How to Fix your TCL TV Black Screen [ 100% Working ]

A very common issue people face is when their TCL TV is black and they can’t see a picture. If you find a black screen on a TCL TV, it is quite annoying, especially when it occurs on a new TV.

Fortunately, there are various tested solutions to remedy it, and this problem is typically only a short-term one.

I am pretty convinced that one of these ideas will help you out if you attempt every one of them.

Black Screen on TCL TV

Resetting your TCL TV is necessary if it has a black screen. Wait for 60 complete seconds after unplugging your TCL TV. Press the power button for 30 seconds with the TV unplugged. Reconnect your TV’s power after the 60 seconds have passed, and it should function.

This method where you power cycles the TV fixes the black screen on your TCL TV, nine out of ten times.

Although, there are occasions when the aforementioned fix does not work. The issue in that situation is typically a hardware one.

There are a few more useful and simple troubleshooting techniques you should try first, though, before we fix the hardware issue.

Fix your TCL TV Black Screen

Here is all the quick fix for the TCL TV Black screen.

Unplug TCL TV from the wall

Remove the TCL TV’s wall plug.

Even though it may seem obvious, the most frequent solution to your black screen problem is to unplug the TCL TV from the wall outlet.

The most important thing is to wait for 60 seconds. Wait until it has been at least a minute before plugging it back in.

Locate and hold the power button on your TCL TV for at least 30 seconds while it is unplugged. Keep in mind that you have to press the TV’s power button and not the remote.

This will enable the TV to soft reset and assist drain any remaining power in the device. This is not the same as just turning the remote on and off!

After 60 seconds, you can re-plug the TV and it should power back on without any issues.

While this solution should be effective in around 90% of situations, the remaining 10% can be more challenging. Try the solutions listed below if your TCL TV’s screen is still black.

Verify each HDMI connection

The very next thing you should do is to examine all your HDMI connections if power cycling the TV didn’t solve the problem.

Make sure the connections are secure if you have anything HDMI connected to your TV. That entails disconnecting them before firmly connecting them again.

A lot of TCL TV users are reporting the black screen issue as HDMI streaming devices like Roku and Firestick is gaining popularity.

And a poor HDMI connection is causing it in most cases.

There are a few ways that HDMI connections can be bad- it could be a faulty port, a loose connection, or a bad cable.

Check again to make sure you are on the correct input channel once you have checked the connection is secure.

Find the HDMI port you’re currently using by looking at the back of your TV. The HDMI port number should be marked above the HDMI connection with a label on your TV. Take note of that number. 

After that, take out your TCL TV remote and select Source. You’ll probably need to switch this on and off multiple times until you locate the appropriate input on your TV.

Try connecting to a different HDMI port if the connection is safe and you are on the right input.

TCL TVs sometimes contain several ports, even up to four! Try a different port to see if you can retrieve the image.

If that doesn’t work, your last resort is to try replacing the HDMI cable you’re currently using.

Backlight Issue with TCL TV 

If you switch on the TV and you can hear sounds but cannot see anything on the screen, there is a possibility that the LED power strips on the backlight are probably broken.

Make sure the TV is turned on, grab a flashlight, or use your phone’s flashlight near the TV’s screen to try to identify the problem. To make it easier, you could turn off every light in the room.

A very faint image will be displayed if the screen is functioning.

Check to see if the TV is responding to the remote’s commands. I advise checking the remote’s input and volume buttons as well.

To locate the TV’s user interface on the screen, you might need to adjust the light. It’s likely that you’ll also notice a hazy image if you hear some audio.

It’s good news if you can operate the TV with the remote even when the image on the screen is dull when you shine a flashlight on it. It indicates that the T-CON and mainboard of the TV are operating properly.

In that situation, the LED backlights on the TV are most likely the source of the issue.

While it is simple and inexpensive to repair any of a TV’s parts, removing a TV is likely to violate the warranty. If the TV is still covered by warranty, get in touch with TCL for more help.

You don’t have to spend much on repairs if you use some straightforward solutions to revive your TV.

