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Maximizer Review – CRM Software

Maximizer CRM has been a renowned name in the CRM solutions market for more than 25 years and serves as an integrated customer relationship management solution for businesses of all possible sizes.

Having offices across different countries, Maximizer has grown to be extremely accessible and has been a choice of over 120,000 companies all around the world. These companies have noticed a great positive shift in their sales and have built better customer bonds.

All about Maximizer CRM

Maximizer is an integrated solution to all your business’s needs relating to CRM and features both cloud-based and on-premise deployment choices. This versatile CRM platform features a Zapier connector that makes it possible to integrate with platforms like Word, Excel, and numerous other such platforms.

Maximizer CRM

Maximizer has excellent capabilities and that is the reason for its widespread acknowledgment amongst its competitors. Maximizer is not an industry-specific CRM solution and carters to each and every industry regardless of their size or function, industries ranging from sports to logistics can utilize Maximizer to simplify their day-to-day business proceedings.

It delivers a wide range of features like marketing automation, customer support, sales management, enhancing business efficiency through a varied range of tools, and integration with different platforms to promote ease of working.

These are the few fundamental features of Maximizer but apart from the above-mentioned features, this CRM solution also features a long list of additional features like email marketing, campaign designing, and analytics and reports. It makes the lead generation and management procedure extremely easy by creating lists and sorting leads for the company according to their needs so that the teams can just filter the leads they want to reach too.

It also provides its customers the liberty to filter and arrange their contacts according to their ease whether it be according to their geographies or their position in the sales funnel. Its never-ending range of business intelligence tools is considered to be the major reason behind its huge customer base, this CRM giant features customizable dashboards and detailed reports about business activities on a regular basis.

Maximizer is often labeled as an extremely accessible CRM platform as it provides instant access to all the contact information as and when needed in a synchronized manner, this makes lead management easier as the company can get total customer history just by a few clicks at any time of the day.

It works even in remote conditions as the maximizer is compatible with mobile phones as well and one doesn’t necessarily have to have a desktop at all times.

This CRM solution also facilitates a smoother flow of data and the elimination of white gaps between different teams in a firm. The relevant customer data can be easily shared amongst teams, which leads to time efficiency as well as leaves no scope for mismanagement of data.

It also provides its users with monitoring features so that the team leaders or managers can have a clear picture of their team’s proceedings through different reports and analyses. Maximizer’s analytics feature proves to be fundamental for further growth as it gives proper insights into the customer’s responsibility.

Security is yet another issue for people going for CRM solutions but in this case, Maximizer’s security norms are perfectly up to the mark and leave no scope for data leakage.

Maximizer CRM Pricing

Maximizer follows a multiple-tiered pricing system that makes this platform accessible to all categories of the business world, businesses ranging from new-age growing ones to well-established ones can use maximizer to help with their contact management journey. Maximizer has tools to support all business sizes and never fails to amuse its customers with its wide range of services. Its packages are as follows:

Maximizer CRM Pricing

Small Office plan

This plan costs $29 per month when billed annually but if users want to go for monthly billing then this package costs $39.

Business Plus

This plan is priced at $49 when billed annually and $59 when billed monthly.


This plan costs $89 per month when billed annually and $109 when billed monthly

On Premise business plan

This plan will cost its users $49

The interested users can also avail themselves of a free trial of Maximizer’s services before investing in the above packages.

Key Features of Maximizer

Maximizer CRM Features

1. Simplified contact management 

There is no doubt that Maximizer’s platform is extremely easy to use and has simplified almost every tool to manage contacts easily. Maximizer is a perfect toolbox for everybody looking to enhance customer relationships and wants to declutter the daily business proceedings.

Maximizer CRM also provides extensive training modules for new users so they can manage their contacts without any hassle.

Maximizer acts as a calendar, address book, contact manager, and all in all an assistant for the company. Teams can manage existing contacts, edit them and add new ones too. Maximiser promotes simplicity at all levels and allows users to sort, filter, and prioritize their clients comfortably. 

2. Third-party integrations

Maximizer CRM can integrate with a wide range of applications that bring added tools to the table. When Maximizer integrates with these productive applications, its versatility of services enhances and CRM processes become much easier than before. Few applications that work efficiently with Maximizer’s platform are Microsoft Office, MailChimp, Twilio, and much more.

This versatile CRM platform integrates with Zapier which further facilitates integration with hundreds of other applications. Maximizer also allows its clients to suggest the app integrations they want to further simplify their CRM processes and Maximizer’s team will word and build that integration for the client.

Additionally, tech enthusiast clients can also benefit from Maximizer’s app programming interface to facilitate their own app integrations but the people who don’t have hands-on experience in the tech field cannot utilize this API but can suggest integrations to Maximizer.

