Does Domino’s Take Apple Pay

Does Domino’s Take Apple Pay? Yes, But How?

Many Apple consumers love the convenience Apple Pay offers since it makes it simple to make payments with any of their Apple products, including the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac.

Many Apple users have already opted for Apple Pay as a payment method. With this growing popularity, many people are curious to know if they can use Apple Pay at their favorite Domino’s restaurant.

Does Domino’s Take Apple Pay

That’s where this blog comes to your help! Here we will discuss everything about Domino’s and Apple Pay, other payment systems available at the Domino’s restaurant, and much more. 

Recently we have seen that contactless payment’s popularity has grown massively, which provides customers a chance not to carry cash or cards.

So with this blog, let’s explore the current status of Domino’s and Apple Pay and find out does Domino’s take Apple pay. Are you a regular Domino’s customer or just curious to find out if they accept Apple Pay, keep reading to have all your questions answered!

Does Domino’s Take Apple Pay?

Domino’s is the largest pizza chain in the world that has recently announced that it will accept Apple Pay as a form of payment for online orders and in-store.

It is a significant step taken by Domino’s to implement Apple Pay as it benefits the customers and they don’t have to carry cash or card with them.

The company is already looking forward to expanding its customer base and offering most of the new payment options through which they can pay on Domino’s mobile app or website.

From the very beginning, Domino’s has been providing the best available technology to its customers, and we can already see its commitment to the customers with the implementation of Apple Pay as a payment method.

With Apple Pay, customers no longer need to carry cash or a card and can quickly pay for their meal in just a few seconds. Apple has further simplified this payment system, as the users do not have to enter their card details every time they make a payment. Apple Pay keeps its payment information safe and secured with its encrypted technology. 

By accepting Apple Pay, Domino’s provides an even better customer experience while simultaneously making the payment process easy, quick, and secure. Domino’s has given a positive response to the latest technology, and the restaurant is stepping forward with better customer service.

This step would benefit the company’s sales and ultimate customer satisfaction.

How to Use Apple Pay at Domino’s? 

Using Apple Pay provides the ultimate convenience and security, while you can easily pay at Domino’s. But before you start using Apple Pay, ensure you have an updated software version of Apple Pay, so you can make payments without facing any technical issues. Let’s find out how you can use Apple Pay to make payments at Domino’s restaurant:

  • Open your Apple Pay app on your Apple device, iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch, and hold it near the contactless reader to pay for your order.
  • To confirm the payment, use Touch ID, Face ID, or device passcode to process your payment.
  • If you are paying using your Apple Watch, double-click on the side button of the Apple Watch to pay for your order.
  • The payment will be automatically processed from your account to the merchant’s account and you will receive a confirmation notification that your order has been placed successfully. 
  • You can get the receipt from Domino’s restaurant or check your order history in the Apple Pay settings.

With Apple Pay by your side, you don’t have to worry at Domino’s to make any purchase or carry a load of cash or card, just an Apple device is enough to make payment. Plus, your payment details stay protected and encrypted with Apple Pay’s extra level of security. Enjoy the convenience of paying for your pizza right from your device. 

The Benefits of Using Apple Pay

Users of Apple devices like the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Mac can make contactless payments for their purchases utilizing Apple Inc.’s Apple Pay digital payment service.

Users can make any transaction without carrying cash or credit cards thanks to Apple Pay. With just a few taps, every user may now make simple payments.

Apple Pay reduces the risk of fraud and theft by using cutting-edge security technology like Touch ID and Face ID for authentication. Additionally, Apple Pay enables quicker checkout times than conventional payment options and has a stronger security mechanism.

By eliminating the need to enter payment information every time manually, Apple Pay users can all complete transactions more quickly. Consequently, you can avoid waiting in line at retailers and place an order instead.

Users can take use of Apple Pay’s advantages practically anywhere because it is approved by numerous retailers and merchants globally for online and in-person purchases. Apple Inc.’s Apple Pay is a frequently used form of digital payment that is a wise option for anyone wishing to streamline their transaction.

