Best HR Software Solutions

Best HR Software Solutions For Companies

In the fast-growing world, we all want employees who can make a difference in companies productivity and growth.

I worked with many startups and there are lots of challenges faced by the HR team in managing employees and giving them all the benefits.

Human Resource plays a key role in a business’s growth. They set up the culture, take care of employee benefits, insurance, holidays, and easy onboarding. With the help of great tech, there are so many SaaS products available in the business that can make their job easy and give an all-in-one solution to both the employee and employer.

If you check the internet there are lots of products available, but this article will help you in choosing something which is best for your business and comes under your budget.

I have researched, tried and tested all these products myself for a month. Here are my top 10 picks which you check according to your team size and other requirements.

What do you mean by HR software?

According to me, the main objective of HR software is to give a versatile product that can be customized according to the company’s requirements like the number of employees, workflow, automatic salary slip generation, and leave policies.

Even the HR software is categorized. Here are popular HR Software Categories:

  1. HRMS & HCM Software – These softwares basically includes the functionality of recruiting and human resource tasks. You can also make training modules, knowledge transfer modules, and onboarding checklists here. 
  2. Talent Management Software – As the diversity of the company increases, this is a must-have software for medium and large enterprises. The HR team can easily take care of the performance management and compensation management for all the employees. 
  3. Core HR Software – These softwares are for large businesses where they need a centralized database of all the employees including their documentation, bank details, and background verification.
  4. Benefits Administration Software – If you are offering a variety of benefits to your employees, you can manage them easily with benefits administration software. All the paperwork, insurance, and policies taken by the employee can easily be accessed and control by this software.

I have taken care of all these points while testing these HR softwares and checking which can add more value to your business. 

Mainly, the HR software totally depends on the size, budget and need of the company but my top 10 picks will cover the max for you.

Best HR software [Reviewed and Tested]

1. Clearcompany

Clearcompany is a human resource software for all types of businesses. This product will help in the complete journey of the employee from hiring, to retain and to engage. The product is 100% mobile-friendly, which makes it easily accessible and engaging.

Clearcompany Dashboard

Clearcompany has around 1M+ users per month with around 39% of bounce rate which is the lowest as compared to the competition. 89% of users are from the US itself and 2% from Canada. This clearly shows how US startups and government organizations are adopting this product.

Clearcompany covers all the aspects which an HR team needs and is also integrated with the third-party application to make your job easy.

I opted for the demo version and loved the UI. They keep adding new and useful features like COVID-19 resources during the pandemic. Their employee recognition and engagement tools are my favorite one which helps the top management to recognize the work of the employee and gives the feedback for the same.

Features of Clearcompany:

  1. Workforce Planning & Analytics for Senior level Managers.
  2. Mobile friendly.
  3. Employee Engagement – Where employees can do peer to peer reviews, track their goals, open a survey and give real time feedback.
  4. Device & Equipment Management – Helps in tracking company’s property.
  5. Payroll and HRIS integration.
  6. New hire review.


  1. Make your employees more engaging than other rivals.
  2. Customization according to your size, budget and business.
  3. Variety of integrations in various fields like Assessments tests, background checks, calendars, job posting, slack and other social media. 
  4. You can make new surveys which can help you in getting the opinion of your employees.
  5. Application tracking system(ATS) which enables candidate tracking with interview scheduling, screening and onboarding.
  6. Helpful resources like Covid-19.


  1. No upfront pricing.
  2. No customization in onboarding steps. I personally feel this is an important one because different companies have different onboarding steps.
  3. Lots of features make it difficult to navigate.

Top ClearCompany Customers:

Top ClearCompany Customers
  1. Fujifilm
  2. Supreme court of Arizona
  3. Bios Healthcare
  4. Goodwill
  5. Eyemart Express

ClearCompany Stats:

ClearCompany Stats
  1. #1 fastest growing talent platform
  2. 640,000 of users who loves ClearCompany
  3. 2,000+ satisfied clients
  4. 5 years on Inc. 5000

ClearCompany pricing:

There is no upfront pricing, this totally depends on your requirement and the size of the team. But you can opt-in for the live demo here and check if this fits all your business needs:

My testimonial on ClearCompany:

“A recruiter’s live saver which gives them a perfect ATS with all the features needed by the HR department”.

