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IncFile kick-started its journey almost 15 years back and has successfully managed to become the first name that comes to people’s minds when they think about LLC formation websites.

IncFile has efficiently managed to cater to a huge amount of businesses and assisted them in forming LLCs.But before diving into the process of LLC formation, it is compulsory for your business to have a permanent name and make sure that name is available for use in that area.

LLC formation has recently become an extremely competitive field but despite all the new and fresh entries to this field, IncFile has managed to stand out and make a stable position in the industry. Another major competitor in LLC formation is LegalZoom but IncFile is said to recently become as renowned as the giant, LegalZoom.

As we go ahead in this article, we’ll be listing the best features, disadvantages, and also what category of businesses are best suited to launch their business through IncFile’s platform. We’ll also be enlightening you with some distinguishing features of IncFile that put this service on a pedestal over other LLC formation services.

Go through the entire review article to get a full spectrum view of why and when to choose IncFile’s services.

About Incfile

IncFile was started in the amazing city of Houston, Texas in the year 2004 and has managed to assist business formations since then. Catering to over 75,000 businesses, IncFile has managed to establish a reputed name in its field of expertise.

The major reason behind IncFIle’s widespread acknowledgment is that it never compromises on quality and client satisfaction and hence ranks above most of its competitors. Other LLC formation services, despite offering cheaper packages and better deals lack to compete with IncFile due to its top-notch quality services.

Incfile review

Now, talking about the features this platform has to offer, this LLC formation company offers a plethora of services to choose from, that too at affordable prices. Some fundamental features of this platform include a full one-year registered agent service, all the basic business formation tools, and expertise, document security, and timely reminders to complete the ongoing procedure efficiently.

Incfile is often appreciated for excellent customer service as its platform is so well optimized to handle checkout processes by placing orders in less than 10 minutes. Incfile values its time as well as its customer’s time and has an exceptional service of filing LLC documents within a time span of 1 business day. Additionally, this platform doesn’t charge any sort of latent fees or hidden service charges and hence comes out to be a service people can trust and rely on.

Incfile Review – Features

Pocket Friendly Packages

Incfile’s aim was to be accessible to all kinds of businesses regardless of their stage and incomes, so they launched with a package starting with $0+state fees, making Incfile one of the most affordable LLC formation services ever exist. This is an impressive attribute as most other LLC formation services charge a nominal starting amount of $79+the state fees to form an LLC.

Experienced Platform

Incfile isn’t a newbie to the LLC formation field and has stuck around for almost 15 years now.IncFile has managed to form more than 75,000 businesses since its inception and still continues to form hundreds of businesses every week.

Alert and Reminder facilities

IncFile isn’t just a platform for you to form an LLC but a service that keeps track of all your documents and values deadlines.IncFile reminds you of all your upcoming deadlines through email alerts and hence makes sure you form an LLC smoothly without missing any deadlines for document submissions or business licenses. Imagine a platform without the reminder facility, the business owners are in charge of all their deadlines and will have to keep a track of everything which can be a cumbersome task for most new business owners.

Registered Agent Services

Despite providing one of the most pocket-friendly services in the industry, IncFile also provides a full one-year registered agent service, with is a mandatory requirement for anybody starting a business or forming an LLC. So, every package that Incfile offers already comes with a one-year service of the registered agents for which they do not charge any extra fees.

Customer Satisfaction

IncFile is one of the very few LLC formation services that have extremely positive customer feedback. Word of mouth is the best advertising strategy and Incfile understood this very well, they currently have almost 30,000 reviews available online with the majority of these reviews being positive and satisfactory.

Disadvantages of using Incfile

Everything is a mixture of pros and cons and since we are reviewing IncFile for you it is our duty to weigh its disadvantages as well. So let us talk about a few points that can pose a problem when using Incfile’s services

Gradual decrease in customer satisfaction

In recent times, people have noticed a decline in the customer service quality of Incfile. Comparing to the top-notch customer service and grievance redressal provided by Incfile in its initial years, the recent statistics have shown a dip. The phone customer service was found to be a tad bit inconsistent, making its users wait on phone lines or not responding at all. Talking about the email services, this sector has also not been performing extremely well, people have been receiving delayed replies hampering Incfile’s future growth.

More Upsells

Despite Incfile being one of the only free LLC formation services available to the public, people have to deal with a lot of upsells which gradually could increase the total prices as a result.

