Walmart Return Hours – How Late Can You Do Returns?

As simple shopping can be, returning products can be chaotic. We understand that returning products at retail stores should be hassle-free and easy. In this blog, we will discuss Walmart Return hours, Walmart customer service hours for returns, at what time Walmart close, and how you can make your returns hassle-free and will let you know the entire return policy at Walmart.

Let’s dig in and learn everything about Walmart’s return hours.

What Time Does Customer Service Close at Walmart?

Generally, the working hours at Walmart are from 6:00 am to 12 am and stay open for the entire week, that is, Monday through Sunday.

However, the working hours may differ for different store locations. Some stores may remain open 24 hours, while others may close earlier in the evening. So, it is always recommended to check your local Walmart store or their website to know the working hours of a specific store.

Moreover, some Walmart stores also have a pharmacy and a grocery section that may work at different hours. We also know that Walmart offers online grocery shopping and curbside pickup, which may operate at additional working hours.

These services at Walmart are available for customers who shop online or want to pick them up at some selected hours, which can be convenient for those who cannot visit the store during regular working hours.

It should be remembered that Walmart may have reduced working hours during holidays and festivities.

In such cases, check the store’s hours beforehand for any special event. Besides, the stores might remain temporarily closed in cases of any local conditions, pandemics, or natural calamities.

What is the Walmart Return Hours?

Walmart offers an easy and hassle-free return policy, where customers can return or exchange most of the purchased items within 90 days from the date of purchase. But, electronic products may have shorted return period, between 15-30 days.

However, some things are not eligible for returns, so you must always check the return policy before buying anything in case there are any product expectations or restrictions.

Walmart return hours

Just like the working hours, the return hours at Walmart might differ according to the location. However, Walmart’s general Return or exchange time is 7 am to 11 pm, Monday through Sunday.

During this time frame, customers can return or exchange their purchases in-store and online.

The items purchased online can be returned through the mail. In contrast, in-store purchases can be returned or exchanged with the help of customer service. Both in-store and online returns or exchanges have different steps, which are very simple and convenient, which we will discuss in detail below.

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How to Return an Item at Walmart?

Customers who purchase in-store can visit the store’s customer service desk during general business hours and request a return or exchange of the product. Remember to bring the purchase receipt along with the item to be returned.

Online purchases can be returned through Walmart’s online store or by mail. Contact customer support through mail to initiate the return process.

At Walmart store, the customer must bring their order confirmation and the item they wish to return.

Here are the steps for easy returns:

  • Before entering the store, ensure you have the right product and the purchase receipt of the product you want to return. If you misplace the receipt, you can still return the item, but it might be with a reduced refund.
  • Check the product’s return policy and time period, as some products might have a reduced return period.
  • For returning in-store, visit the customer service desk and let the associate help you with the return process. They may also ask for a few details or IDs if you don’t have the receipt.
  • After the associate verifies the item and the purchase, they will initiate the process and give you a refund or exchange.
  • Once your amount has been credited to your original mode of payment, you can check it. If you paid with cash, you would receive a cashback, and if you bought it with a gift card, it would be credited back to the gift card.
  • Make sure whatever item you are returning; it should be packed well to keep it secure to prevent any damage during transport.
  • After your Return is completed, keep the return receipt safe as proof of Return in case of any issue with the Return or exchange.
  • In case you have any concerns with the return policy or need details regarding returns, contact Walmart’s customer support for any assistance.

What all Items can your Return during the Return Hours?

During the store’s return hours, customers can return a range of products they once purchased online or from the store. The items eligible for returns are clothing, footwear, home decor, accessories, electronics, and small appliances.

  • Clothing includes shirts, t-shirts, pants, dresses, skirts, outerwear, etc.
  • Footwear includes shoes, sandals, sneakers, boots, heels, etc.
  • Accessories include watches, handbags, hats, belts, etc.
  • Home decor includes furniture, bedding, soft furnishings, etc.
  • Electronics and small appliances include mobiles, tablets, laptops, kitchen appliances, etc.

Some products like food or personal hygiene products cannot be returned. Certain products have specific return policies and restrictions or conditions.

Items that are final sale or marked as non-returnable may not be eligible for Return.

Also, damaged or used items cannot be returned. As well as, items returned without a valid receipt may be subjected to a restocking fee or may not be accepted for a return.

Can you make a Return at Walmart After Hours?

Unfortunately, you might not be able to return items in-store after the return hours as the store and the customer service desk might be closed. However, suppose you want to return any item outside the return hours.

In that case, you can do so by self-service return kiosk that is located outside the Walmart store that operates 24 hours and allows the customers to return any product by scanning the barcode available on the receipt, followed by the on-screen instructions.

The other way to return the product is to contact the customer service number of the store where you made the purchase and ask for any special instructions they follow in case of after-hours returns. It is always best to contact the store for their return policy and procedures.

From this blog, we can conclude that Walmart, one of the largest and most popular retail stores in the world, offers an array of products at a competitive price. The store provides a convenient return policy to its customers, offering a maximum 90-day flexible return and exchange policy that makes it an excellent spot for shoppers.

Moreover, Walmart may even have an extended return policy, and most of the stores at various locations open late and on weekends to accommodate the schedule of the customers. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I return an item bought on clearance sale at Walmart?

Yes, you can return an item purchased during a clearance sale from Walmart, but the product should be in the original, unused condition and within the return period.

Can I return a used item at Walmart?

No, you cannot return a used item at Walmart. To return any item at Walmart, it should be in good and unused condition. 

How long does it take to get the refund amount of the returned product at Walmart?

The time of refund entirely depends on the mode of payment. If a credit card or debit card was used, it could take up to 10 business days to get a refund for the returned product.

Can I return an item purchased from a different Walmart store?

No, items should be returned to the specific Walmart store from where it was purchased.

What to do if I get a damaged product from Walmart?

In case you get a damaged product from Walmart, you can initiate a refund or exchange request or contact the customer service desk to get help with your purchase.

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