2. Bamboo HR

One of the most named software in the HR industry – Bamboo HR, won a couple of awards for their great product, good customer support, and much more.

Bamboo HR Dashboard

BambooHR has around 11M+ traffic on their website with 50% from the United States, 10% from Canada and 40% from the rest of the world.

It is a cloud-based human resource software that was developed for SMEs and gives a fully customized automation for the betterment of the employee recruitment cycle.

The company has its own marketplace: where you can add value, streamline your work, and set yourself free. They even host various HR events which make you up-to-date and gives you all the updates on the upcoming trends.

The SMEs can fully trust the product as they use a fully secure database to store all the employee’s details and documentation. You can also save your employee’s record, workflow and approval, and reporting here.

In short, if you own a company with 10-100 employees, this is a must-have product for you that can give the perfect solution for everything.

Features of BambooHR:

Bamboo HR Features
  1. Advanced Mobile application – This will help your employees to track everything at their fingertips.
  2. Reduce paperwork with the help of E-signature, you don’t need to buy any other product.
  3. The application tracking system helps to track the onboarding journey of the employee.
  4. Compensation with time tracking, paid time off, and payroll.
  5. Performance Management – Check the employee performance, get insights and give feedback for the same. You can do all this with the help of Bamboo HR.
  6. Integration with Gmail, Outlook, Facebook, Slack, and many other products.
  7. Ease to use with simple navigation and clean UI.


  1. Automated tool to track employee onboarding journey.
  2. Customization as per your need.
  3. Secure database.
  4. Role-based access.
  5. Perfect for companies who work remotely.
  6. Culture Management feature.
  7. Marketplace to get what you need.


  1. Fully functionality is not available in Mobile App.
  2. According to some users, the insurance information is high level and difficult to understand by the employee.
  3. Organization structure mapping is not that clean.
  4. Off-boarding is not smooth. 

Top BambooHR Customers:

BambooHR Customers
  1. Asana
  2. Reditt
  4. University of Maryland

BambooHR Stats:

  1. 30,000+ onboards per month
  2. 15000+ happy clients with more than 50 unicorns.
  3. 2M+ Active employees as of May 2021.

BambooHR pricing:

Set up your free trial account and get familiar with the UI. For the price, you have to quote them and they will let you know the pricing according to your requirement.

My testimonial on BambooHR:

“Award-winning product for SMEs. I’m confident, they are secure and fulfill all your requirements. Also, the pricing they will quote is pretty impressive compare to other solutions”

3. Bob

A global HR product that is highly customizable and does all the work of an HR department. This product is mainly designed for medium-type businesses with like 100-1000 employees.

Bob Dashboard

30% of Bob’s users are from the United Kingdom and 20% from Israel. Even the multi-billionaire company – Fiverr uses Bob as their HR system.

Bob provides a great solution for onboarding and offboarding with its customizable flows. You can use the given templates or even create a new one according to your business requirement.

You can streamline all your HR requirements accordingly with Bob and focus more on your talent management and business requirement.

In Bob, you can easily check the Employee data management with modern APIs and make it more engaging for the users.

 Features of Bob:

Bob Features
  1. Bob is integrated with DocuSign which will reduce all your paperwork and can give you the e-signature facility with no extra cost. You can secure all your contracts and company documents with Bob.
  2. This is my favorite one – You can give shoutouts to your employees for their good work with Bob and make the culture of your company even great.
  3. Easy navigation, filter, and search with the help of a people directory.
  4. Sort and track all your holidays with the simple portal.
  5. Bob works for an employee too. If someone wants to raise a voice or complaint anonymously, they can use the “Your Voice” feature and the HR team can take action against the same.
  6. They have a powerful Analytics tool that helps you in tracking all the reports, track data, and compare at the same time.
  7. Available in both App store and google play.
  8. Integration with top products like slack, google docs, etc.


  1. Powerful Analytics tool to track employees’ records.
  2. Attractive UI and easy navigation.
  3. Easy onboarding and offboarding with the customizable flow.
  4. 4 packages for all the business need.
  5. The support team is easily reachable and quick in resolving issues.
  6. Reports are very easy to create.


