Samsung TV won’t turn on

Why Samsung TV Won’t Turn On And How To Fix It?

Many users who are using Samsung TVs have complained about encountering a problem in switching their TVs on. Countless cases have been recorded where customers have faced issues while switching their Samsung TVs on for several years. 

In most cases, the issue is resolvable and a few steps can tackle the problem of Samsung TV not switching on.

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What to do if Samsung TV won’t turn on

Samsung TV won’t turn on

If you have also encountered a problem while switching your Samsung TV on, it might be possible that you would have to reset it. Start by unplugging your TV for some time, now press the power button for 60 seconds and after approximately a minute, switch on your TV again by plugging it in.

When we unplug the power socket from the wall, it helps in draining any extra power that is left in your TV and acts as a mild reset for your TV. The key here is to wait full 60 seconds before plugging your Tv back in, this gives your TV adequate time to cool down and soft reset itself.

The above-mentioned fix can be proved useful in the majority of cases but if you still can’t switch your Samsung TV on, we got you!

Try some fixes listed below-

Try removing and changing your Samsung remote’s batteries

Try removing and changing your Samsung remote’s batteries

If unplugging your TV doesn’t work for you, try this alternate fix. Take out the batteries from your Samsung remote and make sure to keep them out 0f the remote for at least 30 seconds, make sure it is 30 seconds and not less!

Now you can either try putting in a fresh set of batteries or try putting the ones before. Now try powering on your TV and there is a probability that it switches on now but if the problem persists, we have a few other options for you.

Factory reset your TV

If you manage to power your TV on by any of the fixes mentioned above but don’t want to face the same issue again, you should consider a permanent fic like factory resetting your TV.

To factory reset your TV, press the Home button and then follow these steps: Go to Settings, then click on General and then choose Reset. Your TV will ask you to enter a security Pin, enter the Pin if you did set it otherwise just enter 0000.

Your TV will now switch off and then switch back on again and finally, your TV has been reset to the initial settings when you purchased it, fresh as new!

Factory resetting your Samsung TV without using a remote

Are you stuck in a situation where you’ve lost your remote and can’t figure out how to factory reset your Samsung TV? We have got a solution for you!

First, find the power button in your TV, there’s no fixed position of the power button, it might be pm the right or left side or at the bottom of your TV, depending upon the model.

Now go to the Menu section by pressing the Menu Button on your TV and then toggle your way through the Setting→ General settings→ Reset.

But there can also be a situation where you can’t access all these keys because your TV is mounted too tight to the wall or is at a great height, then you can follow the below options.

You can consider plugging in a USB keyboard to your Samsung TV to navigate easily.

Another yet effective method is to download the Samsung SmartThings App, this app can be particularly used just for Samsung smart TVs and can be downloaded on a smartphone. This app can make your phone act as a remote to your TV.

The final and last solution for users not having their remotes with them is to get a universal remote and enter the right Samsung code and use that remote for your TV.

We have mentioned all the possible fixes if you don’t have a remote and want to reset your TV. 

We still have a few methods left for you to try in case you still can’t switch your TV on.

Unplug the power cord at the back of the Samsung TV

This step can be a potential solution for most of you guys, you just need to remove the power cord from your TV and wait for at least 60 seconds before replugging it in.

Make sure you plug it back right and as tight as it needs to be because this would ensure that your TV receives an accurate power supply to function. 

Now power back on your TV using the power button and we hope you don’t face any problems anymore.

Choose the right Input Source

One of the reasons why your Samsung TV is not switching on might be the use of the wrong Input source. Make sure you check the Input source you are using. Check that your TV source matches the number of the HDMI port that you are using.

One can select the right Input score for them using the steps given below:

Method 1 – Using Remote Control

Start by switching your TV on. Now press the source button which you can easily find on your remote and now you can select your desired input method.

Method 2 – Without using a remote 

Start your TV  by pressing the power button. Now press the Menu button which is present on the side or below the TV screen. Now you can simply use the volume keys to navigate through the source options that you got.

Choose the fit input source and enter.

Try using another power outlet for your TV

Now as we are going through all the possible reasons why your TV might not be switching on, we should also try our luck at this one.

It might sound unlikely but it might be possible that the power outlet you are using to plug your TV in is not working or has no power supply, you should try plugging it into another power socket.

If your TV’s mounted on the wall and the alternate power socket is far from it, try using an extension cord. Alternatively, to check whether a socket is working or not, try plugging in some other electrical appliance.

The backlight of the TV might be broken

If none of the above fixes seem to work for you, there is a huge possibility that the backlight of your Samsung TV is not in the right condition.

To check your backlight, use your phone’s flashlight and closely look at your TV screen, checking if there’s any imagery on the TV screen. If you do observe some faint images, this means that your Backlight is broken and requires to be repaired.

But if there are no images on the screen, we still have to look for solutions to your problem.

Problem with the Motherboard

Do you remember any thunderstorms or heavy rains in your area recently? If Yes, it might be possible that your Tv’s motherboard got fried and that is the reason your TV isn’t switching on.

You can check for motherboard damage by opening up the black paneling at the back of your TV. Once you open it, you’ll be confused to see a bunch of boards, motherboards are mostly to the left.

If you do find an issue in your motherboard, you can either replace it or get it checked by a professional. Motherboards are usually not that expensive to replace, just make sure you choose the accurate one.


Samsung TVs can be a little tricky sometimes but there are several methods to follow if your TV doesn’t switch on, some of the methods mentioned above are:

  • Cut off the power supply to your TV and wait for at least 60 seconds.
  • Try removing or replacing your remote’s batteries
  • Factory reset
  • Replug the power cord in the back of your TV
  • Check the input source of your TV
  • Check if the backlight is functional or not
  • Check if the motherboard is functional or not

If none of the solutions work for your TV, you should consider buying a new TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to check if your TV fuse is blown?

You can open up the holder and check if there is any gap in the wire or any dark smear inside the glass, then your fuse might be blown. 

How long does Samsung TV normally last?

Considering the industry standards, Your Samsung TV can last for approximately 10 years.

How to check if a TV is burnt?

One can observe some mild spots on the TV screen if there is any burn-in involved in your TV.

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