Limited Legal Services

Incfile doesn’t offer an adequate amount of legal services hence hindering the process for businesses looking to form a professional LLC. Having proper legal services is fundamental to forming an LLC and Incfile lacks behind in that department a bit.

IncFile Pricing

Incfile follows a basic three-tier pricing system. Every package is designed keeping in mind a specific segment of businesses and has its own unique combination of features and services. Let us proceed and read more about these pricing packages in depth.

The three packages are named silver, gold, and platinum, and let us take you through their distinguishing features in detail.


IncFile Silver Package

This package was designed keeping in mind the businesses who are ready to form an LLC but don’t have adequate funds to kick start their journey to file an LLC. This package is priced at $0 and is definitely a great deal for new businesses.

This package is just priced at state fees i.e. the users ought to pay the mandated state fees to form an LLC.

Now, talking about some features of this package, the silver package has a pocket full of features ranging from a year’s service of a registered agent to business tax consultation.

Some other considerable features of this package are, a lifetime reminders service i.e. once your LLC is formed, you don’t have to worry about missing any deadlines as Incfile will equip you with compliance alerts beforehand. This package also helps you register for your LLC in a minimal amount of time and hence values your time. This package also includes a business website, pretty shocking, right!? A free package providing all these services is godsent and should not be missed out on.

IncFile Gold Package

This is the second package offered by Incfile and is the mid-timer scheme price at $149+ state charges. The gold package has a plethora of unique features apart from the services already mentioned in the silver package. The distinguishing features of the gold package include:

Employee Identification Number(EIN)

This is a mandatory number required to open a bank account for your LLC or file taxes for your business in the long run. Also, if somebody wants to opt for a silver package but wants to apply for just an EIN, they can do that by paying an amount of $70 separately.

The Gold LLC kit

This package also includes an LLC kit which includes benefits like, a seal for marking your business documents, a work binder for keeping a track of all the important business and legal documents.

This kit also includes an operating agreement which is not a must-have in all states but is a mandatory requirement in some specific states. This agreement establishes your ownership rights over your business, and streamlines operating procedures professionally. Users who want to opt for just this service can opt for it by just paying an extra amount of $40.

Another most important thing that a silver package lacks is the adequate amount of legal documentation, this package provides its users with a contract library which gives businesses access to a considerable number of legal document templates documented and approved by professional attorneys.

This LLC kit is a gift box for people launching new businesses and also provides them with a banking resolution i.e. these LLCs can easily open and make use of their bank accounts without any external documentations or hassle.

IncFile Platinum Package

 This is the top-tier package offered by Incfile and is priced at $299+ the state fees. This extraordinary service package has everything a new LLC owner can think of. This package includes everything included in the previous two packages plus a bag full of additional services for its clients. Let us talk about some of the major distinguishing features offered by the Platinum package.

Sample document library

This package offers its users a library full of templates and samples so new business owners do not have to go through the trouble of writing their applications and legal forms and worrying about the templates

Expedited Document filing

Incfile saves you the trouble of looking if your state offers expedited service or not. Incfile looks over these detai9ls for you and chooses the expedited document filing option if available in your state of formation. This filing procedure can cut down a lot of time, maybe bring the whole procedure’s time duration to a minimum of a few days.

Domain and business email for your business

This is one of the most considerable distinguishing features of this package as this platinum deal helps its clients get a domain name for their business website and also sets up a business email address for you.

So, all in all, it is safe to say that the platinum package is absolutely value for money if you are looking for all these services for your business.


When weighing the pros and cons of Incfile, we can safely conclude that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages with a great margin.

IncFile is a perfect choice for you if you are looking for an LLC formation service that isn’t too heavy on your pocket.IncFile is made for all types of entrepreneurs whether they want every business formation service to manage or just the basic ones.

When is it not right to form a LLc with IncFile

If you are somebody who is looking for a plethora of advanced features clubbed with exceptional customer service then Incfile isn’t probably the right fit for you. Client handling has been a major drawback of this platform recently and if you are somebody who would require assistance throughout the formation procedure then think twice before choosing IncFile and look for other viable options.

If you have a particularly complicated situation and would require extra help in LLC formation than normal then Incfile isn’t the eBay option for you too. Lastly, the feature range offered by Incfile is a bit shallow as well, other competitor platforms are offering a lot more services and features.

Final Verdict

Incfile is godsent for businesses looking for budget-friendly options to form LLCs and this platform has some exceptional deals to offer as well but there are other platforms present in the market today that provide better feature range and client handling services, so consider them if you are somebody who needs a lot of services and extended features.

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