  1. Some users found it expensive but I think it depends on business requirements and budget.
  2. Not any actually, the team is really working hard to make this a perfect HR kit.

Top Bob Customers:

Hibob Clients
  1. Fiverr
  2. Happy Socks
  3. Taptica
  5. Monzo

Bob‘s Stats:

  1. 50+ 5 start reviews.
  2. Used by top UK startups.
  3. 400K+ Monthly traffic on a web portal.
  4. Different prices according to your business size.

Bob pricing:

Bob also provides the custom pricing and there’s an option of negotiation. They will also ask you for all the requirements you need in your portal and helps in making the quotation accordingly.

My testimonial on Bob:

“The most catchy UI as compared to other HR products with unlimited customizable flows and all essential features. Cost, functionalities, API and other integrations make this a complete HR product”.

4. Zenefits

Zenefits is all in one cloud based HR platform which won awards by G2, Gartner and 

Zenefits provides 3 packages that can complete all the user requirements with some add-on features like payroll, advisory services, and benefits admin using their own broker.

Zenefits Dashboard

The attractive UI with all the functionality like HR administration, onboarding and offboarding, compensation, performance management, and people enablement.

The add-on features, also help the employees to select their health insurance and the tax declaration makes it a must-have product.

According to the stats, Zenefits has around 1.5M+ traffic on their website with more than 85% from the USA. The company is also going globally with around 3% traffic from India.

 Features of Zenefits:

Features of Zenefits
  1. Mobile App for both Android and IOS.
  2. Business Intelligence integrated which will give you data by graph and charts.
  3. Integration with many apps like google drive, slack, zapier, etc.
  4. Benefit management including tax and filling.
  5. End to end onboarding flow within minutes.
  6. Make communication easy as employees can converse over chats, social media, and internet communication.
  7. The HR team can send the push notification and keep the employees updated regarding all the policy changes or any new updates.


  1. Ease of use for employees.
  2. You can integrate all HR tools under one platform.
  3. Great pricing for all types of companies whether you have 2 employees or 10,000 employees, you can rely on this product.
  4. Real-time conversation with your colleagues.
  5. Friendly customer service who answer every time you call or contact them.
  6. Share and generate awareness inside the company.
  7. Detailed organization chart.


  1. Navigation is not easy. According to me, they can make the navigation a little easier and more user friendly.
  2. Mobile App don’t support all the functionality.
  3. Sometimes there is a delay in the website response time.
  4. You can’t add more than one manager.

Top Zenefits Customers:

Zenefits Customers
  1. agencyEA
  2. Coney Island Prep
  3. Lensrental
  4. Impact
  5. Meundies

Zenefits’s Stats:

  1. More than 1000 five star reviews
  2. Founded in 2014
  3. Annual Recurring Revenue grows by 100%
  4. 11k businesses and nonprofits trust Zenefits
  5. 400K+ employees
  6. 50+ tech partner integrated with Zenefits

Zenefits pricing:

Zenefits has three plans – Essentials which comes under $8 per month per employee, Growth which comes under $14 per month per employee, and Zen which comes under $21 per month per employee. You can also opt for the addons which will obviously increase the price.

My testimonial on Zenefits:

“Great platform, great features, great customer service! Zenefits enables all aspects of HR and gives us a user-friendly product to handle all the HR jobs. Recommended for SMEs”.

5. Namely

Namely is an all-in-one HR solution which can be used by any company but is mainly designed for mid size companies.

Namely Dashboard

By now, it is mainly used by 400 companies including the Greenhouse and onelogin.

Namely is visited by more than 1.25M users per month with 84% from USA itself. 

You can use Namely for every industry whether it’s e-commerce, health, or retail. According to stats, the software helps in saving an average of 11 hours/week for its clients. The automation and integration with top market leaders help in proving strong ROI. 

The product is highly customizable, which means the client can maintain high workflow and control the visual and flow of the software. 

 Features of Namely:

Namely Features
  1. Highly customizable which gives real power to clients.
  2. Payroll – The automation makes the payroll easy and hence, the HR and finance team can save a couple of hours every week.
  3. Employee Engagement. 
  4. In-built Talent Management where you can develop your employees.
  5. In-built HR compliance database which helps your business to stay in compliance.
  6. Namely, it easily manages all the employee benefits plans.
  7. You can also integrate your recruiting with Namely which helps you in finding and hiring the perfect candidate.


