer various plans, so you can choose accordingly. And the plans are not divided into standard or premium, rather given on the number of slots, which are also named on the animals in the game! Supercool!


The game on this server was also immediately installed without any hassle. One of the best things was the automatic backups and updates, so we didn’t have to waste our time on those. And finding these backups was quite easy too.

The full access to FTP was really great and the DDOS protection also made our game faster and kept the hackers at bay! We could switch to different versions like Java, etc. The SSD also had amazing storage space, so we could overload the game and add multiple players at the same time! Along with that, the DDR4 RAM storage that is available makes the game super fast!

The customer service was great and available 24/7, so we could have our doubts resolved anytime. They also offer a full refund if not satisfied and we don’t know what’s better! The one thing is that they don’t offer the server in a lot of locations and if you do, you will have to pay a little higher than original places.

Also, waiting for the IP address to start after the installation was a little tiring but otherwise, the server was worth it. 

Shockbyte Pricing

For ARK hosting – Plans start from $15 and go upto $50 monthly. You can compare all the plans here.


  • Various plans
  • Number of slots named after animals
  • Automatic backups
  • DDOS protection
  • Large SSD storage
  • DDR4 RAM
  • Great customer service


  • Not offered in many locations or higher prices in those
  • Had to wait for the IP address

My testimonial on Shockbyte

Pretty much everything you need from the game hosting. The setup is easy and the support team is doing a great job. 🙂

8. Blue Fang Solutions

Blue Fang is a very well-known ARK server hosting. It is used widely as it is available in a large number of countries. On our first try we bought the minimum slots, that is 10, for $20 a month, which we found a little expensive as compared to the other servers we have tried.

It also only worked on the PC and no other console, which was a letdown.

Blue Fang Solutions

However, the control panel was not only customizable but also one of the best ones, i.e; Overseer 2.0, which is great and we were able to change the maps and their location in the game. The DDOS protection kept the lagging at bay.

Some of the exclusive features such as cluster-free support were also provided in the game which made the whole experience with this server so much better. Everything related to the mod was quick and easy to get by along with the automatic updates.

Although there was no backup option available and after saving the game, there was no guarantee we would find it. And location switching isn’t available either. The one thing is that they have full FTP access and amazing customer service! 

Blue Fang Pricing

The pricing for ARK hosting in Blue Fang starts with $0.65 and ends on $65.


  • Available in many countries
  • Customizable Overseer 2.0 control panel 
  • Easy to use and change maps
  • DDOS protection
  • Cluster free support
  • Easy mod usage
  • Full FTP access
  • Great customer service


  • Only available on PC
  • Little expensive
  • No backup 
  • No location switching

My testimonial on Blue Fang

I have tried Blue fang and really love the product but the pricing is a little bit expensive with availability only for PC.

9. PingPerfect

PingPerfect is one of the best servers for hosting the ARK game. This ARK server hosting is smooth and efficient. It had 1GB free web storage when we bought it, which helped while playing. The process of setting up was also quite easy and so was the installation.


The control panel we had was not customizable but the TCAdmin one, so quite easy to configure, and thus, not a problem there. The server is available to people around the world and the cost for each plan differed based on each location. They had full backup systems, so all the games we had saved were easily accessible.

The server works best with the latest CPU processor, so it turned out great for us but if you don’t have that you might want to opt-out for this one. They also had the DDOS protection wall that helped the gaming experience as a whole. The best part about this server is that they offer a 48-hour free trial, which we tried and it was just as mentioned.

Every feature that was mentioned was available and extremely uncomplicated.  And we had access to FTP and File Browser for effortless usage of the server. They also have great customer service that is available through all means and 24/7.

Although, they do not offer any automatic update, so that has to be monitored by us. And the only support system is via PC. And the prices that are based on the number of slots are also a little high, according to us. 

PingPerfect Pricing

There are various plans depending on your usage. The base plan will cost you $2 and the most advanced plan cost $78. You will get a free 1GB storage with every plan.


  • 1GB free storage
  • TCAdmin control panel
  • Available to many locations
  • DDOS protection
  • Backup system
  • FTP and File Browser access
  • 48-hour free trial
  • Great customer service


  • No automatic update
  • Expensive
  • Not great with older CPU processors

My testimonial on PingPerfect

The server is expensive but comeon they are giving you free 1GB storage. I only took the trial plan and loved the customer service and easy setup. You can give it a trial if you don’t have any budget issues.

10. AGS Hosting

AGS hosting is a server created specifically for ARK game hosting. Its full form is the ARK Game Server Hosting. The server is available in a lot of different locations around the world. And it is completely clustered free, so we could handle surfing to different location servers.

The installation and set-up are also so simple and we did not have any problems. The backup was automatically saved on both the local server as well as the AGS hosting server so that we didn’t have to look for the data anywhere. Along with the automatic backup, it offered automatic update features and thus, we could use the latest maps in the game.

