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Infusionsoft by Keap Review – CRM Software

A customer relationship management software that efficiently integrates email marketing solutions and marketing automation sound like heaven for users looking for a CRM platform. Infusionsoft by Keap is rooted in the idea that marketing and sales are not two distinguished features but a unified function.

What is Infusionsoft by Keap?

Infusionsoft by Keap was initially developed for MSMEs and was designed to cut down on business expenses by promoting most business activities on a single platform. Having an integrated platform makes the working environment more efficient and leads to easier administration as well. This cloud-based service allows businesses to store huge amounts of data and work on it simultaneously.

Infusionsoft by Keap

Infusionsoft by Keap believes that if businesses start working on customer delight tactics, their sales will reach skies, and using efficient customer relationship management software helps businesses engage with their audience in the best way possible.

CRM technology is not just limited to customer engagement but also involves sales and marketing techniques, customer support, time management tactics, and much more.

CRM procedures date back to a long time when people used rudimentary techniques like tracking sales manually on a sheet of paper and keeping a written record of all customer engagements but when CRM platform giants like Keap came into the picture, the business world shifted to them without any second thoughts.

By demonstrating features like cloud storage, employee tracking, data analysis, and time efficiency, this CRM platform won the trust of millions of people.

Infusionsoft by Keap might be an expensive option for most small businesses and that makes them rethink if they need these services to sustain their business or not.

This makes them question if Keap’s services are value for money or not and small or growing enterprises cannot create a hole in their pockets just at the inception of their corporate journey and might consider other options that offer just the specific features these companies require the most.

Pricing of Infusionsoft by Keap

Infusionsoft by Keap is a relatively expensive CRM service but its price can be justified by its varied range of features, people don’t just pay this amount for a CRM platform but for combined marketing automation and an email marketing tool as well. Most other CRM platforms do not charge this hefty amount to avail for their services because they primarily offering just the CRM tools and no additional services.

Pricing of Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft’s initial monthly package starts from $199 monthly and that too if the user has a total of 500 contacts, as the number of contacts in a company increase gradually so does the monthly package.

These packages feature a plethora of services including basic services like CRM and sales, marketing automation, and e-commerce facilities as well.

Infusionsoft by Keap also features an option to opt for an expert coaching package which is expensive yet worth the investment.

This coaching package costs a one-time fee of $999 and includes a one-to-one consultation with a qualified consultant and not just one consultation but a total of five consultations with the Keap’s coach.

These coaches will guide you through Zapier integrations, setting up e-commerce, migration of contacts, and much more such services. One might question the need for this coaching package when Keap already offers a bunch of free seminars and helping articles but businesses who want a smoother setup and want to overcome the hurdles to quick growth can opt for this package without any doubt.

Keap also charges a one-time set-up fee from its users of $499, this fee is mandatory for businesses opting for Infusionsoft’s services.

Infusionsoft by Keap features

1. Lead management and growth

No matter what your business structure is, getting leads is a paramount need. Infusionsoft by Keap helps businesses score leads by its renowned lead scoring and distribution tools. Getting leads and segregating them into categories to simplify the business proceedings and increasing efficiency is the feature of these lead managing tools.

The sales team can track their leads by viewing their profile and the hot leads can be contacted further to convert them into potential clients. Infusionsoft by Keap has a feature that displays flames according to different leads, the leads that are extremely interested in converting into customers are labeled hotter than other leads.

2. Contact Management

It becomes a cumbersome task to manage all the contacts’ information, their appointment histories and schedules, and website activity. So, Infusionsoft by Keap provides its users with contact management tools that make this mammoth task a child’s play with its simplified tools and over-the-top services.

Searching for the contact name is all you have to do to get all the information and history of the client, this tab also displays the accounts and pending finances from the client if any. The companies can also add notes and segmentation according to their ease and sort their contacts according to their filters.

Nurturing contact relationships is CRM software’s priority and Infusionsoft by Keap simplifies contact management tasks and helps companies efficiently nurture their client base. It helps its users to schedule meetings with specific contacts, share communications with different teams in the company, take follow-ups with clients, and much more.

3. Automated marketing strategies

Infusionsoft by Keap is not a regular CRM but offers marketing campaigns and strategies as well. It has tools to create marketing campaigns from the root, its users can create personalized marketing campaigns using pre-set templates and other tools.

These campaigns will be a blend of social media posts, automated email marketing, or even mail letters. These campaigns are extremely customizable and can run at specific times as per your convenience or can just be visible if a person clicks or shows interest.

The other concern business owners have in today’s times is branding. Infusionsoft by Keap works on consistent branding across numerous platforms, extensive tools like visitor tracking on websites, real-time analytics, and marketing reports work on constantly improving the marketing strategies to further improve branding.

4. Sales Automation

Sales automation includes services like pipeline management, lead management, the ability to customize quotes according to different leads. Quoting prices according to different leads considering all their demands works wonders in increasing sales.

Infusionsoft by Keap also delivers sales reports and analysis to improve conversion rates in the future and pull these reports as and when they want.

