How to Delete Doordash Account? [100% Working]

While on this topic, we will discuss how to delete Doordash account and cancel the Doordash subscription.

Recently, unsatisfied reviews against the mega food delivery company Doordash have increased. More and more customers are now only too eager to opt out of their service.

How did it get to this point? What went wrong in the experience of customers who are so done with the Doordash delivery? Such issues and much more will be discussed today, ending with personal accounts of customers who have just had enough.

How to Delete Doordash Account??

What is Doordash?

Doordash is a food delivery brand caterers to American users across the United States.

This company has only been around for a while, starting in Jan 2013. Yet it has grown to become the largest food delivery company in the USA with a market share of 56%. Doordash is based in San Francisco, California.

This company was founded by Stanford University students Stanley Tang, Andy Fang, and Tony Xu.

What exactly is a convenience and food delivery brand? This brand allows you to order food from any restaurant, bakery, cafe, home chef, or ghost kitchen within a reasonable distance. And once you have placed your order, delivery personnel working under this brand bring your food to your doorstep.

Using this facility, you can order multiple items from different food outlets and still have them delivered simultaneously to you at your home. Many food delivery brands are operating in the USA today, including Uber Eats and Grubhub.

Some food delivery brands also allow you to place orders for raw materials so that you can cook at home. The services have made it extremely easy to enjoy quality food and a variety of cuisine right at your home without having to step out.

However, most customers are unhappy with the service received from this food delivery brand we are talking about today, Doordash.

How to Delete Doordash Account?

There can be two ways of removing Doordash from your life. In the most straightforward method, when you want to remove the application from your daily usage but do not want to delete your account, you can go ahead and simply uninstall the app.

  • Go to the App Store on your phone, and search for the Doordash app.
  • You will find an uninstall option right next to the name of the app.
  • Click on the uninstall option and let the phone remove the application for you. Always use the app store to uninstall your application instead of just doing it manually from your phone.
  • In a different situation, you can also delete your personal account under the Doordash brand. You can do this easily by following these steps.
  • Login to your Doordash account on your mobile application or web through a website login.
  • Go to your account settings from the website’s homepage or the app.
  • Click on the managed account located above your profile. Clicking on this account will take you to the settings part of your personal account.
  • Locate the delete account option and click on it. Follow the confirmation steps, and you will finally have your account deleted.
  • If you don’t want to delete your account completely, you can choose the request archive option available under the manage account drop list and have your account temporarily disabled.

Reasons to Delete a Doordash Account

Why are so many customers trying hard to delete the Doordash subscription and account? Here are some of the primary allegations against this company and its proceedings.

Doordash does not treat your favorite chefs properly: Doordash has previously been sued for not handing tips to the restaurants in question.

They have also then called out for accepting orders when the chefs were not in a place to provide for them and adding extra pressure on the chefs to deliver.

It has misclassified workers in the past and even listed restaurants without permission. Doordash has also been called out for listing prices higher than the restaurant’s earnings.

Doordash deliverers handle food carelessly: customers have pointed out that orders have not been delivered properly, and sometimes the entire food gets ruined. Many customers have only received half of the order and ended up paying for the full.

Deliverers have also left food and dessert outside without the customer’s permission, sometimes even in the bright sun.

Doordash customers face refund issues: many customers have been facing return and refund issues. Even after canceling the order and not receiving it, payment is charged, and it is not refunded. Activation of cancellation does not show; however, the food does not show up either.

Sometimes the refund issues have been on the side of the bank, which has not been able to correctly tally itself with the proceedings of the company.

In other situations, however, customers have noted that customer care has wholly denied the situation. Doordash charges customers for services they did not order: customers have been randomly charged on their card even for services they have not ordered.

Sometimes these charges have not been accounted for, and customer service has not offered them any vouchers or special offers in return. In other situations, however, customer care has noticed such proceedings and rewarded customers with special service for the inconvenience caused.

Deliveries are not sent right to the doorstep: as we noted before, often deliveries are not brought right to the doorstep as they should be. Customers have had to go out and pick up their orders even after paying the full customer delivery fee.

The delivery has been left behind when a customer is a bit late to attend to the pickup. Doordash talks about door-to-door delivery in its very name, which is why it is surprising when customers meet with situations where the concept of home delivery is denied to them.

How to Cancel Doordash Subscription?

Indeed, it is only natural at this point that customers would want to opt out of any relationship with this brand. At the same time, the brand has great potential to rectify a few simple customer services and refund problems that continue to occur.

Doordash is a promising company that has offered excellent service to many customers in the past and continues to do so. However, customers expect better training from the deliverers and a better relationship with the restaurants involved.

  • If you want to cancel your Doordash Subscription, you can do so using the following method:
  • Login to your Doordash account through the Doordash website.
  • Select the account or manage account icon on the top left of the Doordash homepage.
  • Go down to the “Manage Dashpass” option and see one element of the drop-down menu that says “End Subscription.”
  • Once you have selected the end subscription button, a new play page will open where you will be asked to confirm the termination of your subscription. Go through the confirmation steps and your subscription will be canceled.

Personal Experience with Doordash Service

Many customers have shared experiences with this company which can be considered negative.

“My money was not refunded after canceled order” – Refund Issue, Customer

“Got locked out of my online bank card and was charged on my credit card for a purchase I did not make” – Customer

“Coffee spilled all over my food when I received it. Delivery was not proper.” – Customer

“I want my subscription canceled.” – Customer


Doordash started as a promising company that aimed to solve the issues of existing online delivery systems.

However, it has ended up compounding the problems of many customers. The majority of customers still happened to enjoy Doordash a lot. Subscription cancellation is often an easy process.

If the cancellation is not getting approved, make sure to contact customer service. You can check more trending topics on


What is a Doordash subscription?

A Doordash subscription is an excellent option for regular buyers as it offers users a chance to order unlimited delivery with no delivery fee on orders above 12 USD.

How do I request an archive on Doordash?

Go to the Manage Account option on your Doordash website personal account section. You will find the Request Archive option under a drop-down menu that pops up. Click on it and go through the confirmation steps.

Once you have confirmed your request to archive, your account will become temporarily dominant until you revive it again.

To restore it, you will have to log in again or take the help of customer service in extreme cases.

I canceled my Doordash subscription but still got charged. What should I do?

In such a case, chances are that your subscription cancellation did not get approved.

You can call their customer service, but if that does not work, contact your bank and request your financial access blocked against Doordash.

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