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One of my girlfriends is a Teacher, and it surprised me when we went to a shop at Target, and she got a heavy discount using her Teacher’s ID card. Then, I decided to write a blog and tell other teaching professionals not to miss out on their Target Teacher Discount.

Any successful store is truly successful if it offers its customers opportunities to make the most of its limited budget, and Target has done just that. Target is set to provide significant discounts on back-to-school supplies to teachers. These discounts will last a few more weeks this year than previous years.

Target will be offering a discount of 15% to all the teachers who shop for classroom essentials from them. Target will also offer a 20% discount to all its college-going customers on select items.

Target started this initiative of providing teacher discounts after their Target Student discount initiative to help millions of families across the country access more ways to conveniently save and find school essentials.

You can read more about Target Teacher’s discount here.

What is Target Teacher Discount?

It has been observed that most teachers spend nearly $700 of their salary on classroom supplies and ensure that the children have a creative learning experience using colorful stationery, stickers, and whatnot.

Target Teacher Discount

But Target emphasizes that buying these supplies should not create a massive hole in the pockets of teachers, and therefore, they decided to offer a Teacher’s discount.

So, if you are a teacher, you are eligible to avail 15% off on school supplies and more. You can also be a part of the Teachers prep event by Target, go ahead and stock up on your classroom essentials at low prices.

This Teacher’s prep event is organized every summer so that teachers can shop for the new school session that is about to begin.

This Teacher’s discount is also valid on classroom furniture, dustbins, and other necessities.

This discount is valid on both shopping channels of the store, offline and online. Teachers can go to Target stores or shop from their homes. They should not worry about delivery charges while shopping online; the delivery is free for orders above $35.

Target Teacher Verification [Updated]

We have made a list of teachers that are eligible to avail of this Teacher’s discount by Target, and below is the list:

  1. University and college professors
  2. Vocational, trade, and technical school teachers
  3. Homeschool teachers
  4. Elementary, middle, and high school teachers
  5. Daycare center teachers
  6. Preschool and early childhood learning centers

If you have been recruited as a teacher recently and don’t have access to all your credentials, worry no more! Any form of an official document proving that you are a teacher can serve the purpose, and you can avail of the discount.

How To Avail Target Teacher Discount?

Start by signing up for Target Teachers Discount. Eligible teachers need to enter their school information to access the discount coupon. They must complete filling up their information like Name, Email, School, and Zip Code.

Then, to avail of the Teacher’s discount, first and foremost, teachers need to be a member of Target Circle and then apply for verification.

Let us guide you through the steps to follow once you verify your teacher status with Target:

1. As and when Target verifies you, start by saving your Teacher savings offer.

2. Once you save it, a 15% teacher discount will automatically apply to your eligible purchase when you shop at Target.

Please note that you can apply this coupon only once, so make sure to use this discount wisely and uncheck this discount coupon from your Target wallet until and unless you are all set to purchase.

Target Teacher Prep Event

Target organizes this Prep event in mid-summer to offer discounts on school supplies to teachers. Teachers, through this event, can save up to 15% on school essentials like notebooks, books, pens, crayons, folders, and much more. They can even buy classroom furniture and other dorm room necessities in this sale.

All teachers, from K-12 to homeschool teachers to daycare teachers, can benefit from this once-in-a-year sale. Even childhood learning centers and vocational institute teachers can avail of these discounts. College and University professors can also shop for their classroom necessities under this sale.

You can use Target’s Circle app to stay updated on their discounts and avail of them hassle-free. Qualified teachers are a part of Target’s Circle Loyalty program and can easily access all their discounts.

What are the additions to this year’s Teacher’s discount?

Target has recently announced that most of its back-to-school essentials will be priced at very friendly rates, and rarely any products would cross the $10 mark, so teachers and students can stock up on their supplies easily.

Target is all set to offer a 20% discount to its college-going students, and this discount can be used on classroom essentials, school furniture, dorm room supplies, and much more. But it should be noted that this college student’s discount is applicable on only one-time purchases.

What are all products included in the Teachers Discount at Target?

Target has officially mentioned that this discount is applicable on “Back-to-school supplies,” but it should be noted that some additional items are also included in this discount. Some items which are included in this discount are:

Products you can buy under Teacher's Discount
  1. Writing books and pads
  2. Arts & Crafts
  3. Food Storage Bags
  4. Storage and Organization
  5. Notebooks, Folders, & Binders
  6. Disinfecting Wipes
  7. Facial Tissue
  8. Hand Sanitizer

There are also certain products that are exempted from this Teacher’s discount, and some of the excluded products are:

  1. Items on Clearance 
  2. Electronics
  3. Backpacks
  4. Lunch bags
  5. Items sold and shipped by Target’s Partners
  6. You cannot use this discount while using Target WIC.


To conclude, Target’s Teacher discount initiative is a great move to help teachers buy necessary school supplies for their students without causing too much financial burden.

It should be noted that this Teachers discount is applicable throughout the year for verified teachers, but if you aren’t a verified teacher, this discount doesn’t last throughout the year. Another important fact is that homeschool teachers are also eligible to avail of this discount,

Teachers can regularly check their Target circle to be updated on any deals or coupons suitable for them. We hope that this article was of great help to you!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many times in a year can Teacher avail of Target teachers discount?

It is crucial to note that this Teachers discount can be availed only once every year.

Hence it is essential to keep checking the dates of the ongoing sale and make purchases well within time to avail of maximum benefits. Make sure to uncheck the discount coupon before you finally place your order.

What all things are there in this teachers discount, and how long is this sale live?

Target Teacher Discount for classroom essentials is a 15% discount offered by Target on back-to-school items like pens, notebooks, folders, crayons, and other stationery items.

This discount is also valid on storage an organization items for schools and dorm rooms.

How can somebody register as a teacher and avail of this discount at Target?

Teachers who want to register and be verified for Target’s Teacher sale can quickly sign up at

They can access all the products eligible for a discount after signing up and getting verified. All items excluded from this discount, like electronics, clearance, backpacks, and much more, cannot be shopped at a discount.

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