3. Customizations

Maximizer has a flexible platform that easily tailors to cater to the needs of specific clients. Clients can make changes to the way Maximizer’s platform works for them, they can hide specific data tabs or declutter the screen according to their convenience. Clients can also use its API feature to build their own new features but again that requires in-depth technical knowledge.

Having a CRM platform that functions and modifies exactly according to your needs is a dream for many and Maximizer helps it6s users achieve that.

4. Deployment

Maximizer provides its users the option to choose between cloud-based and on-premise deployment options, Maximizer plays on its versatility and that is the reason for its widespread fame and acts as a distinguishing feature for Maximizer.

To be absolutely clear, choosing cloud-based deployment would mean that your data is stored in Maximizer’s cloud service which is highly secure to work with and if a person selects the on-premise solution would mean that the companies are responsible for the storage of their business data, this option turns out to be extremely cheaper than the former one but requires really high maintenance and extended efforts.

Everything falls on the companies head in-[premise solution that is the reason it is widely advised to opt for cloud-based deployment. 

5. Insights and analytics

Maximizer allows its users to gain access to consumer insights by analyzing customer responses and generating in-depth dashboards, visual reports, and in-depth analysis. It also gives insights about team performance to further facilitate team performance.

6. Sales Pipeline Management

Maximizer provides a bag full of sales tools that are extremely easy to use and customizable as well. It also helps in creating a transparent sales pipeline so that all the required teams are involved in the sales timeline, this CRM solution provides an eagle-eye view of the sales procedure, simplifying the sales activities for the company.

Companies can have access to dynamic sales reports, have the liberty to create their personalized dashboards, and set reminders according to their timetable.

7. Marketing Automation

This feature helps companies drive a maximum number of leads by improving marketing strategies. Maximizer allows its users to design their own campaigns and keep tracking and analyzing them through the way. It also helps in calculating marketing ROI by in-depth reports and mapping.

8. Mobile application

Maximizer has also spread its wings to launch a mobile app to promote accessibility and reach remote locations. All the basic information like calendar access, key data, etc. Can be accessed through Maximizer’s mobile app.

Limitations of Maximizer

Everything is a mixture of pros and cons and the same goes for Maximizer CRM and as we review Maximizer for you, it is our responsibility to enlighten you with its few drawbacks as well.

So, firstly Maximizer is known to have a slow and delayed customer support response time which leads to customer doubts being left unanswered and customers losing faith in the platform gradually.

Secondly, Maximizer in today’s date has very limited integration choices which make other platforms offering plenty of app integrations being the preferred customer choice.

Benefits of using Maximizer CRM

As we discussed above, Maximizer is an adaptable and extremely simple CRM solution for all business sizes. It increases business efficiency and team productivity at every step of the process by having a robust lead management mechanism and handling sales, marketing, and CRM segments as well.

Maximizer is often tagged as CRM solutions with the easiest configurations and hence is one of the first choices for businesses dealing in almost all sectors.

When talking about the benefits of using a CRM platform as versatile as Maximizer CRM, the main benefits have to be feasibility, customizations, and deployment features. So, let us explore these benefits in detail.

Cost-Effectiveness of Maximizer

CRM platform acts as an unavoidable resource for businesses in today’s age and regardless of the business size or industry type, all businesses need resources to function.

Maximizer provides all customer service, marketing, and sales CRM tools on a unified platform that too an affordable price range. The interested businesses can opt for monthly or annual payments and Maximizer assures its users of no hidden or additional charges along the way so that their company budget is intact.

Maximizer Customization

Every business is built differently and follows its own procedure if working and Maximizer completely understands the versatility in businesses and offers them options to customize their work charts according to their company aesthetic.

It offers dozens of customization and personalization options throughout its platforms so its users don’t have to worry about handling a new platform in a strange procedure.

 Deployment options in Maximizer

As mentioned above in this article, maximizer CRM supports two deployment options, which are either on the users’ cloud or Maximizer’s cloud service.

This works as one of the best benefits for people opting for Maximizer CRM because people can choose how they want their data to be stored in the longer run. Customers can also shift from one deployment option to the second to what suits them best.

Top Maximizer alternatives

Here are the top maximizer alternatives which are related to the same industry and give you almost the same feature.


Honestly, this is not one of my favorite CRM. If you check some other CRMs within the same budget, you will get more features and automation as compare to Maximizer.

In my previous company, we used Maximizer CRM, and trust me, their sales team is very engaging. But, after you subscribe to their product, you might get some problems like no refund policy, no customer satisfaction department, and sometimes the app is also not working.

Still, you can try it once and let us know in our comment section about your experience.

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