This one also has DDOS protection, so the gaming experience was made smoother. It did not work on the PS4 but worked very well on PC due to its TCAdmin control panel. This one also had the Procedural Map Generation option, where we could create our maps! The storage provided was 10 GB along with 5 GHz RAM. The drive that we were allotted was the latest NVME.

We could also cluster a lot of location servers. And the best part is the 72-hour money-back feature. If we weren’t satisfied with the server we could refund within 72 hours! The slots start at the price of $14, which is a little expensive as compared to the other servers we have worked with.

Along with that, the customer service wasn’t as great but they solved our query so it wasn’t bad either.

AGS Hosting Pricing

The pricing starts with $14 and will give you many options till $85.


  • Available in a lot of locations
  • Automatic backup and updates
  • TCAdmin control panel
  • DDOS protection
  • Latest drive
  • 10 GB storage
  • 5 GHz RAM
  • Cluster free


  • A little expensive
  • Customer service was okay

My testimonial on AGS Hosting

The great and affordable hosting solution provides clutter-free and DDOS-protected servers. You can keep this as an option”

11. Nodecraft

Nodecraft is one of the most popular servers in the ARK hosting world. It has the easiest control panel called the NodePanel which is so easy to use and it simplifies the configurations as well, so we had no problem with the controlling. The installation was also simple and smooth to run by.


This whole experience made it user-friendly especially for first-timers. The processor used in this server was the latest 3.8 GHz CPU Xeon processors that helped the game become much smoother and without any lag for us. One of its best features was the Nodecraft app that we installed on the phone and kept track of our games be it on the PC or consoles.

The storage we were provided with was of 64 GB ECC RAM, which made adding more players or playing large games quite simple for us. The DDOS protection made the game run at a higher network to perform on.

The Linux ecosystem on which this server works is so much better than so many other networks we have tried and thus, totally recommended.

They also had a 7-day money-back guarantee which is very much needed in case you are not satisfied but we didn’t have to use that option! Their prices were not based on slots and thus, were quite cheap! The location of the server can be changed easily as it is available in a lot of countries worldwide and is very easily accessible.

We could swap between different games without having to change the server and without any additional cost, which was amazing! However, the UI server we used wasn’t as great and neither was the customer service. They could not solve the problem we put forth but did give the refund, so no complaints there!

Nodecraft Pricing

The pricing of Nodecraft is a little affordable as compared to the competition. The ARK hosting plan starts at $9.98 per month and the advanced plan will cost you $50.


  • Simple to configure
  • Easy to use NodePanel
  • 3.8 GHz CPU Xeon processor
  • Nodecraft app keeps track of your games
  • 64 GB ECC RAM
  • DDOS protection
  • Linux infrastructure
  • 7 days money-back guarantee
  • Available at a lot of locations
  • Games swapping easier


  • UI wasn’t very good
  • Customer service was okay

My testimonial on Nodecraft

Nodecraft gives you lots of configuration and features at an affordable price with some fast speed. This is one of my top picks for beginners.

12. Nitrous Networks

Nitrous Networks has a large name in the gaming servers industry. They are a great server for hosting ARK games. The server had large storage space and the latest SSD drive along with DDOS protection, which made running the game a much smoother operation.

Nitrous Networks

The hardware used was also extremely good which consisted of the Tier 1 provider that ensured the highest stability to our game. It also didn’t lag, which is such a boon when it comes to these gaming servers.

The control panel also called the NitroPanel here was quite cool and easy to use. It made the whole configuration process simple and was extremely helpful.

We did not have any problem with that. One of its best features is the free web hosting and MySQL options. Although, it did not update mods automatically or even backup automatically. It did not have a good minimum and a maximum number of slots and thus, the pricing was not great as per us.

They charged much more than other servers for lesser slots. It was also not available in a lot of locations and the customer service was not available via email to contact.

Pricing for Nitrous Networks

The pricing totally depends on the location and the server configuration. I choose the $16 plan but if you increase the configuration or select some add-ons it can cost you up to $78.


  • Large storage
  • Latest SSD
  • DDOS protection
  • Tier 1 hardware
  • Easy to use NitroPanel
  • Free web hosting
  • MySQL available


  • No automatic backup
  • No automatic update
  • Quite expensive
  • Fewer locations

My testimonial on Nitrous Networks

In simple words, it’s a quick response and a five-star service. The server will never disappoint you. For sure, this is one of my top five picks.

13. GPortal

GPortal is one of the servers that gives full freedom to the customers and interferes very little with the workings of the server and the game. The payment for this server is based on subscriptions or yearly prepaid plans.


This made the installation of the server equally easy to use and understand its workings. We could also easily switch between different games which were quite cool and a bonus considering we didn’t have to pay for the different servers of each game. The gaming performance was great and gave us full FTP access.

