Levoit Air Purifier Red Light

Levoit Air Purifier Red Light – How to Fix it?

Air purifiers by Levoit are blindly trusted by the millions of customers who give Levoit a chance each year. In the modern world, clean air and temperature moderation are two critical factors responsible for mental and physical health, both in short and the long term.

Usually, these air purifiers can give an excellent performance to the user – but recently, the problem of the infamous ‘Red Light’ issue has started rearing its annoying head. To understand this problem, we first must understand what the Levoit air purifier red light does and what it means when it is not turning off or on.

Levoit Air Purifier Red Light

So, what is the Levoit air purifier red light? The red light is a filter check indicator, and its job is to remind you to inspect your filter and look at any replacement that your purifier filter might require.

So now you know that if your Levoit air purifier red light is on, you first need to check the filter. If the filter looks fine, you can conclude that the red light is malfunctioning. On the other hand, when facing some practical problem with the cleaner itself, you can end that the red light will indicate any such issue.

Why My Levoit Air Purifier Won’t Turn On and Off

The problem with the Levoit air purifier red light mainly affects the LV-PUR131 and LV-PUR131S purifier models.

This issue is real for so many users that it is not a far-fetched idea to state that the problem originates from a design and engineering place.

If your Levoit air purifier red light is malfunctioning, there is a massive chance that you are facing any of the following issues

  • Your red light won’t turn off after you have inspected the filter.
  • Your red light won’t turn off after you have replaced the filter.
  • The red light won’t turn off after you have pressed the button.
  • The red light won’t turn on even when the filter needs to be inspected.
  • The red light won’t turn on even after 6 to 8 months.
  • The red light keeps flickering on and off on its own.
  • The red light keeps turning on whenever you turn on the filter, even when the air filter is working.

There may be several reasons why this is the case.

A bug in the design and engineering of the red light

Like other electronic devices of the modern age, there can be display glitches in your Levoit air purifier red light. One never knows what the glitches are about, but there can be several reasons hidden in the faulty programming of these outputs.

Due to the various internal indicators inspected by these programs, confusion can happen when the program reads problems where they don’t exist.

The resetting system is not working properly

on the other hand, if you cannot turn your Levoit air purifier’s red light off, no matter how hard you try, you might face the common issue of constant red light.

This issue is not the stimuli reaction but the program’s resetting system. In this case, the red light had a good reason to go off, but now it cannot be switched back off again.

There is an ultrasonic humidifier nearby

Most users don’t know this, but air purifiers and ultrasonic air humidifiers should not be kept nearby. Often the moisture emitted by the humidifier is mistaken for a dust particle by the dust sensor in the cleaner and creates confusion.

Because of this, not only does the atmosphere deteriorate, but also the air purifier itself can start showing functional issues in its filter, dust sensor, and fan areas.

Parts of your air purifier other than the filter are out of order

Some other parts which may be out of order due to which the Levoit air purifier red light keeps turning on can be the motor, a dirty fan, a filter replacement that is not working, etc. It is possible to buy filters that are not new.

It happens when users try to purchase filters at a low price from shady online websites. If you are replacing any air purifier part, make sure we buy from a legitimate dealer and all documents are procured.

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Levoit Air Purifier Red Light: Troubleshooting

It is terrifying when something happens to a device like the Levoit air purifier since we are constantly using this kind of device every day. But the good news is that the problem with the red light is usually not grave enough for you to think about replacing the air purifier with a new one.

Here are a few practical methods you can go through to ensure the red light starts behaving correctly again.

Replace The Filter And Reset The Purifier

The standard method of resetting the Levoit air purifier red light so that the red light stops blinking is to change the filter and reset it completely. While changing the filter, switch off the power button and disconnect the air filter from the source.

Clean its interior area and replace the filter while following all the proper steps. Make sure the filter has been bought from a legitimate dealer.

Remember that you should clean the insides of your air filter every 2 to 4 weeks, not just when replacing the filter. 

Try The AUTO Reset Option

Sometimes, the standard method does not work. Chances are you are finding yourself in that situation, which is why you are reading this blog! When this option is not working, try the AUTO reset.

Please turn off the air purifier and remove it from the socket. Let the air purifier cool down and wait for more than a minute. Press the AUTO button.

In some models, there is a vent on the side of the unit and a small black reset button on that unit vent. Click on that reset button before letting your air purifier work again.

Conduct a Full Factory Reset

We use a full factory reset when nothing else is working. You can successfully conduct a full factory reset on your Levoit air purifier red light problem by following the proper steps.

Remember, after you have run a full factory reset, you will have to set up all the conditions on your air purifier once again. First, turn the air purifier on but don’t wait for it to keep running for a while.

Press and hold the power button for 25 to 30 seconds. Factory Reset is all you need to do, and the air purifier will fully reset and restart in a few minutes.

Clean The Dust Sensor

This is the last method you can employ, and most of the time, it works very well if everything else has failed. Sometimes cleaning the dust sensor is necessary, so the device stops assuming anything is wrong with the purification system.

Often, dust settles down on the dust sensor, sending a wrong signal to the programming. Use cotton soaked in water to gently clean the dust sensor gently, ensuring no water can reach other parts of the air purifier.

Try not to use wet wipes instead. Use gentle dry cotton to wipe away any excess moisture.

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Is the Levoit air purifier red light problem related to the touch screen?

The Levoit air purifier red light is not directly related to the touch screen. However, your red light not turning off when you press the reset button might be because the touch screen is not working correctly.

How many times can I reset my Levoit air purifier?

There is no limit to how many times you can reset your air purifier. When the standard method of resetting does not work, try the whole factory reset method.

After the full factory reset, the red light problem appeared again in a few days. What should I do?

 Indeed it can happen that the whole factory reset method only worked for a few days, after which the red light started appearing on the screen again. In such a case, the problem lies elsewhere, and a simple reset will not be able to fix the issue.


The Levoit air purifier red light might continue malfunctioning with the above methods. When that happens, it means that some area or part of the air purifier is no longer working correctly, and the cleaner needs a proper professional check-up.

Make sure to visit an authorized Levoit customer care to get your device thoroughly inspected. If any significant area of the air purifier needs replacement, try to get it done sooner than later.

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