Best Dutch Startups to Watch

Best Dutch startups to Watch in 2022

The Netherlands has a very lively and soft image around the world but the lesser-known fact there is much more to the Netherlands besides scenic views, pretty canals, and laughs. This extraordinary nation has been a startup hotspot and is one of the top rankers in the Global innovation index. 

A nation can excel in a field only if the government supports that sector, same is the case with the Netherlands as the government full-fledged supports its startup ecosystem and promotes a very inclusive and familiar work ethic.

Over-the-top incubation and acceleration services complement startup growth in The Netherlands. Specifically, Amsterdam acts as a magnet for businesses to come and start their journey here and is one of the best performers in whole Europe. 

The Netherlands has a strong performance rate in the Agtech sector and is ranked as the finest in Europe in Agtech and life sciences sector. The odds have been in the nation’s favorites and the Netherlands economy is booming and provides a favorable startup infrastructure. 

Dutch startups to Watch in 2021

The Dutch startups are scaling heights and the sky’s the limit for them, let us now have a look at the top 5 startups which are growing at a considerable rate and deserve our undistracted attention. 

1. Kambr

Kambr is a recent startup aiming at the airline industry. Its sole mission is to improve airline revenue performance so it specializes in airline revenue techniques. Having received a huge seed funding of $3 million, Kambr isn’t just limited to revenue management but also provides advisory services, provides them with top-notch airline software, and also helps them gain media expertise. 

Kambr Dutch Startups

The airline industry is going through some issues which need to be tackled to establish a smooth working infrastructure. Problems like dispersed ticket bookings, service options available to passengers need strategic solutions in place. Kambr has a team of experts that align technology and consumer needs and bring forward the best possible solutions, they bring out insights 

and guide airlines to create better infrastructure. These experts work on online advertising and enhancing digital presence as well. Expanding its reach internationally, Kambr has been working in Los Angeles, Minneapolis and new york as well. 

Kambr works in three basic branches and below are their brief descriptions:

Kambr Advisory: this segment is based on extensive research and provides professional consultations to aviation services about insights on how to maximize growth and reach a top-notch commercial presence. This branch helps in increasing brand productivity at length. 

Kambr Solutions: This part of this startup works on the technical needs of the airlines and provides them with solutions using data science, Machine learning, and software. This provides airlines with increased control over their proceedings and ultimately leads to increased growth.

Kambr Media: This is a segment that handles content generation and advertisement. This arm specifically curates content that is imperative to today’s airline industries’ scenario. 

Kambr looks forward to establishing a top-notch funnel engagement and targets complete commercial control of the airlines.

2. Meatable 

Substituting traditional meat with naturally curated meat sounds insane but with the growing shift to veganism, it has become a necessity. This Netherlands-based company is all set to cater to the needs of people looking for naturally cultivated meats that have a replica taste like actual meat.


Meatable is aiming at producing meat that has identical nutritional qualities; its updated technology acts as a helping hand in producing meat in lesser time and without causing animal harm. Meatable utilizes chemistry, biology, tissue engineering, and majorly food sciences to create natural and tasty meat. 

This startup promotes guilt-free meat and cures newly turned vegetarian meat cravings. Now one might ponder as to how these meats are naturally developed, so these meats are curated by taking cells from cows and pigs and then artificially growing these cells, this process is absolutely cruelty free.

What makes them a top performer in their field is their rapid opti-ox technology that produces meat rapidly and efficiently. This method proves to be astonishingly cost-efficient and follows the footsteps of the actual process of muscle growth so the natural meat has just the same taste and texture.

Imagine meat being prepared in just a span of a week? Sounds impossible right! But Meatable makes this happen hence moving a step ahead of animal meat that takes years to fully grow the animal. 

3. Finom 

This Amsterdam-based startup helps tailor banks and related resources for entrepreneurs or freelancers. Started just 2 years back, Finom has become a hub for entrepreneurs looking for financial solutions. It also targets SMEs in understanding banking arrangements and accounting. 


This neo-banking startup has already raised hefty funding of EUR6.5 million by the very renowned Target Global. 

It even targets small businesses growing through their growing stage and works together with them to throw some light on financial management and bank proceedings. It has a user friendly interface and can be easily accessed by adding their accounts.

Their end goal is to provide small businesses with utmost transparency about their financial management and they are currently targeting the market in Europe to expand. 

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4. Dott

If you have ever been to Europe, there is a great chance that you have seen people driving around in small and colorful electric scooters. So, Dott is an e-scooter business that has grown tremendously to include electric bikes as well. 


Dott extensively promotes the idea of sustainability and all its vehicles run on green energy which comes from varied resources like hydraulic, solar, and wind energy. 

Dott has grown to become an e-mobility giant in no time and has given tough competition to all its competitors. 

Dott has impressed a lot of people with its compatible e-vehicle designs and is currently operating a large number of e-scooters in five European countries. It is easy to use and can be controlled just through a mobile app. 

This company’s business model is really efficient and the revenue system is easy to scale too. Every time a user uses an e-scooter he/she gives a little unlocking fee and then a per-minute price is charged during the ride. 

One major quality which distinguishes Dott from others is its will to not work with third-party providers, so Dott manages everything by itself, either it is charging or repair or fees collection or even app optimization. 

5. Lepaya 

As it is rightly said, happier employees make a strong brand, to bring these words into action, Lepaya, a professional training firm, helps people have a satisfied and content work life. 


It is no different from a learning app with short sessions or interactive lectures that allow users to enhance their skills and step into their jobs with increased confidence.

This firm has expanded in Sweden, Belgium, and Germany and has received extraordinary responses. They grow on their idea of enabling professionals to enjoy life and maintain a great work-life balance, they work on people’s soft skills because that is what is noticed primarily. 

Lepaya has generated a wave of change in the training sector with its tech-savvy services and products. This startup has also acquired SMartenup which also works on the same idea of growing professionals and giving them a happier approach, this acquisition will sooner or later prove to be monumental for Lepaya’s position in the market. 

Analyzing the growth trajectory of Lepaya, it can be easily inferred that Lepaya will expand to new geographies in the coming years and will also be a magnet for investors.

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