The DDOS security kept the server away from hackers and any other virus that could enter. It also helped the game from lagging as we had a very smooth experience the whole time. The server had 50 GB just for backup and worked on the latest SSD drive, that is, the NVME.

It consisted of all the new maps and was extremely fun to play on. The backup and updates weren’t automatic but could be done easily.

Their customer service wasn’t available 24/7 which was a bit of a letdown, apart from that we thoroughly enjoyed the experience of this server.

Pricing for GPortal

The slots provided ranged from 10 to 64 and the lowest starting from $14 per month and go upto $90 per month. This pricing also seemed a little expensive but overall it was worth it.


  • Complete control of the server
  • Easy installation and working
  • Can switch between games
  • FTP access
  • DDOS protection
  • Latest SSD
  • 50 GB for backup


  • Expensive
  • Customer service wasn’t available 24/7
  • No automatic updates or backups

My testimonial on GPortal

Awesome support but they are not available 24*7. The only difficulty I faced is during cancel of my subscription. But overall you can choose this as an option. 🙂

14. BlackBox

BlackBox is one of the reputed ARK server hostings. We say so because it is one of the oldest ARK servers. BlackBox has been great with both beginner and advanced users. It was quite effortless to control and configure via its control panel, which is the TCAdmin.


We got full access to the FTP and the DDOS protection which made the gaming experience extremely smooth. The procedural map freedom allowed us to create our maps in the game and also experience all the latest maps. The automatic updates for mods were easily done and so were the backups.

However, all other updates were not automatic but we could schedule them as and when we wanted. The prices for the slots were also pretty reasonable and could be bought via all payment methods. They had a smart script option that uploaded all our data to an offsite application and the server is available in a lot of places around the world.

Although, it did not allow location switching of the servers. All in all, it has amazing features. The customer service wasn’t as responding as we had expected but their 24/7 service. The server kept lagging at times, but it worked quite well apart from that, so we think it was a once in a while problem but great service. 

Pricing for BlackBox

For the ARK hosting, you can select a plan from $12 per month to $60 per month. The customer service can also help you in selecting the plan when you will tell them your requirement.


  • Easy to use
  • TCAdmin control panel
  • Full access FTP
  • DDOS protection
  • Automatic updates for mods
  • Automatic backups
  • Inexpensive
  • Smart Script saves data on offsite application
  • Available in different locations


  • Customer service wasn’t responding
  • The server lagged a little
  • Other updates not available

My testimonial on BlackBox

I really don’t like customer support. They come with irrelevant answers and don’t solve the real issue. Some other users also complained about the downtime and bad user experience.

15. is a great website to work with. Its ARK server is great and smooth sailing. It has such amazing features that made our server easy to use and gave unrivaled customer support which is great! It had the latest 5 GHz Intel processor along with the latest SSD drives too when we tried it out.

The DDR4 RAM also gave enough storage so playing was made quite easy. We had a great experience with this server. The 10 GBPS DDOS protection did not allow lagging and made location changing easier. The TCAdmin control panel made the configuration so comfortable! The servers themselves are available in almost 12 locations around the world which is a lot as compared to most of the servers we have tried.

The whole process of using this server was really quick and smooth. However, there were a few things we did not like, including no procedural map generation. Most of the servers consist of this feature, although this one does not, so we could not create our maps or did not have the latest map until we updated it.

Pricing for

This server was also a lot more expensive as compared to other servers. The plan starts with $12 and the highest slots available were 80 which cost around $102. The customer service was great and also provided automatic backups and updates. Overall, the server was pretty good and we would recommend for everyone to try it out!


  • 5 GHz Intel Processor
  • DDR4 RAM storage
  • 10 GBPS DDOS protection
  • TCAdmin control panel
  • Available in 12 locations 
  • Great customer service


  • Expensive
  • Does not have PGARK

My testimonial on

First of all, yes this is expensive. But, you will love the quality and the support team. They will come with instant solutions and help you on every platform. If your budget is high, I can recommend this. 🙂

Our Top Picks

Still, confused? We separated all the server hosting depending on the type of users, you can easily pick it up from here.

Scala Cube is the best ARK server hosting for beginners.

Logic Servers is the best ARK server hosting for advanced gamers.

Nodecraft is the best ARK server hosting overall.

Shockbyte is the best budget ARK server hosting.

If you have more questions or doubts, you can comment down below and I would love to answer them. 🙂

Why choose ARK server hosting?

ARK is a game that is played over the PC, PSPs, and XBOX consoles. These consoles or even your PCs cannot handle such games and you need a server to be able to play them on. The game itself releases its official servers but they are extremely costly and get booked within a few hours of their release. Thus, people have to look for other ARK server hosting that helps them play the game smoothly.

