Singapore Startups To Watch

Singapore Startups to Watch in 2022

Asian startups have recently scaled phenomenal heights and have gained widespread acknowledgment. Singapore particularly has been a showstopper when it comes to tech-based Singapore startups, the primary reasons for these exceptional performances by startups are the flexible trading policies, a compatible fiscal regime, and business uplifting policies. Ranking as the second-best country to run a business in, Switzerland has one of the most stable currencies internationally.

Additionally, a country’s government plays a major role in deciding how businesses work, the Singapore government has been extremely supportive and encouraging and has successfully provided a holistic growing environment for potential startups. Regular tax deductions, easy loans, and financial assistance are a few benefits the government provides its new businesses.

Singapore provides the perfect ecosystem and acts as a magnet for talented minds around the world.

Singapore Startups to Watch

Let us dive into the list of best performing startups to follow in the year of 2021

1. Volofin

When it comes to utilizing blockchain technology to lend to SMEs in Singapore, the staple name is VoloFin. They made a compatible platform for delivering lending services. VoloFin utilized the recent technology advancements to provide in-principal approval and hand-to-hand price indications to SMEs.

VoloFin is a fintech company providing services internationally to Indian startups, the US, and many other places, and what makes VoloFin the best choice is its user-friendly and easy-to-utilize features. The major gap which needed to address for a long time but was being pushed under the rug was addressed by VoloFin when it bought SME lending to the mainstream audience.

The level of trust Volofin has established is extraordinary and the buyer doesn’t need to worry about the credit risks anymore, being a user of blockchain technology, the credit process becomes transparent for all the stakeholders.

This perfect blend of technology and AI is paired with an unmatched team of experts who know banking and credit systems to their core.

Having received funding from 9 investors, Volofin is on its way to become a giant in the lending sector.

2. Skuad

Skuad has an ultimate mission of equipping companies with the power to recruit great talents and build a holistic team without any geographical restrictions.

People can work together, build together and grow together and be living on different sides of the globe.

Especially during the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, the world has experienced an unexpected shift in day-to-day proceedings and everybody needed reliable digital alternatives to connect together and Skuad does exactly that.

Companies that trust Skuad
Companies that trust Skuad

So, Skuad is a platform to pay and receive payments while working from the comfort of their homes. Companies can easily hire remote employees and don’t have to worry about compromising on great talent or setting up local offices. Skuad doesn’t just provide global payroll, it also helps with taxation and local compliances.

For a startup to succeed, it needs to address the need of the hour, Skuad being a digital payroll platform is the need of the hour for the world shifting to working online.

Skuad will definitely become a renowned name in the field of remote working and definitely deserves our viewer’s attention.

3. Seedly 

One of the key needs of people in today’s age is access to some right and accurate financial assistance and seedly is the name to look up to when looking for expense tracking or financial management.


People can make smart and sound financial decisions by linking up to bank accounts with this application. It allows people to manage their balances and cash flow with just a few clicks and not just that, Seedly allows its users to consult or read about their peer’s experience before making a major financial decision, so it allows you to review as well as compare.

Being acquired by Shopback in 2018, which is a one-stop destination for rewards and discoveries to make a sound purchasing decision, Seedly gained access to global markets. Eventually in 2020, a Hong-Kong based financial assistance company, CompareAsiaGroup acquired Seedly and now they work closely grow their reach in Singapore as well as internationally. Seedly has scaled up its business since this exemplary acquisition and has come up as a well-renowned name in the financial field.

4. Insider

Digital marketers need detailed brand knowledge so they can supplement brands with increased client engagement and that is that Insider helps them with. So, Insider helps people to have access to detailed insights by utilizing AI and machine learning technologies.


So, all in all, targeting the accurate audience and delivering exactly what they need is the key function of Insider. Marketers can easily have access to their needed markets and the audience can enjoy personalized experiences. Their model is extremely easy to use and that makes them a right fit for everybody in need of their services.

Bridging the gap between the offline and online world has been a real problem in the last two years and therefore the task of generating insights and analyzing them needed to be addressed and that in return provides top-notch customer experiences.

Insider is now funded by 9 investors and has expanded globally and was even featured as one of the hottest startups worldwide. The top clients they are catering to right now are Estee lauder, Lóreal and many renowned names and thus Insider has established immense trust and recognition.

5. Funding Societies

Funding Societies

Funding societies is a gateway that connects interested investors with SMEs that are in need of funds. This versatile business idea promotes financial inclusion by eliminating the gap between small businesses and lenders. Being a peer-to-peer platform, Insider is the first one to receive working licenses from countries like Singapore and Malaysia. This startup has successfully helped with 3.3 million loans with huge amounts of funding.

Funding societies have even received some mystery investment from Samsung Venture investment corporation and that led to its expansion and varied reach. The only goal Funding Societies is working on right now is the financial inclusion of businesses in other Asian parts and even internationally. Targeting the South Asian companies leads to their financial improvement and safeguards their future. So, in conclusion, a growing startup like Funding Societies needs everyone’s attention.

6. Doctor Anywhere                  

The only sector that was only in demand during the recent covid 19 pandemics was the healthcare and wellness sector and Doctor Anywhere is an on-demand healthcare service provider that has created an online platform for its users to get fast access from any remote location.

Doctor Anywhere

Doctor Anywhere world with a great bunch of experts and their experience and expertise in the healthcare field scales up this platform’s performance worldwide. What is better than attending your doctor’s appointments without risking going out in these hard times? Doctor Anywhere allows the patients to manage their appointments according to their schedule.

With a  bunch of 1300 doctors on board, This app can cater to everybody’s needs with just some clicks. This app gained additional attention due to the pandemic as well when everybody was trying to have doctor consultations and get tested.

Doctor anywhere also advocates for increased mental health awareness and provides expert sessions for the same too, support from licensed mental health professionals is quite necessary for people going through mental health issues.

Doctor Anywhere is a start up with immense scope of growth and is set up to be extremely smart and flexible.

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