Does HEB Take Apple Pay?

HEB is one of the largest and a popular grocery stores in the US, with a large customer base. It has a presence across Texas and is renowned for its affordable price, a wide selection of goods, and fantastic customer service.

With a large customer base, many customers must be curious to know does HEB take Apple Pay. That is why we are here to answer all your questions regarding HEB and Apple Pay.

Apple Pay continues to become increasingly popular in recent times and most retailers have already started accepting Apple Pay as a form of their payment.

Does HEB take apple pay

Payment through Apple Pay allows customers to make purchases through Apple devices and you don’t even have to carry cash or a card, making it a convenient payment mode. So, continue reading to learn about this payment method at HEB.

Does HEB Accept Apple Pay?

We already learned that HEB is the largest grocery retail store in Texas, but does it accept Apple Pay? No, HEB stores do not currently take Apple Pay, which means it does not allow customers to make payments through Apple Pay, so they have to rely on other forms of payment like cash, credit or debit card, or store gift cards.

Not accepting Apple Pay can be disappointing for many customers who prefer the convenience and security of Apple Pay.

Apple Pay users make payments using a secure chip technology which requires the user to authenticate every transaction very easily through the Touch ID or Face ID, making it a secure payment option rather than using the traditional methods of payment which are more open to fraud.

HEB still not accepting Apple Pay can hinder its competitiveness in the retail market. With a large group of customers who pay online, not accepting Apple Pay can be a disadvantage for HEB.

The lack of Apple support also affects the customer ratio as more people trust the security of the Apple Pay system. By adopting this payment system, HEB can join the race with other grocery stores that accept Apple Pay.

Why HEB Don’t Accept Apple Pay?

There can be several reasons HEB doesn’t accept Apple Pay as their payment. Some reasons include cost, limited reach to technology, and preferring the traditional mode of payment.

The first reason can be that accepting Apple Pay requires the retail store to have a specific point-of-sale (POS) technology, which can be expensive. Also, the retailer will have to pay a process transaction fee which can be economically feasible for some retailers.

The second reason can be limited technology, as most of the older POS systems still need to be compatible with the Apple Pay system, and upgrading to a new system can be expensive and time-consuming.

HEB has its mobile app called the HEB Go, and the store prefers this payment method over others. Moreover, many retailers still prefer traditional modes of payment like cash, debit, or credit cards as these payment systems have been among us for a long time, and most retailers are familiar with the payment process and procedures.

The customers may not be familiar with Apple Pay and want to stick to the traditional methods. These are a few reasons HEB has still not accepted Apple Pay over conventional methods. 

The Benefits of Using Apple Pay?

Apple Inc. has developed the Apple Pay payment system, using which users can make payments through their Apple devices. Apple offers some benefits to its users, including faster payment, advanced security, rewards, etc.

The most obvious benefit of using Apple Pay is that it is a fast and convenient mode of payment, by which users can pay by simply holding their Apple device near the receiver and completing the payment through Touch ID, Face ID, or passcode. This makes the entire checkout process much faster than the traditional methods.

Payment through Apple Pay is secure as a unique token is used for every transaction, reducing the chances of fraud. Moreover, Apple Pay follows a two-factor authentication system, which makes it difficult for hackers to track your identity and other information.

With Apple Pay, you can store all your cards in one place, without the need of carrying multiple cards or cash. Additionally, Apple Pay can be used to make online as well as in-store payments.

Apple Pay users get rewards and discounts on their purchases, and many retail stores offer exclusive deals and offers to users paying through Apple Pay. 

Other Alternatives of Apple Pay in the HEB Store?

All the HEB stores offer several alternative modes of payment besides Apple Pay. These include:

  1. Google Pay: The payment by digital wallet or online payment system by Google allows customers to pay securely with the security of Google can store their debit card or credit card information.
  2. Samsung Pay: Much like Google Pay, it is a digital wallet payment option by Samsung that is compatible with all Android and Samsung devices.
  3. PayPal: It is the widely used payment option by which you can make payments securely and store your credit card or debit card information and making payment easier for millions of customers or retailers.
  4. HEB Scan, Pay, and Go: This is the payment system developed by HEB stores that allow customers to scan and pay for their purchases easily through their mobile phones.
  5. Credit or Debit Card: The traditional payment system that customers use worldwide for their purchases.
  6. Cash: The most common one, this traditional payment system, is still accepted at several retail stores worldwide.

HEB stores offer several payment options to customers from which they can choose to make payments for their purchases.

Other Rewards Programs at HEB Store 

All the HEB stores across the US and other places have their reward program, which is known as My HEB Rewards. This reward program provides customers with the benefits of being loyal customers. This program allows customers to earn reward points and redeem them for discounts, offers, and other rewards.

Any customer can enroll in the program by signing up on the HEB website and linking their reward card to their HEB account. The customer can use this reward card while checkout to track their purchase and earn points. It should be noted that the points are earned with every dollar spent and can be redeemed for discounts on items like groceries or pharmacies.

Moreover, HEB offers special offers and promotions to reward program members. With this, customers will receive a notification on the latest deals via mail or SMS. The members can even get a discount on their first grocery delivery and get a free delivery option on orders above $35.

The HEB reward program is easy to use, and the customers get valuable benefits. Whether you are a regular shopper or started with HEB, their reward program is a great way to save money and enhance your shopping experience.

How to Pay on HEB Store Mobile App?

Shopping is accessible through the HEB app, and all you have to do this follow a few simple steps for a quick purchase. You can buy an array of items through their app; paying the HEB store through the mobile app is easy and safe.

To pay on HEB mobile app, follow these simple steps:

  1. You need to open the HEB mobile app, tap the “Sign In” button, fill in your details, and continue towards your account.
  2. Check out their online store and continue to add items to the cart that you want to purchase. 
  3. Go to your cart and click on the “Checkout” button to proceed with your order.
  4. On the next screen, click the “Proceed to Checkout” button, adding all the necessary details like delivery or pickup information, payment method, etc.
  5. If you are paying through a debit or credit card, fill in all your card details, like card number, expiry date, security code, etc., and click “Place Order.”
  6. You will receive a confirmation that your order has been placed, and you can track your order online.

Other Stores Accepting Apple pay

Here is the list of stores that take Apple pay as their payment method:

  1. Does Walmart Take Apple Pay?
  2. Does Walgreens Take Apple Pay?
  3. Does Home Depot Take Apple Pay?
  4. Does Starbucks Take Apple Pay?


In our conclusion lines, we can finally say HEB stores do not accept Apple Pay as their payment system. However, there are other alternatives as well by which the customers can make payments.

While there might be several reasons behind this, many customers feel lagging behind the rapidly evolving digital system. We hope HEB will soon accept Apple Pay and offer its benefits to future customers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does HEB offer NFC Pay?

Yes, HEB offers NFC Pay at many locations, and the store terminals prominently display that the store has NFC Pay.

What does HEB stand for?

Here the HEB stands for Howard E. Butt.

Will I need an HEB card for gas?

Customers can purchase the HEB gift card from any HEB store and swipe it to pay before pumping gas.

Does HEB offer cashback?

Yes, you can get a 5% cashback on HEB brand products.

Is there any plan for HEB to accept Apple Pay in the future?

Until now, there has been no official notification of whether HEB will start accepting Apple Pay.

Can I use Apple Pay at other grocery stores?

Yes, several grocery stores accept Apple Pay. You can contact them to know the same.

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