Other Alternatives of Apple Pay in Domino’s

Customers at Domino’s restaurant have access to a number of additional payment options, making it simple for them to complete their orders. If you don’t have Apple Pay, you can still make a payment at Domino’s by using one of the methods listed below:

  • Cash: You can use this traditional payment method to pay at Domino’s restaurant, where you can hand the cash to the cashier and receive the balance, if any.
  • Credit Card or Debit Card: Another method of payment that most restaurants and retailers accept is where you can use your debit or credit card to pay for your food. The restaurant accepts all the major cards like American Express, Visa, Mastercard, etc.
  • Digital Wallet: Like many stores and restaurants, Domino’s accepts mobile wallets like Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and PayPal. These are the standard payment options available now and widely used by many customers.
  • Domino’s Gift Cards: Domino’s has its gift cards and accepts it as a payment method, while customers can even use gift cards as a present for someone who prefers food delivery.

You can select any of the aforementioned methods to pay at the restaurant because Domino’s offers a variety of additional payment choices to its customers. Even if you don’t have Apple Pay, there are still a number of additional options available to you. 

Other Rewards Programs at Domino’s 

The restaurant provides various rewards programs for customers to enjoy their meals and receive other benefits, such as discounts and deals on pizza orders. The Piece of the Pie reward program is the first on the list. Customers can earn reward points for each online order they place and use these points to get free meals or savings on subsequent orders.

Rewards Programs at Domino’s

For customers who frequently order from Domino’s, there is a VIP Club programme. All VIP Club members are entitled to exclusive savings, promotions, and early access to new menu items.

The following incentive scheme is Domino’s Carryout Insurance, which ensures a free replacement for any orders that don’t satisfy the client. However, anyone placing a carryout or delivery order is eligible for this service.

Domino’s offers a corporate rewards program to all of its business clients. Companies that frequently place large orders for the business or its clients can profit from this reward scheme. Companies participating in this program can use the reward points for each order they make, which can then be redeemed for future purchases.

In addition, Domino’s is dedicated to offering the greatest customer service and provides discounts, prizes, and freebies on orders. Enjoy your preferred pizza while also taking advantage of discounts.

How to Use Apple Pay on Domino’s Mobile App?

Are you confused about how to use Apple Pay to pay at Domino’s for your food? Worry no more because we are here to make every process simple and we will let you know how you can pay for your favorite pizza at Domino’s mobile app. Follow the steps below:

  • Download the Domino’s mobile app on your device and log in, if you already have an account, and go for sign in to make your account if you are a new customer.
  • Choose the items you want to order and proceed with “Checkout”.
  • Make sure you have an Apple Pay account linked to your credit or debit card.
  • On the checkout page, select “Pay with Apple Pay” as the mode of payment.
  • Use Touch ID, Face ID, or passcode to complete your payment.
  • The amount will be automatically transferred from your account to the merchant’s account.
  • After processing your payment, you will receive a confirmation message that your order has been placed.
  • When your order is ready, you will receive a notification for pickup or delivery.

Using Apple Pay on Domino’s app is straightforward; with just a few taps, get your order placed in a few seconds and delivered to your doorstep.


The fact that Domino’s currently accepts Apple Pay is a significant advancement towards a customer-focused digital payment system. Because of its simplicity and advantages, Apple Pay has become a widely used payment option in most nations.

Customers of Domino’s can use Apple Pay to pay for a delivery, pickup, or dine-in order, streamlining the payment process overall.

People want to find methods to make their lives easier in the digitized age, and Apple Pay makes this feasible. This move by Domino’s will improve customer satisfaction, attract new clients, and appeal to a larger audience.

Other Apple Pay Queries

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Domino’s have a minimum purchase requirement for Apple Pay?

No, there isn’t a minimum purchase amount for using Apple Pay to pay for your Domino’s order.

Is Domino’s app compatible with Apple Pay?

You can use Apple Pay to make purchases through the Domino’s app.

Is Apple Pay accepted everywhere that Domino’s is?

It’s best to check with your local Domino’s before ordering your food because it’s probable that not all of their locations support Apple Pay.

Can I receive money back at Domino’s if I use Apple Pay?

On your Domino order, you can receive 2% cashback if you have an Apple Pay card.

Is using Apple Pay at Domino’s secure?

Absolutely, yes! Payment through Apple Pay at Domino’s is secure.

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