5. Email Marketing

Professional-looking business emails establish a great brand image and help in customer engagement. Infusionsoft by Keap is an email marketing platform that helps in nurturing fragile leads. This feature also includes emails with promotional offers, spam scoring so that a large number of emails get delivered to the inbox. Users can utilize the campaign builder tools to design their very own promotional events.

6. Online Storefronts

E-Commerce is another extended feature of Infusionsoft by Keap and allows its users to create perfect-looking storefronts in which the companies can add the feature of a digital cart or a digital wishlist which allows users to avail of their products and services smoothly. 

Users trying to create an eCommerce store can use Infusionsoft’s customizable templates and design according to their convenience. E-commerce is not limited to just products and also allows businesses to sell subscription-based services online too, payment transactions during e-shopping become easier to handle with integration with digital wallets and payment platforms.

After the company receives orders online, the next major issue is to handle the post-purchase processes. Infusionsoft handles every detail of after purchase processes so that its users do not have to stress about packaging and logistics, it handles everything starting from fulfillment to generating invoices. Infusionsoft by Keap also helps its users with inventory management and offers plenty of promotional tools.

7. Benefits 

Companies using CRM platforms regularly have noticed a significant increase in the number of sales and have experienced plenty of benefits that help them create a productive working environment. Let us discuss some of the major benefits of Infusionsoft by Keap.

8. Time efficiency

Time management is the key to an efficient workplace. Time management bridges the gap between workers and efficient work hours and is fundamental for success. CRMs like Infusionsoft by Keap give the employers the liberty to sync calendars with other teams, schedule meetings according to other departments’ availability, send out regular task reports, and much more. All these features lead to a more focused team and work hours being efficiently utilized.

It is a widely accepted fact that multitasking is a great deal but the lesser-known fact is that multitasking leads to diverged attention and eventually leads to decreased productivity. Infusionsoft by Keap makes the day-to-day business proceeding so much easier than multi-tasking isn’t a need anymore and users can get done with their tasks quickly and save time to work more on their skills.

9. Continuous data flow everywhere

When discussing the most valuable features for a company, instant access to continuous data is undoubtedly a feature to mention. It wasn’t long back when instant access to a huge amount of data was considered a luxury and not everybody could afford it but with CRMs like Infusionsoft in the market, having a continuous flow of data has become a considerably easier task.

This technology helps businesses add and have access to data in any part of the world no matter how remote the location is, this acts as a major pro for businesses looking to expand.

Updating data in real-time is yet another benefit of Infusionsoft CRM which makes it easier to contact clients and update their information in the company’s database at the same time. A maintained record of clients helps in avoiding errors and miscommunications in the future.

With the growing trend of people adopting digitization, it is easier for companies to reach their customers even if it’s abroad.

10. Improved customer relationships 

This is the most obvious benefit of using CRM technology like Infusionsoft as CRM technology was based on the idea of promoting better customer-company relationships. The fuel to create a long-term customer base is an efficiently working CRM software.

Businesses that nurture customer relationships regularly have better chances of improving sales in the near future. Happy customers always turn into long-term customers and bring a lot of new clients through references and recommendations as well.

Once the companies have a clear idea about a customer’s needs and demands they can cater to them in a much better way this helps companies in adding a personal touch to every client communication and leads to customer retention in the longer run.

Personalization is the basic need for attaining top-notch client relationships because that gives the clients a feeling of recognition and a dose of attention that uplifts them from the status of a mere buyer. They connect to the company as a whole and the chances of them shifting to other competitor companies become significantly low.

11. Lead management

Lead management is both a feature as well as a benefit of using Infusionsoft CRM. Acquiring a huge database isn’t the end of the battle but managing and nurturing those leads to convert them into clients requires real patience and hard work.

Converting leads requires a whole bunch of strategies and processes to gain the attention of the leads, this includes great content strategies, over-the-top advertising, email campaigns, and many such efforts.

Converting leads is a priority task in most businesses and Infusionsoft helps in this process by simplifying the lead management process and storing all the relevant contact details for future reference.

Infusionsoft by Keap also helps in connecting different teams of the company, once a lead shows interest and is converted into a customer, their details can be instantly shared with other relevant teams by Infusionsoft. This promoted time efficiency and no communication gaps. Follow-ups are yet another relevant process to attain lead attention, planned follow-ups can do wonders in increasing lead conversions and Infusionsoft helps its users in the follow-up process by constant reminders, alerts, and charts. 

Top Infusionsoft alternatives

Here are the top Infusionsoft alternatives which you can also look for if you are not satisfied with all the features:

  1. Freshworks
  2. Apptivo
  3. Agile CRM
  4. Maximizer
  5. Wrike


I absolutely love keap. You will get everything which is needful to run a business. You can send emails, schedule appointments, and also automate the whole process.

I used the email features where keap send the follow-up mail automatically from my behalf. It also tracks the whole email cycle including the open rate, response rate, and unsubscribe rate. I would highly recommend this to all types of business owners.

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