No Sound in Vizio TV – Quick Fix

Are you experiencing no sound in Vizio TV? If yes, then you are not alone! Many Vizio TV users have reported issues with the TV’s sound.

Most of these sound issues in Vizio TV are resolvable by some easy fixes but if they still persist, one should contact the company’s engineers or replace the TV.

Some easy fixes to try when there’s no sound in your Vizio TV are:

How to fix the “no sound” issue in Vizio TV

If you are having a problem switching your Vizio TV on, you might need to reset your TV. Start by unplugging your TV and wait for at least 60 seconds or more before replugging it in. This will act as a soft reset and hopefully, you’ll be able to switch your TV on now.

No, to fix the issue of sound not coming, let’s try some easy solutions:

Unplug your Vizio TV from the wall

This might sound like a very generic solution to your problem but in many cases, unplugging your Vizio TV from the socket it is plugged in on the wall works as a simple fix.

You must remember that you need to keep your TV unplugged for a minimum of 60 seconds and anything below 60 seconds won’t work as a solution. While you are waiting for 60 seconds, long press the power button present on your TV to drain out any excess power left in the system.

After waiting for a minute, plug your TV back in and then check if the sound’s coming or not. This method allows your TV to soft reset itself and any audio issues that might be troubling you can possibly be solved by this.

In the majority of cases, this fix would suffice as a problem solver but if you are still facing a problem with your TV’s sounds, then you should try some other fixes we’re listing down below.

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Software update on your Vizio TV

It might be possible that the current software that your TV is using is outdated and might be causing trouble. We have observed software issues to sometimes be a reason for trouble in Vizio TV’s Sound.

Although updating software is an automatic process, it sometimes might be hindered due to any anomaly in the process. Make sure that your Vizio TV has access to the internet for it to look for and update the software periodically. 

If you find your software to be outdated, we’ll take you through the process of updating your TV software manually. Follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Start by pressing the V key on your Vizio TV’s remote
  2. A menu drop-down will show up, select System
  3. You’ll find an option saying Check for Updates, Click on it
  4. If there will be any new updates available, click on Install
  5. Now your TV will start updating its software, once it’s done, your TV will restart and be updated.

Now, proceed and check if your TV’s sound issues have been fixed or not. If the problem still persists, we’ll walk you through some more solutions to your problem.

Try Factory Resetting your Vizio TV

To factory reset your Vizio TV, start by clicking on the Menu button on your remote, make sure your TV switch on when you press the Menu button.

Now click on the “System” option and then look for an option that says “ Reset and Admin”. Once you click on Reset & Admin, choose the option “Reset TV to Factory Defaults” and click on it.

If your Vizio TV asks for a security code and you don’t remember setting any code, try using “0000” as the default code.

Once you factory reset your device, Your TV will be directed to its default settings which it had when you first bought the TV.

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Factory reset without using a remote

Luckily, it is possible for people who don’t have their Vizio TV remotes to factory rest their TV without a remote. There are a few simple steps to be followed to do it.

Factory reset without using a remote

Start by pressing the Power button present on your TV. There is no fixed position where you can find your TV’s power button, depending on your TV’s model, look for it on the sides or at the bottom of the device.

Now, once your TV is powered on, use the volume down and source buttons simultaneously. After a wait of a few seconds, your TV will prompt you to long press the input button. Press and hold the input button for at least 10 seconds or more.

After long pressing the Input button, your TV will reboot and factory reset itself. Do not panic if this process takes some time, Factory reset is supposed to take a minute or so.

We are pretty sure your sound issue would be fixed after you factory reset your TV but if this doesn’t help let us guide you through some more solutions.

Remove the power cord from the back of the TV

Yet another solution to fix your Vizio TV’s sound issue is to try and remove the power cord plugged in at the back panel of the TV.

Reseat the Power cord from the back of your TV and leave it unplugged for at least a minute or so and then plug it back in.

When you proceed to plug the cord back in, make sure you insert it in firmly and that the connection is tight. If there’s any issue with the plug not being inserted right, your TV might not receive adequate power.

Now use the power button on your TV to power it on, do not use your remote here to power your TV back on.

We are pretty positive that your TV’s sound would be fine now but if it still doesn’t work, we’ll recommend you contact the support team of your TV.

Contacting the Vizio TV support team

If none of the fixes mentioned in this article seem to solve the problem for you, your last option would be to contact the support team of your TV. You can also check the customer care complaint department on

You can contact them at 1-844-254-8087.

  • Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 11:00 PM CST
  • Saturday – Sunday, 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM CST.

Warranty of your Vizio TV

If your problem is still persisting, despite you trying all the troubleshooting methods mentioned above, you need to check if you have an active warranty on your TV.

If you do have an active warrant for your Vizio device, their team, after considering your issue, will either repair your TV or replace it for you.


All in all, one can conclude that the problem with Vizio TV’s sound isn’t unique to only some customers many customers have faced the same issue. If you also face similar problems with your TV, we have explained the following solutions in this article:

  • Try unplugging your Vizio TV from the wall 
  • Check for the latest software updates on your TV.
  • Factory reset your TV 
  • Reseat the power cord in your TV
  • Contact the Vizio TV support team

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there no volume on my Vizio TV?

Start by checking the audio settings on your TV and look for connected devices, if any, as well. Try simple fixes like unplugging the power cord and inspecting the ports and cords. If the problem still persists try all the solutions mentioned in this article.

What is the reason behind Vizio TV losing its sound?

Sometimes your TV has sound problems due to a broken cable or failed connection. But if that’s not the case, it might also be possible that your TV model has some permanent issues and should be replaced.

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