  1. Have all the features to cater the needs of medium-sized businesses.
  2. Easy to use and gives lots of customization features.
  3. Timely reports available after payroll is processed.
  4. Quality customer support who values their client’s time.
  5. Starting off with Namely is easy, as the client onboarding team is phenomenal.


  1. Expensive for small business owners. I won’t recommend this if you have an employee size of less than 100.
  2. Customization takes some time to implement.
  3. The app doesn’t have the performance review capability.
  4. I love the UI but UX could still be improved.
  5. The compliance feature only works for USA clients.

Top Namely Customers:

Namely Customers
  1. Macstadium
  2. Greenhouse
  3. Lifeisgood
  4. Onelogin
  5. The James Irvine Foundation

Namely’s Stats:

  1. More than 80% of the clients said that Namely increases their employee engagement.
  2. Increase in productivity for more than 50% of clients.
  3. 85% of users are from the United States.

Namely pricing:

You have to request the demo on the website and they will give you the pricing as per your requirement. As I told you, this product is basically for medium-sized businesses, some small business owners can find it a little more expensive than the competition.

My testimonial on Namely:

“A customizable all in one powerful HR tool for medium-sized business. The compliance feature is something which is absolutely important for United State’s clients.”

6. ADP

The oldest master of this field ADP. Expertise comes with experience and this is the perfect example of that. The product offers a ton of solutions which makes it a complete fit for all kinds of business.

ADP Dashboard

The company was started in 1950 when all the payroll used to function manually. With around 70 years of experience, the product offers everything required by the entire HR team. You can add from 2 to an unlimited number of employees and their server and database will take care of all of them.

According to stats, ADP has around 100M+ traffic on their website with almost 90% from the United States. 

 Features of ADP:

ADP Features
  1. Secure database and file management – You can upload all the employee paperwork and save it in ADP’s database securely.
  2. You can outsource HR and payroll tasks – If you don’t want an in-house HR team, you can outsource everything by using this feature.
  3. App Marketplace – This feature helps you in customization and download some add-ons to make the job easy.
  4. Integration with tech products like Google Drive, Facebook, Slack, etc.
  5. Recommended for Medium and Large size enterprises.
  6. From recruitment of the right candidate to the retirement plan, ADP covers everything.


  1. When you sign up for small business payroll processing, you’ll get 3 months for free.
  2. Built for all types of businesses.
  3. Lots of Video tutorials and online training, making you more familiar with the product.
  4. The UI is simple. You can easily add and maintain the information of all the employees.
  5. The employee can enroll in the insurance and medical benefit on their own. All the paperwork and approval get done by the dashboard itself.


  1. Customer service is not good. Many customers complained that the executive put the call on hold for more than 40 minutes.
  2. Change of UI – The team constantly keeps on changing UI which affects the user adaptation.
  3. Complicated navigation system.
  4. Initially, the setup part is kind of difficult. Sometimes if you make any changes, they make you repeat the entire process again.

Top ADP’s Customers:

ADP’s Customers
  1. The Boston Globe
  2. Shoe Carnival
  3. Honeywell
  4. Pfizer
  5. TomTom

ADP’s Stats:

  1. 4.5/5 rating according to 2000+ reviews on the internet.
  2. Worked with companies in all industries like Healthcare, retail, e-Commerce etc.
  3. Winning Leader Multi-Process Human Resources Outsourcing from last 10 years.
  4. Winning Human Resource Executive Top HR Product from last 6 years.

ADP pricing:

You have to contact them for pricing as they will ask you for the requirement and to quote accordingly.

My testimonial on ADP:

“Old is gold, hence proved. With over 70 years of experience, ADP is giving us the complete payroll and HR solution. But, they have to work more on customer services and UI to attract new business owners.”

7. Cezanne HR

Cezanne HR is another cloud-based HR software which is basically designed for small and medium-sized businesses who operate from different countries( Suitable for 100-1000 employees)

Cezanne HR Dashboard

The highly customizable tool makes it a go-to go product for the HR team who gives them customization and integration power.

According to stats, monthly 500K people around the world visited Cezanne HR around the world.

