Does In-N-Out Take Apple Pay

Does In-N-Out Take Apple Pay? Yes, but How?

In-N-Out Burger is a renowned fast-food restaurant providing delectable burgers, fries, and shakes since 1948. With a sizable and loyal customer base, people want to know if they can use Apple Pay to pay for their In-N-Out purchases.

Using Apple Pay, customers can make payments using their Apple devices in no time, and it is even a practical mobile payment option available today. It resolves several payment-related problems. So, customers are looking for places to utilize Apple Pay to make payments easier.

This blog post will explore all the questions related to In-N-Out and Apple Pay. Whether you like In-N-Out or are just interested in their payment methods, grab a burger and read on to learn every payment-related topic of In-N-Out.

Does In-N-Out Take Apple Pay?

Everybody is looking for a simple and speedy payment method. You might be wondering if In-N-Out allows Apple users to make payments through Apple Pay or not.

Does In-N-Out Burger Accept Apple Pay?

The good news is that In-N-Out does accept Apple Pay. To avoid searching through your pockets or bag for your wallet, place your iPhone or Apple Watch close to the payment terminal, and your money is processed in a couple of seconds.

But put Apple Pay aside for a moment and consider a world without it. Can you picture yourself waiting in a long line while digging through your bags, among the piles of items to find money to buy a meal? Enough to end your desire for a burger?

However, this issue is resolved by Apple Pay. All you have to do to enjoy your wonderful In-N-Out burger now is pull out your iPhone, put it close to the payment terminal, and make payment without fuss.

If you frequently visit In-N-Out or craving a juicy burger, make sure to use this practical payment option the next time you go. Without worrying about how you will pay for it, you can hold your burger with both hands, while paying through Apple Pay!

How to Use Apple Pay at In-N-Out Burger? 

Here is a comprehensive guide on how to use Apple Pay at the store:

  1. Make sure your iPhone or Apple Watch is set up for Apple Pay. If you need help setting up Apple Pay on your smartphone, you can check out Apple’s setup instructions.
  1. Go to the In-N-Out Burger register to make a purchase, and inform the cashier that you would like to use Apple Pay.
  1. Hold your iPhone or Apple Watch near the contactless reader to pay. The screen will display a request for confirmation of the payment.
  1. On an iPhone, place your finger on the Touch ID sensor to confirm the payment. On an Apple Watch, double-click the side button to confirm.
  1. A confirmation message will appear on your smartphone when the payment is transacted. Additionally, you may review your transaction history in the Apple Pay payment history.

Not only is it practical, but using Apple Pay at In-N-Out Burger is also safe. The Secure Element chip in your device encrypts and safely stores your payment information.

Additionally, with the many benefits that Apple Pay provides, you won’t even need to worry about having cash or a credit card.

The Benefits of Using Apple Pay

The security of Apple Pay is one of its key advantages. Before allowing consumers to make a payment, Apple Pay uses cutting-edge security features like Touch ID and Face ID to verify their identity.

This guarantees that their payment information is kept secure and that only the authorized user can access their account. Users can therefore feel secure knowing that hackers won’t have access to their personal information or payment information.

Users can make payments with Apple Pay without entering their credit card information each time they purchase. This decreases the possibility of errors while also saving time, making it simpler to submit payment.

Apple Pay has made it simpler for customers, now, they can make purchases using their mobile devices instead of carrying cash or credit cards.

Additionally, Apple Pay is well-liked and supported by most retailers. This implies that consumers can pay at several places, such as online shops and retail locations. Apple Pay is a versatile and adaptable payment method compatible with the most popular credit and debit cards.

Finally, Apple Pay eliminates the need for carrying cash, coins, or real cards, less paper is used, and less trash is produced. Along with helping to keep users organized and saving money, this is also good for the environment.

Other Alternatives of Apple Pay at In-N-Out?

There are a number of different payment methods available which you can use at In-N-Out Burger locations if you don’t have an iPhone or Apple Watch or if you choose to do so.

Firstly, all the major credit or debit cards can be used to make payments by being swiped or inserted into the payment terminal. You can rather pay with cash, give the cashier the necessary amount, and they will handle the transaction.

