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Freshworks Review – CRM Software

When talking about the major problems faced by companies handling large databases today, the primary problem comes out to be customer relationship management, and the Freshworks’ platform is specially curated to handle this issue efficiently.

Freshworks is typically designed for SMEs and delivers a simple-to-use interface to promote ease of working. Freshworks also has a plethora of benefits, for instance, it is compatible with other types of business software and has an extensive range of features to work with.

Freshworks is without any doubt a revolutionary platform if utilized efficiently and let us know more about it as we proceed in this article.

What is Freshworks CRM?

Freshsales has recently decided to rebrand as Freshworks CRM

It is a highly reliable customer relationship management software and is an extraordinary next-gen platform to handle all your customer needs. Freshworks CRM is a one-stop destination for marketing and sales automation needs and also equips you with chatting facilities to enable a smoother client experience.

Freshworks CRM

Freshworks is rooted in the idea of personalization and offers personalized experiences to every company seeking help in the sector of customer relationship management. It uses AI to analyze customer’s needs and demands and provides these insights to the company’s designated teams. Being the fourth addition to the Freshdesk group, this extraordinary CRM software has already bagged the award of Great User Experience. 

Companies have to handle millions of tasks besides handling the customer relationships, so to avoid diverted attention to the CRM sector, Freshworks solves client queries efficiently and is specially curated for high-velocity teams. This CRM software came as a blessing to the sales team of the companies as it makes it easier for them to manage leads. Contact leads and manages inquiries all in one place

Freshworks’ easy to navigate interface can be considered as one of the major reasons for its widespread acknowledgment. This platform totally eliminates the hassle of shuffling through different platforms to get a single job done. If a company manages to successfully prioritize the sales pipeline, it can secure a high number of closed clients and Freshworks CRM is a package of all sales capabilities to help companies manage their sales funnel hassle-free.

Freshworks Pricing

Freshworks CRM has extremely affordable prices and the packages are curated for different segments differently. Small budding startups can even avail these CRM services for free.

Freshworks CRM offers four major plans for interested users, first is the Blossom plan which costs just $12 per month, the second one is the Garden Plan which costs $25 monthly, the next one is the Estate plan priced at $49 per month, and lastly the Forest plan which costs $79 per month. There are no additional costs the CRM platform asks for and most companies utilizing Freshworks’ facilities say that these services are value for money.

Advantages of Freshworks CRM over its other competitors

Why will high-velocity companies of the world choose the platform of Freshworks CRM over other viable options? This will be a question bothering the majority of our readers and the answer to it is nothing but its easy-to-use platform and an infinite number of features.

Freshworks CRM Advantages

Freshworks CRM being a part of the Freshdesk product line has gained the utmost reputation and attention because Freshdesk is a renowned and trusted platform used by millions. But Freshworks did not disappoint the Freshdesk clients who tried this CRM’s services, rather it astonished them with its easy set-up procedures, efficient cloud services, and many more such services.

Freshworks CRM also offers a really affordable price range so MSMEs do not have to compromise on CRM facilities just because of hefty prices. It delivers extraordinary services at cheap prices which makes its services irresistible for the MSME segment which is looking for affordable alternatives.

Freshworks is a revolutionary transformation to the business world not just because it isn’t just limited to display the sales insights or manage leads but also acts as a dynamic analytic platform that guides the companies on how to use those insights or leads to their benefit to convert most leads or gain high profits.

Features of Freshworks CRM

What really makes a CRM platform shine are its out-of-the-box features and Freshworks CRM has left no stones unturned when it comes to including versatile features to its platform. Features like lead capturing and nurturing and verifying are the core features of the CRM platform.

Some other features of the platform include call recording for future references. Auto dialers, affiliate management, and reporting. Its revenue analysis, one of its distinguishing features makes it a winner in its field and provides the companies with a detailed report including all the revenue metrics.

It works on the idea of simplifying the workplace and promoting ease of working and it depicts that through its features as well, Freshworks CRM provides filters to make summarising the data easier and also has the features to organize and group the data as and how the company wants. Create tables, build charts, simplify reporting and be the master of your own CRM.

Let us dive right into the benefits Freshworks CRM offers so that our readers are well aware of the results they will be getting after utilizing this CRM platform.