The products gives you features to choose the module which you want to use and you can even customize the dashboard according to your needs.

Features of Cezanne HR:

Cezanne HR Features
  1. Module customization helps in keeping the important information at your fingertips.
  2. Support multiple languages – Companies who operate from different countries or work remotely can easily use it.
  3. The product is easily adaptable because of module customization features.
  4. Mobile application is available on both Android and IOS.
  5. Career & Succession Planning feature helps employees in professional growth by increasing their skills and planning their careers.
  6. The recruitment feature of the product will help you in tracking the whole onboarding journey of the employee.


  1. Fantastic support team who is always delightful to help you.
  2. Value of money for small and medium-size company owners.
  3. The product is easy to use with a great user-friendly interface. Even if you don’t find it user-friendly – you can easily customize it.
  4. The main dashboard has different views for employees and managers.
  5. The workflow of the product is great.
  6. The initial setup part is very easy, even the client onboarding team is very helpful and resolves all your queries.


  1. It usually takes a long time when you first integrate this product with your system.
  2. Some modules are very difficult to use in the beginning.
  3. The tools behave quite clunky sometimes with their additional features, these features are not even important for the HR team.

Top CezanneHR’s Customers:

Cezanne HR Customers
  1. Cabot Financial Ireland
  2. YoungMind
  3. Handicare
  4. Quanticate
  5. iGO4

CezanneHR’s Stats:

  1. 1000+ Clients are using Cezanne HR and reviews 4.5/5 in Capterra.
  2. Used globally because of multiple language features.

CezanneHR pricing:

The plan starts from $200/month. But you can first book a demo and take a look at every feature they are offering. 

My testimonial on Cezanne:

“Excellent value for money along with excellent products in multiple languages. You can skip the product if you have less than 100 employees and more than 1000 employees. But if you are a medium-size company and operate from different locations, then book a demo.”

8. FreshTeam

Freadteam-  Made by the team of Freshdesk, this cloud-based HR software is already working with more than 4000+ customers around the world including all types of businesses.

Freshteam Dashboard

According to the stats, Freshteam is used globally with over 1.5M+ traffic on their website. 30% of the traffic is from the United States and 25% from India.

The software consists of everything you need to make an effective HR system including time-off management, Applicant tracking, and onboarding process.

The product is completely free for around 50 employees and after that you have to opt in for the paid version. 

Features of FreshTeam

  1. In-Built Application tracking helps you in finding, interviewing, and hiring the best experts in the market.
  2. Smooth Onboarding – You can automate all the documents which a new employee has to sign, upload, and sent during his/her onboarding.
  3. Impressive Organisation Chart – You can make an organization chart that will be visible to all the employees so that they’re aware of whom to approach when they get stuck.
  4. Track the time-off – Manage all the time of the employees, you can make a custom time-off policy and make a flow for the approvals.
  5. Employee directory- You can manage all the employee data, save their document and update that on a regular basis. I have personally checked FreshTeam and loved this feature.


  1. Supportive customer support team – They will help you with everything. Whenever you are stuck, just raise a ticket and they will get back to you shortly.
  2. Great pricing – The software company has a great pricing as compared to the competition. If you have a tight pocket – this is a go-to-go product for your HR support.
  3. Job posting to leave management – everything on the same product.
  4. Smooth onboarding – You just have to sign some documents, send them the details and that’s it.
  5. The recruitment team can just post and directly contact the candidates through the platform itself.
  6. 24 x 7 email support and 24 x 5 phone support included with all the plans.


  1. Improvement can be done in the pipeline feature.
  2. The training product is not up to the mark, they can make some good videos and produce some good content for the same.
  3. Less Integration with the 3rd party apps.

Top FreshTeam’s Customers:

FreshTeam Customer
  1. DSP Mutual Funds
  2. University of Pennsylvania
  3. SAP
  4. Locus
  5. PharmEasy
  6. Monster Job portal

FreshTeam’s Stats:

  1. Used by over 4000+ customers including SAP and PharmEasy.
  2. Made in California by the team of Freshdesk.

FreshTeam pricing:

The FreshTeam is free for the first 50 employees, after that, you can choose from the three packages which are blossom, garden, and estate. The price starts with $50 per month per 50 employees to  $150 per month per 50 employees. 

