Israeli Startups To Watch

Best Israeli Startups to Watch in 2022

Whenever somebody thinks of top-notch start-ups or high-end businesses, he/she is automatically drawn towards USA or even the UK startups but what they forget is that they are undermining the capabilities of some major areas where entrepreneurial brains are working extremely hard to launch businesses. One of such places is Israel, where the Israeli startups ecosystem is booming and needs to come to people’s notice.

It is a lesser-known fact that Israel has the largest number of engineers per capita and the research and development sector is growing at a rampant rate. Israelis have great critical thinking minds and will grow to be one of the best entrepreneurs the world has seen. The Israeli government Splenda a hefty amount on research and development cell and that is a primary reason for the growth of startups in the area.

Israel-based startups have raised a mammoth amount of fundings from high-end investors and the cybersecurity sector, in particular, has been a key prospect and that motivates new brains to enter the entrepreneurial sector. As of today’s date, Israel has 1 startup in every 1400 people.

With effective business models and hard-core implementation, Israel is all set to scale up as the entrepreneurial hotspot. The Covid19 pandemic also acted as a catalyst in directing traffic online and increasing digital engagement and helping start-ups to gain access to their target audience.

Israeli Startups to Watch

Let us read more about the best startups in Israel which have shown extraordinary growth and needs to be noticed:

1. Swimm

Swimm is a recent startup committed to making things easier for coders and developers. It is often seen that the market of developers and coders is left unaddressed and Swimm caters to that very segment. A coder on average spends one-fourth of a year in fully developing a fresh codebase and that is a hefty amount of time to invest in something. Swimm acts as a platform for these coders to efficiently design codebases faster by easily keeping records and tutorials ready for them to sync with the code.

Swimm doesn’t just act as a medium for them to efficiently develop codebases but also delivers learning benefits. Developers around the world can utilize Swimm to save time and deliver tasks faster.

Launched in Tel Aviv, this startup has already raised funding from various investors and undoubtedly deserves a spot in this list.

2. ActiveFence: 

It wouldn’t be fair to name top startups in Israel and not include a cybersecurity startup in it. So, ActiveFence is one of the startups committed to tackling malicious content online and that too at a considerably large scale.


ActiveFence is working on something which is a need of the hour and recently, due to increased traffic online, a large audience is prone to malicious content and ActiveFence safeguards them from the same. This company has utilized technology so accurately for people’s welfare that we cannot help but acknowledge ActiveFence.

Now, one must wonder what kind of audience this venture works for, and the answer would be that ActiveFence works for both government agencies as well as online platforms such as social media.

In the recent scenario where hate speech and cyber crimes are growing at a rampant rate, startups like Activefence act as medicines.

3. Nanoscent

In these hard times, where the Covid 19 pandemic is all over us and we are struggling to overcome it, Nanoscent works on sniffing technology through which it can be detected whether the person is infected by Covid or not just by sniffing is breath and deliver results in less than a minute. No nasal swab will be needed for testing nor will the people have to wait for hours or days for their results if Nanoscent’s research flourishes.


Nanoscent doesn’t primarily work on Covid detection but was developed to provide business and health guidance through scents. It might sound insane but, the scent of something can tell plenty of information about it. Imagine how many gas leaks could have been avoided if there were scent detectors in place to alert you about the hidden gas leaks.

Nanoscent has raised funding from different organizations to work and research more about the sniffer technology, for instance, it is working with Dreamtech to develop its business idea and has raised a $29 mn funding.

Nanoscent’s out of the box approach and zeal to make things easier for its audience makes it a fair entry in this list.

4. Stoke

Started in the city of Tel Aviv, Stoke is a one-stop destination for companies looking to hire freelancers or contractors and not just hire freelancers but also manage their payments, their taxes, and legalities and also guide them about the onboarding process of the company.


Companies using Stoke do not need to worry about individual payments to the freelancers because stoke does all that for them. Stoke is a versatile platform that promotes inclusivity and pays the remote employees in their own currency and preferred payment methods so that companies don’t have to compromise on great talent just because their geographical locations vary.

Stoke has already raised a large number of fundings and the Covid 19 pandemic has further accelerated its growth as the companies are shifting online and are in need of freelancers to work online. Launched just 6 months back, this venture is already scaling heights with its user-friendly interface and over-the-top business idea.

5. DriveNets

DriveNets is a tech company working on cloud-native software that acts as bricks in a network and can replace the monolithic routers people use everywhere. This software technology can be used as a shared resource and eliminates the need of using multiple routers at places.


DriveNets advocates the abolition of using multiple router boxes. Every time a user asks for a different router service he would require another router but that’s not the case with Drivenets.

DriveNets is a revolutionary idea and has clear divisions between the security and service levels and once you invest in this technology, you invest for a long time because it is a one-time investment and a shared resource. The Network cloud will help you run a core router and access router on the same blocks, making it a user-friendly experience.

In today’s world when there are billions of router specifications and options, Drivenets helps you manage everything at one platform hassle-free.

Drivenets has received funding from various investors and is all set to achieve new goals and target new geographies.

6. Yotpo

Yotpo has been in business since 2011 but has recently shocked everybody by $230 mn series F funding.

Whenever you recommend somebody a product or a service, he/she is automatically drawn towards researching more about it or showing keen interest in the product and it happens the same exact way in the online world as well, whenever somebody goes to buy something on an e-commerce site, they look for reviews or recommendations before spending on that product.


So, Yotpo is a leading content marketing platform that helps brands increase revenues through user-generated content marketing. Marketers can manage and respond to all sorts of user reviews or content at a single well-maintained platform. Yotpo provides this user-generated content to its buyers throughout their buying experience which establishes buyer’s trust and establishes brand name, ultimately leading to increased sales.

Yotpo has strategically partnered with global social media giants like Facebook that increases its reach. Yotpo’s mechanism is magical for all e-commerce stores regardless of their size and design, having worked with companies like GoPro, Steve Madden, and many more, Yotpo has established its presence on the large scale and is all set to target more clients.

Yotpo is not just limited to providing user reviews but it has a versatile range of user content, they collect ratings, photos and FAQs as well to provide better customer experiences. Establishing a brand-customer relationship is a key motive for Yotpo and it is excelling in doing so.

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