IHOP Happy Hours – All You Need To Know

IHOP(International House Of Pancakes) is an American Company that sells pancakes and breakfast items in America and many parts of the globe. It is a fantastic place to get food items at any time of the day, but here are IHOP Happy hours for your reference.

You will find burgers, sandwiches, and other delicious food besides pancakes. It is present in almost 1841 locations in America, and the exciting majority are open 24 hours and seven days a week. 

IHOP Happy hours

However minimum hours it remains open is between 7 AM to 10 PM.

So what are IHOP happy hours? Well, IHOP happy hours start from 3.00 PM to 10.00 PM every day, and you will get food items to 

What Are The IHOP Happy Hours?

The majority of restaurants present in America and other nations give good discounts on their food products and mainly alcohol but only for a limited period or on a particular festival. They have happy hours only for a specific day or week.

Fortunately, there is a restaurant that offers happy hours almost every day. International House of pancakes offers Happy hours in quite a different way.

IHOP happy hours are otherwise known as IHOPPY Hours. It starts daily at 3 AM and ends at 10 PM.

You will not get alcohol on the menu in this restaurant. But there are numerous other things on the menu, and they are available from $6 to $8, which is affordable for many people. You will also find beverages on the menu that cost between $1 to $1.50.

Customers can enjoy Happy hours by visiting the IHOP near their location. You can even order food items from IHOP by sitting at home, and the delivery boy will deliver the food within a few items.

If you want to order online from IHOP, you must create an account on its website. Whenever you have to order anything, type the correct delivery address.

 The restaurant will receive your order and process it within a few minutes. You can even check whether the IHOP delivery service is available near your location or whether it is not there on the website.

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Food Menu During Happy Hours

You will find various menu options in IHOP, but you can order only selection options during Happy hours. It is the only limitation that can make you sad. 

Well, you don’t need to worry about it. The selection includes a tasty IHOP breakfast, which you will never complain about. You will see that the breakfast consists of two pancakes which are famous around the World. The pancakes come along with hashbrowns and eggs. Additionally, you can choose between sausages or bacon strips during the serving.

The happy hours of IHOP include snacks and various other items. The cost of the snack varies between $3 to $4.

Below are a few items you can eat during IHOP happy hours.

#1.Chicken And Pancakes

Here you will find four pieces of buttermilk chicken breast and three pancakes. They are served according to the customer’s choice, i.e., dipped with honey, buttermilk, or sauce of IHOP.

#2.The BLT Sandwich

The Burger is put along with black angus steak, tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, American cheese, and other things. You will also find onion rings and French fries on the sides. If you don’t like this, you can choose two buttermilk pancakes instead of a BLT sandwich.

#3.Crispy Buttermilk Chicken Sandwich

This menu includes buttermilk chicken breast, hickory bacon, lettuce, red onions, cheese, and a bun. You will have onion rings and French fries, which are pleasant to eat. But if you don’t like a crispy buttermilk chicken sandwich, you can choose two pancakes.

#4.Ham And Cheese Omelet

The ham and cheese omelet comprises shredded jack, cheddar, and white cheese and ham. This menu is served along with three buttermilk pancakes.

#5.Mozzarella Sticks

It includes six crunchy Mozzarella sticks served along with the marinara dip.

#6.Two Quick Breakfast Eggs

The toasted bread and pork sausages, bacon strips, two eggs, and hash browns are served.

#7. IHOP’S Classic Breakfast Burrito Or Bowl

On this menu, you can get scrambled eggs, hash browns, bacon, or sausages with shredded jack and cheddar cheese.

#8.IHOP Classic Breakfast Sandwich

The menu includes scrambled eggs, bacon, and cheese on a grilled Brioche bun. It is served along with three tasty buttermilk pancakes.

#9.Italian Cannoli Pancakes

It comprises two pancakes, and they are rolled and stuffed with ricotta cheese and chunks of chocolate. The pancakes are topped with whipped cream, chocolate chips, and crunchy cannoli.

#10. IHOP’s Original French Toast

The menu comprises four bread triangles and whipped cream. The bread is dusted with sugar powder.

#11.Pancake Sundae

The menu comprises two famous buttermilk pancakes topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. You can order this menu either for take away or delivery.

#12.Crispy Chicken Strips

You can choose the original chicken strips or toss them with hot red buffalo sauce or BBQ sauce 

#13. French Fries And Onion Rings

The french fries and onion rings are served along with IHOP sauce.

What Is The Best Time To Visit IHOP?

The best time to visit IHOP is daily from 3.00 PM to 10.00 PM.

Various restaurants offer Happy hours but only for a few hours or days. But IHOP offers Happy hours daily and also for almost 7 hours.

The menu of the Happy hours offered by IHOP keeps on changing from time to time. So, you must check the website for any new items, prices, or offers by the IHOP.

IHOP was founded in the year 1968. The industry has been running for over 60 years and has grown in various places in the United States. It also exists outside the United States, i.e., Saudi Arabia, Canada, India, Pakistan, etc.

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IHOP Happy Hours On Weekends

IHOP provides no extra offer on weekends. The happy hours run from 3.00 PM to 10.00 PM daily, and you will find various food items at low prices, i.e., $5 to $6, depending on locality. Various snacks are also included on the Happy Hours menu and will cost only between $3 to $4.

So, visit IHOP during the Happy hours and get the opportunity to eat delicious food items at an affordable price.


IHOP (International House of pancakes)stands distinctly not only because of its delicious food items but also because of its happy hours. The happy hours begin daily in this restaurant at 3.00 PM and end at 10.00 PM. The happy hours keep updating, so you need to check the website from time to time for the menu.

Thank you for reading this article, and I hope you like it. You can ask any queries regarding IHOP in the comment section, and we will be glad to answer all your queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does IHOP stand for?

IHOP is an International house of pancakes headquartered in Los Angles, California.

Can you get pancakes all day at IHOP?

Yes, you can get pancakes every day. So enjoy buttermilk pancakes and other items by visiting IHOP near your location.

What kind of eggs does IHOP use?

IHOP never uses shell eggs in an omelet. They use liquid eggs or any substitute of eggs in various food items.

Does IHOP give free food on your birthday?

Yes, IHOP gives free food on your birthday. But you must sign up as a member to access free food on your birthday.

Does IHOP offer discounts to seniors?

Yes, it offers discounts to seniors. It has a senior menu that provides food items at a discount price.

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