Another possibility is that the entire panel is damaged, in which case purchasing a new screen would be expensive and generally not worthwhile. New TV purchases are frequently less expensive than paying to replace a panel. But unless it has been severely physically harmed by force, it is uncommon for a TV panel to crack.

Changing the backlight strips of the TV

TVs’ backlights are made out of LED light strips. The complete light strip will not function if any of the LEDs are damaged.

Changing out the complete strip is simpler than changing out a single broken LED light. For your specific TV model, you can get a set of LED backlight strips online.

Because there are numerous screws to remove and all of the bezels must be taken off, changing the LED backlight strips can be a time taking task.

The glass panel, which must also be removed, is brittle and expensive.

This means unless you have experience disassembling TVs, I wouldn’t advise changing the LED backlight strips.

Although it will be a little more expensive, you can hire a TCL expert or TV repair shop to complete the task for you if you don’t want to do it yourself.

This fix could resolve the black screen issue and help you avoid paying hundreds of dollars for professional repairs.

Swapping the T-CON Board

The T-Con board of the TV is probably damaged if you can’t see anything on the screen, even with a light shining straight onto it.

The image displayed on television is produced by the T-CON board.

Although it can initially look difficult, changing the T-CON board on a TV is a simple task.

You can purchase new T-CON boards on sites like eBay or Amazon by entering the model number of your TV. T-CON boards are inexpensive.

Fortunately, changing a TV’s T-CON board is significantly simpler than changing its backlights. Just take off the TV’s rear panel, unplug the ribbon wires from the T-CON board, take out the screws, pop the old one out, and set the new one in its place.

It doesn’t take much time. Only four screws and two to three ribbon wires are often used to attach the panel.

Take assistance from TCL support

You can also give the TCL television support line a call at their customer service number. Their operating hours are Monday through Friday 9– 12 AM, ET, and Saturday through Sunday 9- 6 PM, ET. 

The TCL support team has undoubtedly dealt with many such black screen issues and is trained to handle problems like these.

If this is something you can fix yourself, they ought to be able to lead you through some troubleshooting steps.

You can rest easy knowing that you did your best to remedy it by at least trying this step.

Verify if your TCL TV is under warranty 

If all else fails, it could be worthwhile to check to see if your TCL TV is still under warranty.

For the first year after purchase, the majority of TCL TVs are protected by a limited warranty.

Your TCL TV has probably been in your possession for more than a year, but if not, it might be worth a try.

If the issue is covered under warranty, they will pay for your TV to be fixed or will buy you a new one.


You don’t have to panic if your TCL TV has a black screen as there are various tested solutions you can try to get everything working again:

  1. Power-cycle your TCL TV
  2. Check all the HDMI connections 
  3. Verify that the TV’s backlight is still operational
  4. Contact TCL TV support
  5. Damaged backlights 
  6. Faulty T-CON board
  7. Check out your TCL warranty.


What to do when your TCL TV is not turning on?

Check to see that all of the cords are correctly connected if the TV won’t turn on. After that, disconnect your TV and hold the power button down for two minutes. Replug the television. Reset the TV if that doesn’t work.

How do you fix a frozen TCL TV?

Restart your TCL TV by going to Settings, clicking on the Power button, and then going to system restart.

Is there a reset button on a TCL TV?

Go to Settings on the TCL TV. Go to Device Preference > More Settings and Reset. On the Factory data Reset warning screen, click Factory Data Reset. Click on Erase Everything.

What causes the TV backlight to fail?

Backlight issues are frequently caused by water damage. Water will erode the junction of the TV connector’s pin and pad, breaking the electrical path to the connector and perhaps harming the filter.

Damage to the electrical traces on the circuit board might potentially result in backlight circuit failure.

How do I fix TCL recovery mode?

Reboot your TV and wireless router. In order to test if you can complete updating your TV, connect your TV to a different network, such as a mobile hotspot. After your TV has been updated, try returning to your wireless network at home.

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Please let us know in the comment section which troubleshooting worked for you. Thank you.

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