Net Worth Calculator: How to Find your Net Worth

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What is net worth?

Net worth is how much a person or business is worth, after subtracting the value of all the debt that they owe from the value of assets that they own. This number is essential for anyone who wishes to know whether or not their current financial situation is in a good state.


It serves as a benchmark for evaluating your changes in net worth over time, making it useful for tracking your personal finances. But what if you don’t currently have a lot of investments in assets or any debts? What if you don’t have any idea on how to find out your net worth? Check out this Net Worth Calculator by The Nxt Unicorn.

Net worth calculator

To calculate your worth, you will need three things: your current monthly income, your total assets, and your total liabilities. Enter everything in the given field and we will tell your net worth.

How to check your Assets and Liabilities?

Asset: As a responsible adult, you should have all the documents and accountability of your wealth. Liquid cash is money in your current/saving account plus the value of your assets such as a retirement account, car, a house which you can easily exchange for cash. This all comes under Assets.

Liabilities: In accounting, a liability is an amount on account of a debt or obligation owed by an individual or company to another party. If you are using your home as an asset, its mortgage is also considered a liability. All loans, credit card payments, taxes due, and mortgages come under liabilities.

Net worth stats by the U.S Government.

In the interval of every three years, the US government shares the stats of U.S families’ income by income, age, race, and education. You can check all this in the tables below and compare them with yours. According to the survey of consumer finances, here are the stats.

Net worth of U.S. families by income

Income tier20162019Change 2016-2019
Less than $20,000$7,100$9,80037%
$20,000 to $39,900$31,500$44,00040%
$40,000 to $59,900$94,200$92,900-1%
$60,000 to $79,900$181,500$199,10010%
$80,000 to $89,900$421,700$382,300-9%
$90,000 to $100,000$1,732,300$1,589,300-8%
All families$103,500$121,70018%

Net worth of U.S. families by age

Age tier20162019Change 2016-2019
Less than 35$11,700$13,90019%
75 or more$281,600$254,800-10%
All families$103,500$121,70018%

Net worth of U.S. families by race or ethnicity

Race or ethnicity20162019Change 2016-2019
White non-Hispanic$181,900$188,2003%
Black or African American non-Hispanic$18,200$24,10033%
Hispanic or Latino$21,900$36,20065%
Other or multiple race$68,800$74,5008%
All families$103,500$121,70018%

Net worth of U.S. families by education

Education20162019Change 2016-2019
No high school diploma$24,300$20,500-16%
High school diploma$71,300$74,0004%
Some college$70,200$88,80026%
College degree$310,700$308,200-1%
All families$103,500$121,70018%

Questions regarding net worth.

We are sure you have so many questions regarding net worth. Here are answers to those questions and more.

What is 401k(s)?

A 401k is an employer-sponsored retirement account. It allows an employee to dedicate a percentage of their pre-tax salary to a 401k account.

What is Keogh’s plan?

A Keogh plan is a type of pension plan that allows self-employed individuals or unincorporated business owners to put money.

What is IRAs account?

This is also a retirement account where the employed individual can put their money for the retirement benefit. It also helps in tax saving.

How to increase your net worth?

Pay all your debt in time, and save money for the retirement which you can use as assets.

What is the formula for calculating your net worth?

Add all your asset income and subtract all your liabilities from that. You can find all the requirements in our tool.