Efficient lead management 

Efficient lead management

Managing the data and leads coming a company’s way is a complicated task and requires time and efficiency to fulfill this task. Attracting leads or discovering them is a task every CRM platform can help with but what really helps Freshworks CRM stand tall are its abilities to nurture these leads to convert them into potential clients.

It uses AI and machine learning to efficiently filter leads and generate alerts such as contract renewal alerts. There are times when some leads go unnoticed by the company so Freshworks CRM also helps to prevent that by warning the company of deal rotting. This platform offers an eagle-eye view on all the relevant details and hence helps in getting as many clients as possible.

Email Tracking system

Freshworks CRM is an answer to all your email tracking needs, it has the necessary facilities, you name it, they got it. It allows companies to send out bulk emails too with a pinch of personalization, sync those with your calendar and connect them with your lead or contact record.

Having the ability to track the people who have read your email and discarding the audience who has ignored your email can act as a superpower in the cor[orate world. It is without any doubt one of the best methods to know who is interested in your product or not and Freshworks CRM allows you to do so. This CRM software utilizes technology in the best way possible and also analyzes and depicts metrics of relevant details found in the emails.

Direct Calls

There is very little CRM software in the market that allows its users to transfer client calls or important calls to directly be transferred to the platform without having to download or install any extra specifications. This acts as a massive time saver for the companies as they can directly migrate data and store it, analyze it and nurture it.

Additionally, users can also route calls, send out personalized messages, track performances all through one CRM platform.

Event Tracking

Freshworks crm Event Tracking

Tracking previous communications to improve further communications is fundamental to a business’s growth. Freshworks CRM allows its users to track and analyze previous conversations to improve and plan further communications.

This platform also allows its users to keep looking into the contact’s history while communicating so they can be well aware of their interest in their product or service. It is not an unknown fact that hot leads are the easiest path to close clients and this CRM helps you track lead behavior with proper segmentation.

Sales Management

Sales are the absolute responsibility of any CRM software and at the end of the day, the increased number of sales accurately defines a platform’s position. Freshworks promotes transparency throughout the sales process and provides you with all the analysis and segregation which is required along the way.

It provides you with customizations at every point and helps companies track the trend of their product performances. It also serves as a personalized agent that fixes meetings, schedules them, and reminds you as well. One can easily track their lead’s progress and work in the desired direction to convert them into a client.

Perfect analysis and reporting benefits

This distinguishing benefit of Freshworks CRM acts as a godsend for the companies utilizing it for their good. It provides users with a plethora of options on how to manage their information and data and mold it according to their needs.

Freshwords CRM report

It is not just a regular software helping with reports like pipelines, email reports, etc but is a next-generation platform that provides its users with the liberty to curate their own custom reports.

Having a clear picture of your ongoing and future deals and analyzing customer behavior in real-time are extraordinary advantages that can be used to promote work efficiency. Recently, Freshworks has also started providing phone activity reports and analysis to majorly keep track of every sales executive’s performance.

Customer support mechanism 

Freshworks customer support is not just limited to handling customer doubts and queries but also acts as a  rich knowledge hub where executives inform you about the software’s working procedure and enlighten you with all its dominant features.

If a user has already been using Freshdesk then he/she will blindly rely on the company’s customer service department but if one is a new user, they can look for expert articles already present to help users with a smooth onboarding experience. Calling the customer service department is the final step if the expert articles do not resolve one’s issues and a majority of the time, these articles manage to sweep away any recurring doubts.

Seamless integrations

Freshworks CRM can effortlessly connect with Google calendar and Segment to deliver scheduling and reminder capabilities and avoid any errors in the scheduling process.

It is no doubt that Freshworks CRM will extensively support all Freshdesk tickets with all relevant and necessary information in place. Freshdesk is extremely technologically sound and thanks to that it allows its users to integrate customer reactions to the products and future predictions all in one place.

This ability to integrate is extremely helpful for the company as a whole as it allows all the teams in the company to be on the same page and avoid mismanagement and miscommunication at the workplace.

Top Freshworks alternatives

If you are still not convinced about Freshworks or want some additional features, you can check out these alternatives.

  • HubSpot Sales Hub
  • ZohoCRM
  • Agile CRM
  • Apptivo CRM
  • Salesforce CRM


I tried Freshworks CRM for a month and absolutely loved all the features and functionality. It makes all the management and integration super easy because of its extreme flexibility and allows its users to utilize its features even in remote conditions. One can schedule meetings just through their mobile phone and with a few clicks.

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