My testimonial on FreshTeam:

“A product which is perfect for small business owners. Also, if your main focus is to hire people then managing or engaging existing employees, then you should go for Freshteam.”

9. WebHR

WebHR is also a cloud-based software which provides a variety of options to the business model but not with full functionality.

WebHR Dashboard

The plus point of this software is the variety of languages and payroll that can be calculated in dozens of currencies. Again, this can be used by small business owners who work with freelancers or employees around the world.

According to the stats, around 500k+ users visit WebHR every month. The main clients are from Kuwait and other gulf countries.

The software consists of various HR features like time management, payroll, benefits, signature, etc under a good price.

Features of WebHR:

WebHR Features
  1. WebHR consists of a variety of modulus from training to payroll management. You can choose what module you want and they can customize the same for you.
  2. WebHR is used by thousands of customers globally and hence, supports more than 40 languages. 
  3. You can integrate it with almost every 3rd party application like Google, Facebook, Slack, Uber, etc. It also has a built-in messenger for collaboration.
  4. Many HR departments have to calculate the payroll in different currencies manually, but WebHR comes with this feature which can calculate the payroll in almost every other currency.
  5. Good customer support and attractive pricing makes it a go-to product for small business owners.


  1. WebHR has all the features a small business needs.
  2. Free for upto 5 employees.
  3. Ease to use and setup, the onboarding team makes this task easy.
  4. You can make some IP restrictions to control spam.
  5. Features like leave management are very easy to use.


  1. Some features are not required like a badge.
  2. Ugly UI – I, really suggest the team to change it.
  3. You can make a simple organization chart, there are no such features to make it organized and attractive.
  4. The free version is very limited and doesn’t give users a full overview of the product.

Top WebHR’s Customers:

WebHR Customers
  1. PayActiv
  2. Ducati
  3. Chevrolet
  4. Renault
  5. Volvo

WebHR’s Stats:

  1. Awarded for the best HR software in Kuwait.
  2. Worked with top automobile industry leaders like Ducati, Volvo, and Renault.

WebHR Pricing:

The plan starts with $2 per month per employee and up to 10 employees. The prices increase as you opt-in for some additional modules which makes it an average of $15 per month per employee(including essential HR modules).

My testimonial on WebHR:

“If you don’t care about the UI and are just looking for a basic HR software which performs all the basic tasks – You can go for WebHR. Medium and large enterprises can go for some other software”

10. Factorial HR

A powerful automated tool which focuses on solving the challenges faced by the HR team through its business intelligence.

Factorial HR Dashboard

According to the stats, the European tool has around 1M+ monthly traffic including 70% from Spain, 5% from France, and 5% from the United States.

The software offers all the functionality which other market leaders provide with a user-friendly UI and advancement.

It is mainly designed for small and medium-sized businesses which have around 50-1000 employees and need to perform tasks like time-off management, org chart, talent acquisition, and much more.

The selling point of the company is data security. All the employee information on the server is data encrypted and GDPR compliant.

Features of Factorial HR:

Factorial HR Features

1. Improve productivity within your company with time tracking & shift management software. You can also generate an entrance app where employees have to scan a QR code from their mobile phones.

2. HR Reports and Analytics – Using BI, you can generate customized HR reports and make some workflow decisions.

3. Share important documents with your employees using the document manager.

4. Employee portal – A catchy portal where all the employees can add their details and upload the documents.

5. With the help of an org chart, you can make the whole company structure and assign a manager to the employees.

6. Data Security – As the hacking activity over the internet is increasing, they use data encryption to protect your personal information as well as do regular vulnerability assessments for the same.


  1. Attractive UI – The best under this price range.
  2. 14 days free trial which will give you an overview of the dashboard and portal.
  3. The workflow is easy to use.
  4. The support team is doing a great job. You can contact them by email or call and they will solve your queries.


  1. All growing platforms have things to improve but the Factorial team is attentive to the particular needs of the client.
  2. There is no possibility of an internal chat and management between two collaborators.
  3. Sometimes troubleshooting takes time to resolve.

