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Northwest Registered Agent LLC Service Review

Are you somebody who’s looking to register their own business and step foot in the corporate world? Do you also worry about handling all the necessary documentation and legalities? Then Northwest Registered Agent is the perfect stop for you.

Northwest registered agent is one of the most efficient services to form LLCs.This platform is extremely reliable and you’ll learn more about this platform as we proceed further in this review article. We’ll take you through the pros and cons and then let our readers decide for themselves.

This review article will also help you in comparing and deciding the best available LLC formation service in the market.

So, let us dive straight in and learn more about Northwest’s services.

About Northwest registered Agent LLC service

Starting its journey from Spokane, Washington, this company has been on the playing field for more than two decades. Northwest is a relatively less renowned name in the LLC formation industry and has often been over shined by its extraordinary competitors like LegalZoom.

Northwest offers a bag full of services and that too at decent prices as low as $39+ state fees for forming a basic LLC. The services offered by Northwest are not targeted towards a single category of entrepreneurs or startup owners but are designed holistically to cater to all segments.

Northwest Registered agent review

Northwest has a very unique and out of the box approach towards getting clients and uses the slogan of “we’re just not annoying”, which is a clever way to distinguish Northwest from its fellow competitors and establishes their confidence over their services like, customer transparency, privacy norms and a lot more.

Now, discussing the few basic features and services provided by this platform, its core services include:

  • A registered agent service that too within all 50 states
  • Mail services and email reminders clubbed with a virtual office experience which makes you feel like working from your own work desk.
  • Easy compliance with all your business norms and legal documents
  • Easy and smooth LLc formation process without any unforeseen hassle.This platform helps you form and incorporate your LLC in a matter of days.

The services mentioned above are just a sneak peek of what’s in store for users opting to form LLC using NorthWest’s versatile platform.

This platform has a lot more to offer and a lot of features that still aren’t unfolded to you. We’ll tell you more about its advantages as we go further in this review.

Advantages of using Northwest

Efficient customer support

Northwest registered agent service has established itself as one of the few LLC formation services that provide exemplary customer support and genuinely value customer satisfaction to the core. It provides timely and hassle-free responses to all customer inquiries.

Its in-house support teamwork meticulously to provide such services and are in charge of all types of customer communications, whether it be telephonic or through email.

Compared to other services in the market, Northwest makes sure its users don’t have to wait on the telephone lines and avoid transferring calls from one executive to another.

Northwest has a team of corporate experts called the corporate guides which are specifically designated to handle doubts of all kinds regarding LLC formation or business registration and launch in general. These guides ensure that people have a smooth and safe business formation procedure by advising them on the best moves.

Timely filing of documents

Northwest Registered Agent service values the time of its customers and hence makes sure to file their LLC formalities and documents on the very same day on which they put in a request for LLC formation. So, if you are somebody who wants to launch their LLC urgently then this platform is the perfect fit for you.

Although users need to keep in mind that same-day filing doesn’t guarantee your LLC formation in a day, the state authorities still take a considerable amount of time in going through your documents and other articles of organization. This procedure is a bit complicated and might require patience as it also depends on your state of formation.

One can also not ignore the fact that Northwest has one of the eBay reviews on the internet and most of them are written applauding its timely services.

Great privacy protections

Whenever somebody thinks about forming and registering their business, their first and foremost demand is that their privacy is maintained and their documents are handled safely and fortunately Northwest keeps its customer’s privacy its topmost priority no matter what.

They also follow in the footsteps of their slogan,” Privacy By Default” which works on limiting the amount of business information that is present to the general world.

Now, one might ask what are some of the ways by which this platform protects its client’s privacy and provides security, to answer that question, they follow a strict rule about not selling or transferring any kind of personal information to third parties, they also commit to using their own company address and IP address instead of their client’s information when filing documents.

This platform also makes sure to not request or demand any unnecessary personal information until and unless it is unavoidable and important.

Their IT infrastructure is designed to handle sensitive information and provide top-notch security.

Ease of use

Forming a business is considered to be a cumbersome task but

Northwest Registered Agent service has made things easier for everybody. They provide a simple and uncomplicated process so its users can form their LLC with a free mind.

The process of registering your LLC starts with you submitting some basic business documents and fundamental information like your state of formation, your business’s desired name, and other details.

Northwest acts as a virtual assistant in disguise and handles all the formalities.

Disadvantages of using Northwest Registered Agent LLC formation service

Lack of features

When comparing the features Northwest has to offer to other LLC formation services in the market, Northwest seems to lack a bunch of features, for instance, this platform doesn’t include an operating agreement in its starting package and that is a drawback for its users on a budget.


There is no denying the fact that Northwest has affordable plans for its users and is known for its pocket-friendly services as well but we also cannot overlook the fact that there are plenty of other affordable options in the market that provide services at better rates.

The basic starting package offered by this platform is one of its kind and totally value for money but as the package prices increase, the service to price graph keeps on decreasing.

Refund policies

Although refunds are not an issue at this platform, you need to make quite a few calls to initiate your refund in case of any unforeseeable situation.

Also, the VIP service provided by the platform is 100% nonrefundable and the reason for this is that Northwest fronts the state fees for its VIP users to provide them a smooth service.

Northwest Pricing & Features

Northwest has been a showstopper when it comes to its pricing plans. This unique platform doesn’t follow the ordinary multi-tier pricing plan system but offers only a single package option to form a company.

This platform might follow a different approach but that is the major reason for this platform being renowned and trusted by different entrepreneurs.

This pricing system gives its users the liberty to choose anything and everything they think is necessary for their business. Additionally, there are no upsells on this platform as well, so users do not have to worry about that sector.

Northwest Registered Agent’s basic plan is that of $39+ state fees that are just the basic LLC formation fees that are mandatory for initiating and maintaining your LLC.

As we keep on adding services, the price keeps on increasing gradually. The $225 package designed by the platform handles each and every detail of the process from handling the entire paperwork to registered agent services.

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