Does CVS Accept WIC? Yes, But How?

We will discuss a common question many individuals might have – does CVS accept WIC? Many individuals participating in the program may wonder if they can use their WIC vouchers at CVS, one of the US’s most popular retail pharmacy chains.

So, whether you are a WIC user looking to purchase essential groceries or a CVS customer wondering about the store’s WIC policy, keep reading to find out everything you must know.

What is WIC?

WIC stands for Women, Infants, and Children and is a federal assistance program that provides food, essential healthcare referrals, and nutrition education to low-income pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, infants and children till the age of 5 who are at a nutrition risk. 

This program ensures that they have access to nutritious food and education.

The WIC program makes use of various payment methods to help needy individuals. The most common form of payment is WIC vouchers or checks, which can be used to purchase essential food items for a healthy and balanced diet, like milk, eggs, fruits, vegetables, etc

The WIC vouchers can be used at various retailers, grocery stores, farmers, and supermarkets. 

Another form of payment used by the WIC program is Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT), which works like a debit card and allows eligible individuals to buy WIC-approved foods. How does this work? The EBT card is linked to the person’s account, can be used to buy food, and works just like a debit or credit card.

The WIC program provides direct payment to farmers for individuals who want to purchase fruits and vegetables directly from the field. It also supports local farmers and domestically grown fruits and veggies that may not be available at the retailers.

Does CVS Accept WIC?

Yes, CVS accepts WIC vouchers, which can be used to buy certain food items essential for a healthy diet. 

CVS is among the many retailers participating in the WIC program and accepting WIC vouchers in all locations. Another question is how you can use WIC at CVS stores.

So, to use WIC, the customers must bring their valid WIC card, vouchers, or check corresponding to the item they want to purchase. 

CVS also accepts EBT, Electronic Benefits Transfer, through which users can use their WIC just like a debit card.

However, you must know that CVS does not accept WIC for non-food items and those eatables that are not WIC-approved, like personal hygiene products, household essentials, medication, etc. 

Remember that only some food items are eligible to be brought using WIC, so you must check before purchasing them. WIC has already designed a list of products you can buy using WIC vouchers, so check it.

Alternative to WIC at CVS?

The most common alternative to WIC at CVS is a debit or credit card. It gives flexibility and convenience to the customer of using WIC vouchers just like their regular cards. 

The customers can even track their spending and have access to their funds. Moreover, using a debit or credit card for payments can offer rewards and cashback to the customer.

The second alternative is a store-specific gift card or loyalty card, which can be used at most retailers, including CVS. You can earn points and discounts on future purchases at CVS through these cards. It is a great payment option for regular customers of CVS.

While shopping at CVS, customers can also use government assistance programs like SNAP which stands for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or Medicaid. 

It provides financial assistance to low-income families to fulfill their basic requirements like food and healthcare. Customers can utilize the benefits of the programs to purchase eligible items at CVS.

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Other Stores Using WIC

The government-funded Women, Infants, and Children program are accepted in various retail stores. The WIC program is available in 50 states and is administered by the US Department of Agriculture. Among many, the most popular retailer that accepts WIC is Walgreens stores across the nation. It can be used to purchase various WIC-approved foods from retail stores. 

Another popular retailer that accepts WIC is Target, which offers an array of products eligible under WIC, including baby formula and baby food. The next retail stores that accept WIC vouchers are Kroger and Wa, which accepts WIC on a huge selection of items.

Besides all of the above, other retail stores participating in the WIC programs and accept its vouchers are Safeway, Albertsons, and Publix. Unlike popular retailers across the nation, the local grocery stores in many zones also accept WIC as payment. 

However, before making any purchase in any of these stores, check with your nearby retailers if they accept WIC or not, so you will be sure that you have access to nutritious foods at a discounted rate.

What are the Benefits of WIC?

Taking advantage of the WIC program can be very beneficial for a wide section of individuals. The eligible participants get the WIC offers vouchers and benefits, which they can use to redeem several benefits and additional discounts on a range of products that is only available to low-income families and participants, such as pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers, infants, and children. 

Does target accept WIC

It ensures they have access to nutritious foods and healthy living for proper growth and development. Moreover, this program provides all eligible individuals with nutrition education and health counseling sessions. 

The entire team of WIC includes experts that provide detailed information on how to live a healthy life using nutritious food, healthy food preparation methods, and how you can make the most out of your WIC vouchers, which help families make healthy food choices and improve their overall health. 

The program also provides other essentials like breast milk pumps, feeding supplies for breastfeeding mothers, referrals for eligible healthcare providers, and immunization for children under the age of 5, all to support low-income families.


Now you know what WIC is and how it benefits low-income families, who cannot afford to lead a healthy life. CVS accepts WIC and allows eligible customers to purchase a variety of eatables with nutritional benefits. However, check with your nearby retailer and get informed if they accept WIC or not.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the other forms of payment accepted at CVS?

CVS accepts:

Credit and debit cards
Checks with a valid ID
CVS gift cards or store credit
Digital payment options like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay

Can WIC be used at CVS to purchase medicines?

No, with WIC, you can only buy WIC-approved food items.

Will I need to show my ID for purchases made with WIC?

You will need to show your ID to the cashier to buy eligible food items at CVS using WIC vouchers.

How will I know if my nearby retailer accepts WIC?

It is best to call or visit your nearby retailer to know if they accept WIC or not.

Can I use WIC vouchers to purchase snacks?

No, you cannot use WIC vouchers to purchase snacks or unhealthy food. The WIC program is only for healthy, nutritious food items.

Can I use the WIC vouchers at CVS to buy vitamins and supplements?

No, the WIC vouchers are only applicable to certain WIC-approved food items.

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