Top Factorial HR’s Customers:

Factorial HR Customer
  1. The Power MBA
  2. The Hotels Network
  3. Ulabox
  4. Nextail

Factorial HR’s Stats:

  1. Used by over 65000+ companies.
  2. 70% traffic from Spain itself.

Factorial HR’s pricing.

There are three plans which you can opt-in for after your 14 days of trial. Essential, business and enterprise. Essentials will cost you $3 per employee/month whereas business costs you $4 per employee/month. Enterprise plan is for medium-size businesses where you can state your requirement and they will send you the quotation.

My testimonial on Factorial:

“More agile and faster way to reach your employee. Improve communication, manage time control, vacations, employee absences, and it has been 100% fulfilled by this product”.

Our Top Picks

That’s our conclusion for the best HR software to use this year. Here is our quick summary depending on your business type:

Clearcompany and Zenefits is the best HR software overall

Factorial HR is the Best HR software for Europe based small and medium based businesses

ADP is the best HR software for Large enterprise and businesses

FreshTeam is the best HR software under budget for SMEs

WebHR is the best HR software for small businesses.

Types of HR Softwares

Types of HR Softwares

Manpower is the biggest resource that the world possesses. This resource is running the biggest businesses in the world but managing Human resources is undoubtedly a heavy task.

Considering businesses nowadays, a team of managers is often hired to oversee the human resource but, most modern-day businesses use some kind of Human Resource (HR) Software to assist with managing employees.

These software use ever-emerging ways which contribute to simplifying and optimizing human resource management.

Talent Management Software

Managing talent is such a diverse field and is considered one of the hardest HR jobs. So talent management software is a perfect mix of necessary HR tools that aim at managing the training and recruitment processes, manage payrolls, schedule days, and much more.

Automation of the talent management sector makes the company’s workflow smoother and the integrated software solutions help HR manage talent more efficiently.

Training Software

HR software designed particularly to tackle the training realm is considered training software. To make sure the employees are working, we need to make sure the employees are aware of their duties and have enough knowledge about their job and this software ensures that employees have basic training about their job roles.

It can be further categorized as learning software because this software acts as a medium for employees to take tests, watch videos and evaluate their own progress.

It also provides the HR with the statistics and gives them a chance to guide the employees not performing well in the training.

Benefits scheme Software

These software’s aren’t the mainstream image of HR software but are a crucial part of HR duties. This software provides HR managers with up-to-the-mark benefits schemes.

They also promote a sane usage of these benefits among employees. With this software in place, it is easier to analyze the benefits of working the most for the employees and hence move forward with them.

Benefits like retirement services, paid time off and health insurance can be administered through this software conveniently. Tackling the payroll and incentives also comes under the umbrella of this software.

Performance Tracking Software

Tracking an employee’s growth and evaluating and rewarding their performance are key aspects of the performance management software. Because if there’s a lag in employee performance and that is left unidentified, that may have consequences in the company’s further proceedings.

Keeping this in mind, this software gives informed insights about each employee’s performance and evaluates regularly.

Workforce Management Software

If an HR manager’s work is a body then team management is its soul. This software deals with handling day-to-day processes, marking daily tasks, communicating these tasks, managing employee queries, etc.

These softwares is a kind of engagement software that helps the HR head to engage with the company’s employees and manage and schedule work for them.

Recruitment Software

Recruitment is one of the first sectors an HR manager has to master and recruitment software makes recruiting employees much simpler.

These softwares help source job seekers, keep a track of potential candidates, and gather information about them. Depending on the company’s needs the recruitment software can be customized to suit them.

Benefits of Human Resource Software

If you ever have second thoughts about using HR software and think it is a waste of your finances then this article is just perfect for you.

Human resources are the most crucial artery if a business is a heart and to avoid any blockages we need to have robust HR software in place.

HR is one such department with ultimate effects on all the other departments and with the rise of technology, cloud-based HR software is the perfect solution for easily automating HR tasks. 

Shifting to HR software for higher productivity and increased efficiency is the need of an  hour and here are some of the benefits of using HR software:

Increased productivity

The HR software, if chosen correctly, can do wonders in improving a company’s productivity. By automating a huge number of HR operations, HR software doesn’t just save time but increases efficiency dramatically. 

By freeing up the HR’s time, the HR can focus their undiverted attention on training new employees and improving the hiring process.