Utilizing a mobile wallet like Google Pay or Samsung Pay is an additional choice. With these payment methods, you can use your smartphone to make contactless purchases, similar to Apple Pay. To complete the transaction, hold your mobile close to the payment terminal, and enter the pin to complete the transaction.

You can use online payment systems to pre-order your food and skip the line when you arrive at the restaurant. Using their mobile app to pay for your food will speed up and simplify the procedure even more.

In-N-Out Burger provides a range of alternatives to make the payment process quick and simple, so you may resume enjoying your burger and shake as soon as possible, regardless of the payment method you select.

Other Rewards Programs at In-N-Out

Though In-N-Out Burger is well renowned for its delectable burgers and shakes, did you know that they also offer a number of rewards programs? Some of the programs are listed below:

  1. In-N-Out Burger App: The In-N-Out Burger app allows customers to pre-order their food and skip the line, but it also provides several rewards. For instance, customers can earn rewards such as free burgers or shakes by placing a certain number of orders through the app.
  1. Email Sign-Up: By signing up for In-N-Out’s email list, customers will receive exclusive offers, coupons, and updates on the latest menu items and promotions.
  1. In-N-Out Burger Stamps: In-N-Out has a loyalty program called “Stamps,” where customers can collect stamps with each purchase which can be redeemed for a free menu item.
  1. Special Occasion Rewards: In-N-Out also offers special rewards for special occasions, such as birthdays. Customers can sign up on the In-N-Out website and receive a special treat on their birthday.

These are just a few of In-N-Out Burger’s numerous rewards programs. Customers who participate in these programs not only get free burgers and shakes, but they also get to earn prizes and savings. So, why not sign up immediately and receive incentives on your In-N-Out Burger meals?

How to Use Apple Pay on In-N-Out Mobile App?

Using Apple Pay on the In-N-Out Burger store mobile app is a simple and convenient way to pay for your food. Here is how you can do it:

  1. Install the In-N-Out Burger mobile app from the App Store on your device.
  1. Start the app and log in or create a new account.
  1. Select the food items you want to order and then proceed to checkout.
  1. Choose “Apple Pay” as your preferred payment method on the In-N-Out app.
  1. Hold your Apple device near the contactless payment terminal to make payment. Complete the transaction by conforming to Touch ID, Face ID, or device passcode.
  1. The payment will be automatically processed, and you will receive a confirmation notification on your screen.

You may eliminate the inconvenience of carrying cash or a physical credit card by using Apple Pay on the In-N-Out Burger app, and with it, you have a quick and secure payment experience.


In-N-Out Burger is a beloved fast food chain in the US that offers its customers a wide range of payment options, including Apple Pay.

Now, customers can enjoy a fast and secure payment experience, avoid the hassle of carrying cash or a physical credit card and take advantage of the many rewards programs available at In-N-Out Burger restaurant. Using any of your Apple devices, like your iPhone or Apple Watch, make contactless payments for your meal.

Therefore, if you enjoy eating at In-N-Out, why not use Apple Pay the next time you go there? Thanks to this quick, secure, and convenient payment, you can quickly return to enjoying your burger and shake.

Not only this, there are more reasons to adore In-N-Out Burger. Head to the restaurant now and give it a try!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is using Apple Pay at In-N-Out safe?

A unique device number, Touch ID or Face ID, and other layers of security are used to protect Apple Pay, making it a safe way to make payments.

Can I pay for my In-N-Out drive-thru orders using Apple Pay?

Yes, you can easily use Apple Pay to make payments for In-N-Out drive-thru orders.

How can I add Apple Pay to the In-N-Out mobile app?

Choose Apple Pay as your preferred mode of payment in the In-N-Out app payment section, this way you can add Apple Pay to your In-N-Out mobile app.

Will I need a credit or debit card linked to my Apple Pay wallet for use at In-N-Out?

Yes, you will need to have a credit card or debit card linked to your Apple Pay wallet before making a payment at In-N-Out.

Can I pay for large orders at In-N-Out with Apple Pay?

Yes, you may pay for large orders at In-N-Out using Apple Pay. To complete the transaction, place your iPhone or Apple Watch next to the contactless payment terminal and process the payment.

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