These servers modify your gaming experience to a better one, so we recommend buying ARK server hosting. These servers if handled correctly and used to their fullest extent are sure to give you better features than the original servers.

Why to choose ARK Server hosting?

They may also make your server completely challenge-free, so you can play freely. The building and crafting part of the game becomes smooth sailing and you don’t have to worry about anything. The speed, the resources, your whole experience is made to be faster and thus, taken to a whole new level. Most of the time you get full control of the panel and maps on the game as well.

One of the best features that most of your servers provide is switching between different games. Most of the servers allow you to buy ARK server hosting and still be able to play Minecraft or Valheim, whenever you like, and some of them offer this option for free!

There are always pros and cons to everything, and so does buying a server do. Some of the servers aren’t always trustworthy, sometimes may scam you and not provide refunds. Thus, avoiding that is necessary at all costs. So, choosing a server carefully is important.

Servers, make your whole game beautiful, easy, and better to play with, unlike the original ones. Also, consoles necessarily require these servers so, you must choose an ARK server!

Benefits of having an ARK server hosting.

As mentioned above ARK server hostings are quite important. The benefits of having one server are innumerable but we will surely try to mention as many as we can! Servers are great as they make your gaming experience so much better than they originally were.

You get full control over the game. You can customize it, design it as per your needs and change what you could not have done before. The speed of your game becomes much better and so does the videos and character viewing.

You can remove challenges if allowed by that particular server and provides a lower ping, which eventually increases your bandwidth. These servers use the highest and latest Intel processors, storage, and drives.

You can add as many people you would like to play with, the highest we’ve seen is 250 players, which is a lot! The servers also have DDOS protection that does not make your game lag or slow down the process. Most of these servers are cheap and still provide the best services and some may not be so cheap and still not have the better features.

Servers allow you to connect to different locations and different location players. You can always save your games on them and not worry about losing any data. And all of these servers are quite easily available. They have a variety of payment options and all in different currencies based on where you stay and whatever currency is payable by you!

They also give you full access to FTPs and provide automatic updates for your mods. some of these mods can be installed with just one click, making the process much faster. They are also clustered free and have great customer services.

So, you always have someone to help you set up or whenever you face any issue with the system! We highly recommend the above-mentioned servers as we have tried and tested them ourselves. 

What should be your budget for ARK server hosting?

Now, budget is something we take very seriously. We understand paying for games is necessary most of the time, especially for video games. But we mustn’t have to splurge on them and spend so much and may not even get refunded.

So, when buying an ARK server you must always keep your budget in mind first. See, what you are comfortable paying with and then decide if that particular server is worth buying. The charging style of each server differs considerably.

Some servers offer you plans like standard and premium based on the features each of these plans offers. Although some of them charge based on the number of slots you buy for each server. Say you buy the lowest then their per slot cost price is higher than the highest number of slots.

You must always be alert when it comes to that, there isn’t usually much of a difference but some servers charge a lot. Servers charge you money for all the features they are providing and if you need extra features you may have to pay more for them depending o the server you choose. Some servers charge more and provide lesser features and others may charge less and still provide the best of the features.

Also, some of the prices differ based on the currency you are paying with. If you live in the UK you may have to pay a higher price as the server is USA based. Thus, look for some that may at least have similar prices. Although, most of these prices are quite reasonable as much as we have tried, so you don’t need to worry too much.

Therefore, according to us, the budget you should set for a server should at least start with $15. This is for the highest we have seen for the lowest number of slots, if the server is inexpensive you can buy more slots with the leftover money and if you want a maximum price range it should be around $100 for the highest number of slots!

Can you host an ARK server for free?

Most ARK servers when used by other companies are paid. However, there is an option to host ARK servers for free. Although, you would have to create them on your own or download certain software that further allows you to host an ARK server for free. You have to be careful while doing so, as some of these could be dangerous and filled with viruses, so beware.

However, most of the time you can be your host and create a hosting service yourself. You can also use certain control panels to make a server for free but you would have to pay for the control panel usage! The whole process is a little difficult and time-consuming, but we are here to explain that to you.

You can take the control panel of one server, say Scalacube, you will have to reinstall the server again. This would automatically update the server and give you the latest applications and maps available. Now, you have access to all the files and can change the configuration of the server.

This can allow you to change it to your own hosting space and you may get a free hosting service. Or you can always try coding a whole new server for free! You also get a lot of premium mods online for free download and can use those for your servers for free!

Final Verdict

As I told you, first decide your budget and your requirement and then accordingly choose which server suits them best.

If you are a twitch user or a YouTuber, I advise you to check the downtime first because that’s the most important thing for your business.

If you ask me personally what’s my favorite? I will say logic servers because of low downtime, good customer support who helped me in the initial setup, and the pricing.

I hope you got all the answers, let’s start the game and tame the top dinosaur.

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