How to Fix Blink Sync Module Offline [100% Working]

The article discusses three potential reasons for the blink sync module offline. So, keep reading this article to learn about possible reasons for the module to get offline.

Blink cameras are pretty popular and trustable in the market. The cameras can be installed at home to observe your infant or maid.

Most homeowners and business people are installing blink cameras for security purposes. This camera has various benefits as they are easy to install and available at affordable rates. They are readily available on any online website, usually $99.

Blink Sync Module Offline

But sometimes the software of your blink cameras does not work, mainly because of the blink sync module. Whenever the blink sync module gets offline, your cameras will not work. 

What Is Blink Sync Module?

All the blink cameras come with a blink sync module. You need to connect the blink sync module to the power source of your house. 

You can connect your drive to the USB port of this device, and able to store approximately 256 GB of clips. If the sync module works in good condition, your blink camera will last for a prolonged time.

You can say this device is the boss of all the blink cameras installed in your house, and remember that it needs a good wifi connection to function.

Whenever the blink sync module doesn’t function, the cameras will not work effectively or cannot record the clips. The blink sync module sends instructions to the installed cameras, and then the blick cameras will send data again to the module, which the device will store.

The security is at risk whenever the blink sync module goes offline. Well, the offline problem occurs for a few seconds or minutes, and it disappears. Sometimes installing a new router or changing the wifi password can also be the reason. But if the problem lasts longer, you must take action against it.

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What Does It Indicate When The Blink Sync Module Blinks Red Light?

When the module blinks green light, it signifies that the device conflicts with any other device due to a similar IP address.

It’s a common problem; you can solve it by factory resetting your router.

What Does It Indicate When The Blink Sync Module Blinks Blue Light?

When the blink sync module blinks blue light, it signifies an unstable internet connection. The internet connection must be good when the blink cameras record any motion.

What Are The 3 Possible Reasons For Blink Sync Module Is Offline?

1. Poor Internet Connection

The blink sync module will get offline when the internet connection is poor. So ensure to have a good wifi connection at your home. 

2. The Device Is Not Receiving Power Supply

It will show offline if you have not connected the blink sync module to the power source. Sometimes you have connected the device, but it will get offline if it doesn’t get a power supply.

This situation can happen in two cases, i.e., either the power outer is malfunctioning, or the module’s cable is malfunctioning. You need to check the light on the device, and if the module is not showing any light, then it is not receiving any power.

3. Improper Frequency

Remember, the blink sync module will work effectively at a 2.4 GHz wifi connection. The device will show offline if you set your router at 5 GHz frequency.

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How Can I Know That Blink Sync Module is Offline?

There are usually two ways to determine that the blink sync module has gone offline.

1. Red Light Blink

If you have placed the blink sync module a few feet away from the router, the red light will blink on the device, and from there, you can know that the device has gone offline.

2. Get Notifications On The Blink App

You will get notified on the blink app about the offline module.

How To Fix Blink Sync Module Offline?

You will get notifications about the offline of the blink sync module after opening the blink app on your mobile. You must follow the procedures below so the device can be brought online again.

1. Internet connection Must Be Secure and stable.

You can start the router again and wait till the internet connection is stable and secured. Additionally, ensure that you have set the correct password for your wifi connection.

Notice the sync module. If you find green and blue light, then it’s fine. But if you visualize any other light, you must follow the procedures below.

2. Power Cycle Your Sync Module

Remove the power cord of your sync module, wait for a few seconds, and then connect it back to a power source. The blink sync module should show green and blue lights within 50 seconds. You can connect to any other power source and check the module if it does not show the light.

3. Bring the Device Close To the Router

If the module still does not show such light, bring the device close to the router and recheck the light. 

4. Ensure The Frequency Of The Network

You must ensure that the network frequency should be set at 24GHz frequency. 

5. Fix The Issue From Blink App

Another way to solve the issue is by clicking on the blink app on your smartphone, selecting the sync module, and then its settings. 

You can scroll your mobile phone and then click Help. You will be redirected with a set of instructions. You need to follow such instructions to fix the problem.

6. Not Updated the App For Long Time

The device will show offline if you have not updated the blink app to the latest version. Update the app to the latest version and fix the issue.

7. Contact Customer Care

You can contact customer care for assistance and resolve the issue. They will provide a few instructions you need to follow to fix the problem.

8. Factory Reset

If you have tried all the above steps and your sync module is offline, then a factory reset of the device can be done to fix the issue. But the drawback of the factory reset is that all the saved clips and bugs will be removed. Your sync module will be completely new.

You will find the reset button on the side of the device and hold it with a paper clip till you don’t see any red light blink on the device.

Allow the device to reboot and then return to the blink app, delete the sync module, and add it again. 

Well, to do it, you need to follow the below instructions.

  • Open the app on your mobile phone, and you will find an offline notification of the blink sync module.
  • Just tap it, and you will be redirected to the sync module offline screen.
  • You need to find the delete option and tap delete once.
  • You will receive a pop-up asking about your confirmation.
  • You can tap Ok to confirm that you want to delete the sync module.
  • Enter the serial number of the device or scan it. You will find a number beneath the device and the serial number.
  • You need to type or scan the number and then click on continue.
  • The final pop-up will appear on the screen, requesting confirmation regarding deleting the sync module from the blink app. Click on the delete, and it will be finally deleted.
  • Once you delete the sync module, the blink cameras will not work. You don’t need to worry because the cameras will start working once you connect the sync module.
  • You will find an added device on the home screen page and tap it so that you be redirected to the new page where you can add the sync module.
  • Click blink wireless camera.
  • Now enter the serial number located underneath the sync module. Scanning the QR code on your mobile’s camera will also help install the sync module.
  • Click on continue once you have scanned the code or entered the number.
  • The module will be linked with some system, and you must tap on the system you used earlier.
  • Click Discover device to look for any wifi networks.
  • The sync module will show you some available networks, and you need to click on one generally connected to the Blink application.
  • Type the correct password and click join.
  • You will receive a pop-up that the blink sync module has been added to the system.

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Nowadays, people install blink cameras in their homes for security purposes. But these blink cameras come with a blink sync module which may get offline. 

If the offline issue stays longer, you must quickly sort out the problem because someone may try to hack the blink sync module, which can affect your home security.

We have listed above some of the common reasons your blink sync module may get offline with solutions. You can try any of these and try to resolve it. 

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