Customizable according to the company’s needs

The company can add customizations or variations to the HR software and make it more compatible with their day-to-day proceedings.

Most HR software comes with customizations in the fields of leave rules, shift timing, salary distributions, and many more. This feature also reduces manual workload in some way or another by having a compatible infrastructure online. 

Better time management

Anything done digitally saves time and automating day-to-day HR tasks leaves a lot of room for HRs to actually save time and work more.

Tasks like storing employee details, analyzing performances, processing paychecks and many such others are possible to accomplish through this software.

Having time for employee delight and making a strong connection with the team are HR tasks that need to be done manually and are only possible if they have free time in hand.  

Analyze available data to generate insights

Any sort of decision-making is impossible if it isn’t backed by sufficient data. So, The HR software analyzes the employee data available to them and allows the company to make important decisions based on data like employee performance.

Consider a scenario where the HR software is not being used, it would be a cumbersome task for HRs to judge each parameter and then make a decision.

Increased data security

HR softwares have a major hand in making data accessible to everybody but at the same time has up to the mark security for it.

An HR assigned to handle data and store it has to take care of a mammoth number of files and that’d require much more time to find specific information, it also leads to increased risk of information and leak and today’s businesses cannot afford to compromise on security.

While on the other hand, digitally storing information leads to easier retrieval of information and regular checks on data to avoid leaks, and additionally almost all software companies are aware of the cyber situation and that needed security measures for it.

What should you look for in HR software?

In today’s date, HR managers are in huge demand and HR software are slowly but gradually becoming an inevitable need. HR software is used in a variety of day-to-day proceedings of the business world, they manage employee recruitment, keep track of their payrolls, reminds of their training sessions, maintain attendance records and much more.

In broader terms, HR software is a tool for increased efficiency. HR software come in multiple forms which makes choosing the appropriate HR software a cumbersome task.

This article will help you immensely to know what all specifications to look for in HR softwares and let’s dive straight into the qualities an HR software should possess.


First and foremost an HR software should have robust scheduling capabilities. One of the main duties an HR does is scheduling meetings and managing shifts of everybody around the company and HR software take away the burden from HR’s shoulders and shift it to the software. Great scheduling capabilities make a company more organized and that leads to increased productivity.

Management of absence

Companies today have strict rules against leaves and every company wants to establish a mechanism for tracking leaves efficiently.

Softwares make it a whole lot easier to track absence so it should be a prerequisite to check the HR software’s leave management mechanism before choosing the best software.

An attendance feature in the software acts as a cherry on the cake too because it helps to keep track of the overall presence of the employee.

Payment structure

A major aspect of selecting HR software is recognizing its payroll and taxation management. Managing how the payments are paid out takes a huge burden off the shoulders of the company’s HR and provides them with time to work on other necessary proceedings.

Integrating payroll management and tax management also allows companies to make accurate decisions and avoid any human error.

Training & Support

Training sessions are the key to establish a good employee-employer bond and HR software should be able to schedule and organize training for all its employees.

Choosing software that has a user-friendly interface and can provide training efficiently. Have a deep knowledge of the software’s support options and make sure it allows you to have group training as well.

Tracking employee progress

Tracking people’s progress is one field that cannot be compromised upon. It is implicit to have a progress tracking feature in whichever software you choose.

This will help the company in recognizing its creamy layer of employees and handle employees accordingly. It also allows the company to track down names of employees lacking in their field and lift them up through regular training.


Speed is not just a prerequisite for HR softwares but for every existing software because ultimately a slow working software will have a major toll on the company’s time and the faster your software works, the more efficient the company’s proceedings will be.

Final verdict

As I told you, it totally depends on your team size and requirement of which software you want. 

Firstly, go through your requirements like how many employees you want this software for, what your organization structure looks like, for which country you want to check compliances for, etc.

For example: If you are a service-based company with 10 employees in the United States and 5 in India or Europe. Then we advise you to choose some product which is available in different languages and do taxation based on the countries.

Every product has its own features, pros, and cons, so we should be sure what we are looking for. Because it takes time in client onboarding and nobody wants to repeat that procedure again and again.

If you ask me about my favourite tool, then I will say Zenefits because of its UI and functionality. 

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