Does Target Accept WIC? – Yes, But How?

Are you a parent, guardian, or caregiver who is part of the Women, Infants, and Children program ( WIC Program )? And thinking, Does target accept WIC? Then you are at the right place.

This blog post will discuss everything about WIC and what you need to know about using WIC benefits at Target, including what items are eligible, how to use your WIC benefits, and much more.

Whether you want to stock up on essentials for your little ones or seek a convenient one-stop shop and get discounts, this blog has covered you. Let’s find out about Does target accept WIC or not?

What is WIC?

WIC stands for Women, Infants, and Children and is a federal assistance program that provides food, essential healthcare referrals, and nutrition education to low-income pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, infants and children till the age of 5 who are at a nutrition risk.

This program ensures that they have access to nutritious food and education.

The WIC program makes use of various payment methods to help needy individuals. The most common form of payment is WIC vouchers or checks, which can be used to purchase essential food items for a healthy and balanced diet, like milk, eggs, fruits, vegetables, etc.

The WIC vouchers can be used at various retailers, grocery stores, farmers, and supermarkets. 

Another form of payment used by the WIC program is Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT), which works like a debit card and allows eligible individuals to buy WIC-approved foods. How does this work? The EBT card is linked to the person’s account, can be used to purchase food, and works just like a debit or credit card.

The WIC program provides direct payment to farmers for individuals who want to purchase fruits and vegetables directly from the field.

It also supports local farmers and domestically grown fruits and veggies that may not be available at the retailers.

What is WIC Approved Foods?

There are a variety of food items that are WIC approved, and these include dairy, fruits and vegetables, eggs, lean meat, and whole grains. Whole grains have eatables like bread, cereals, and pasta.

These are staples of the WIC program, providing essential nutrients such as fiber and iron. Fruits and vegetables constitute an important part of this program as they are a rich source of vitamins and minerals.

Dairy products like milk, cheese, and yogurt are also essential as they are a rich source of calcium and have other essential nutrients.

Eggs and lean meat like chicken and fish are important protein sources and are therefore included in the WIC-approved foods.

Besides the foods mentioned above, WIC also offers vouchers for infant formula and baby food, as these items are specially formulated to meet the nutrition of babies and young children. Moreover, WIC provides vouchers for soy products, fruits, and veggies grown by farmers.

The foods that are WIC approved are to provide a balanced diet that will support the growth and development of women and children. It ensures that children and women have the opportunity to grow healthy. The WIC program becomes an important resource for underprivileged families who struggle to afford essential foods.  

List of WIC-Approved Food

  1. Milk
  2. Cheese
  3. Yogurt
  4. Egg
  5. Meat
  6. Chicken
  7. Brown Rice
  8. Juice

Does Target Take WIC?

The answer is Yes, and Target accepts WIC and even EBT. Target is among those many retailers participating in the WIC program and accepts its benefits as a form of payment for WIC-approved essential food items.

WIC users can take advantage of the program to purchase eligible food items that are nutritious and healthy. The retail giant, Target, offers an array of WIC-approved items that you can easily find in their grocery section.

Does target accept WIC

Target takes WIC, and using WIC at Target is straightforward. Firstly the individuals must check the WIC-approved food items from the local WIC office and, during the time of purchase, show the WIC card to the cashier. The cashier will then scan the items and reduce the price of the WIC-approved items from the individual’s account.

Target even provides assistance programs for low-income and underprivileged families. These programs include the Target School Library program, which donates books to needy institutions, and the Target Circle program, which offers discounts and rewards to customers who are a member of the program.

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Alternative of WIC at Target?

Now we know Target accepts WIC, but there are many alternative payment options other than WIC at Target that can be used in place of the traditional WIC vouchers.

Among many, the first and the most accessible alternative to WIC at Target are debit cards, which can be loaded with funds from the WIC program and used like the regular ones to make purchases at Target.

It can be one of the most convenient and flexible modes of payment for WIC recipients as they can use their cards to purchase items without the need to bring other vouchers or linger around other forms of payment.

The second way is by making payments using the available online platforms, like through an app or website linked to the WIC program, by which the recipients can get benefits, check their balance, and make purchases at Target.

It is a user-friendly mode of payment as they can buy items from the comfort of their home.

Third, in the list of alternatives to WIC at Target, we have digital wallets, which allow WIC recipients to store their WIC benefits and use them at Target to make purchases. It is a convenient way of payment as the recipients can easily access the benefits and buy items without the need to carry any other vouchers or try other payment methods.

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What are the Pros and Cons of Using WIC?

Keep reading to learn all the pros and cons of using WIC vouchers.


The pros of using WIC are as follows:

  • We learned that WIC provides nutritional assistance to families who cannot afford healthy food and education.
  • The program offers various food options that are selected to meet the nutritional needs of pregnant and breastfeeding women, infants, and children till the age of 5.
  • The program intends to reduce the risk of malnutrition and several other health issues that may arise due to poor nutrition.
  • It provides nutritional education, including healthy eating habits and healthy food preparation.
  • The program can be used at grocery stores and farmers’ markets, promoting local farming.


The cons of using WIC are as follows:

  • It can be tough to match the eligibility criteria for WIC as income, and other measures can be strict.
  • The program is only for specific food items and cannot be used for all eatables.
  • For some users, the overall process can be more confusing and time-consuming than other methods.
  • This program is only valid at some grocery stores and retailers and some states might have limited availability of WIC.


Finally, this blog concludes that Target takes WIC as a form of payment applicable for WIC-approved food items. WIC users can purchase various items of nutritional benefits using their WIC vouchers at Target stores.

The retailer also offers a wide range of products that are eligible for WIC, making it a convenient and affordable purchase option for many recipients to purchase necessary everyday items that could benefit their health. However, we recommend you check once with your local Target store to ensure they accept WIC before you make your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I purchase non-food items at Target using WIC?

No, WIC benefit vouchers can only be used for eligible food items at Target that are approved by WIC.

Does there a restriction on the amount I spend with my WIC at Target?

Yes, the WIC program has fixed a certain limit on the amount you spend with WIC vouchers at Target. However, these may vary with different zones.

Can I purchase organic, farm-fresh items at Target using WIC?

Yes, you can purchase organic items and farm foods from your local Target stores or directly from the farmers. 

Can I purchase frozen fruits and vegetables at Target using WIC?

Yes, with your WIC vouchers, you can purchase frozen fruits and vegetables. 

Can I get extra discounts or offers available for using WIC at Target?

Target may offer some discounts and offers to WIC users. It is always best to check with your local Target store for the correct information.

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