What Time Does Doordash Close?

Doordash is the leading food and convenience delivery company in the United States. Today this company owns more market share than any other brand in the same industry.

There can be many reasons why this company’s delivery is late or is not serviced correctly. Doordash may be closed, in which case the estimation of the deliveries will undergo a shift. This brings us to ask, at what time does Doordash close? What can be the possible alternatives when Doordash is not delivering? How can we calculate the correct estimated time for the delivery of any Doordash parcel? Look no further for detailed answers to these questions.

What time does Doordash close?

We have discussed how specific policies concerning Doordash can be relatively confusing, and the Doordash closing time is one of them.

What time does Doordash close

Is it true that Doordash delivery operates throughout the night? Officially, yes, this information is correct. Doordash promises to deliver throughout the day and night, so you can technically have your order delivered to your door at 3 or 4 a.m.

However, the reason why Doordash, in reality, does not deliver this late is that most restaurants close around 10:00 p.m. At times different Doordash contract workers operate on their closing times.

If required, you can contact customer service at Doordash and report this issue in your region. But remember, if the bakery you are ordering from closed at 6:00 p.m., you cannot get it at midnight, and there is nothing that Doordash can do about this.

At the same time, if you live in the city center and you’re sure that the restaurants of your choice are open till midnight, chances are your door dash deliverer will be willing to deliver till that time without any problem.

Another factor that determines delivery hours are the Doordash drivers in your area. If you live in the outskirts and drivers are scarce, wait time will be much longer, and your order might even be canceled because the driver could not reach the restaurant in time. Alternatively, you can be charged a late-night hours fee, which is completely alright if you are willing to pay for it!

What time does Doordash close in New York?

Doordash operates quite successfully in most large American countries and can handle massive amounts of orders almost effortlessly.

Since New York has an adequate number of Doordash deliverers, the chances of your order getting canceled are slim. This means that according to the eating culture of New York, it will take you only a little bit of time to do your research and locate a restaurant that is serving all night.

Doordash will also deliver alcohol if you are above the legal drinking age. Anything from late-night snacks to a proper breakfast order can be made on the Doordash app if you’re from New York.

Estimated delivery time of Doordash

Doordash, estimated delivery time across the United States of America is an average of 22 minutes. The number of food delivery users has increased through the covid-19 era; you can expect this delivery time to have gone up by at least 30 minutes.

Doordash estimated delivery time, however, depends on several factors.

Individual speed and attitude of the driver

There are bound to be individual differences in how each driver handles the orders and the responsibilities assigned to them. Unsurprisingly, your orders will be handled properly and delivered on time if you are lucky enough to have a dedicated and conscious driver.

Time taken by the restaurant to prepare your meal

Chefs take different amounts of time to prepare a meal. This will also depend on your specific request and how or what you are ordering. If your food is hard to prepare, it is no surprise that it will take longer for the restaurant to give it its final form and pack it appropriately.

Current orders lodged with Doordash

Each driver is assigned a list of orders to pick up and then deliver to the respective locations. Therefore on days when this list is long and covers different geographic areas, it is not surprising the driver will take longer than usual to deliver your food. The lag time of Doordash delivery depends on the current lodged orders.

Availability of drivers

Some areas have abundant drivers, while others have very few drivers working for large geographical areas. Individual days can also suffer, especially public holidays where many drivers are likely to utilize their leaves. If drivers are unavailable, each driver will be given double or triple their usual task.

Delivery time lag due to any unforeseen event

Any unexpected event can occur over which Doordash has no control. Road accidents and unfavorable weather conditions occur more often than we would like to know, and it is our duty in such times to favor the health and well-being of the driver over the delivery time of our food.

How to avoid late deliveries?

Can you do anything from your side to ensure late deliveries do not happen again?

You can take several steps as a responsible customer to make the process easier for you and the others involved.

Order ahead of time

This is only sometimes possible; try ordering ahead of time whenever you can. For example, place your food order while you’re on your way home instead of ordering after you have reached and settled down.

The earlier you order, the faster your food will reach your doorstep, and at times it might even be that the food is better prepared due to the timing of your orders. Ordering ahead of time is the best thing you can do from your side to ensure late deliveries do not happen.

Please choose the correct Restaurant

The proximity of the restaurant and its capacity will determine how quickly your food is made and served.

On days when you anticipate the possibility of a late delivery, choose a restaurant with very efficient management or does not have a rush of customers during that time. Try to choose a restaurant that is closer to your place.

Avoid complex specifications

We all like our food a certain way, and these specifications are essential. Specifications are simple to carry out when it is something like “four times the sugar” or “extra chilly flakes.” Still, we all know those cravings which are indeed mathematically precise and take a lot of time for chefs to implement.

Be a responsible customer and avoid such demands on days when you need your food quickly.

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Reasons why Doordash is not delivering?

There can be many reasons why Doordash cannot make proper deliveries and is therefore not taking orders currently.

They don’t have a formal agreement with the restaurant listed: sometimes, restaurants remain listed when a revision of the terms and agreements is happening internally between the two institutions.

External conditions like road infrastructure and weather: It is little that any employee can do when external conditions like road infrastructure or weather are bad. They must halt operations.

You are blacklisted from the restaurant: If you are banned or blacklisted from a restaurant, you actually cannot legally purchase food or beverages from that place, even with the help of food delivery companies.

If you are not happy with your Doordash service, here are the steps on how you can delete your Doordash account.

Alternatives if Doordash is closed

You can choose several alternatives if Doordash is indeed refusing to provide you with your food at your doorstep. Most of these companies are highly responsive and can easily compete regarding service standards and prices.


Grubhub is Doordash’s biggest competitor. It holds a 28% market share and operates well in big and small cities and towns in the United States.


EatStreet allows customers to enjoy food from any street corner in their area without stepping out of their houses.

You can rely on this service to make your delivery quickly and easily because it does not employ contract workers but drivers directly. This means there will be no contract franchise to say no to your delivery against the official rule.

Uber Eats

Uber Eats is another reliable solution to delivery and timing problems, as it has the country’s largest network of delivery drivers.

It owns nearly 9% of the market share and is an internationally acclaimed company that operates in more than 500 cities across 46 countries worldwide. This company believes in constantly improving its services.


Doordash is undoubtedly one of the best food delivery companies in the market and can be trusted with significant and expensive meals that need to be served within a reasonable amount of time.

Some customers even trust Doordash with special meal packages that must be served very cold or hot or in other specific conditions.

However, Doordash’s services are closely monitored and lived up to by other leading food delivery companies in the country that act as worthy competitors of this big brand.


Doordash refused to deliver my food. What should I do?

If Doordash has refused to deliver your food, there is nothing you can do other than choose a different food delivery company for your present order. Try to talk to the person in charge to understand the reason behind this refusal better.

Is Uber Eats similar to Doordash?

Uber Eats is also a well-known food delivery company that has operated in more than 46 countries and continues to do so. It has the largest network of delivery drivers in the country. Uber Eats can be trusted with your deliveries as much as Doordash can be.

How late does Doordash deliver?

Doordash contract workers typically deliver up to 10 or 11 p.m. in night. In large cities with abundant 24-hour restaurants, Doordash will deliver all night to its customers.

Is Doordash available 24 hours a day?

Doordash is officially available 24 hours a day. However, employees usually contract workers to manage orders in a particular area and hire drivers. Therefore it depends on the situation the contract workers are in.

Why are my Doordash orders so late?

There can be several reasons why your Doordash orders are late. It may be due to proximity, the attitude of drivers, meal preparation time taken by the restaurant itself, etc.

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