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If you are looking for a registered agent service that is extremely compatible with your business then ZenBusiness registered agent service is the perfect platform for you. ZenBusiness is known for its over-the-top services that aren’t too heavy on your pockets.

In today’s world where we have plenty of options to form an LLC, ZenBusiness surely stands out. This LLC formation service is extremely reliable and has plenty of customer reviews online to advocate for its top-notch services.

This review is all about discussing whether ZenBusiness is a perfect fit for you and we’ll do that by discussing the basic advantages and disadvantages of the platform.

So, let’s proceed and read more about what’s in store for customers opting for Zenbusiness’s services.

About ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness LLC service is a renowned name in the LLC formation industry and we credit its affordable pricing, amazing customer support, and terrific services for its fame.

Another interesting fact is that this company is a public Benefit company and this acts as a distinguishing factor when comparing it with other available services on the market. ZenBusiness is based in Austin, Texas, and is a relatively new entry to the LLC formation field. Found almost six years back, ZenBusiness has managed to establish its name pretty quickly.

ZenBusiness believes that every entrepreneur should get a fair chance to fulfill their desires of launching their start-ups and hence offers extremely pocket-friendly plans to help budding ideas enter the corporate world. They have delicately designed their packages to incorporate every feature and service a new business might require and hence have managed to attract customers looking for extensive features.

ZenBusiness’s team emphasizes that the platform’s customer support is extremely approachable and will help you every step of your business lifecycle without any hassle. Its pricing plans are one of the first and foremost reasons why people choose this service over other available options.

Counting down on some of the basic features provided by ZenBusiness, it offers the articles of organization filing, includes an operating agreement, and a one-year worth of registered agent services. All in all, we can safely say that ZenBusiness is an excellent choice and as we proceed further in this review article, we’ll weigh its pros and cons and let our readers decide for themselves.


Here are a few advantages of Zenbusiness.


 ZenBusiness is one of the most affordable LLC formations present in today’s scenario, they provide quality services at considerably low prices. Most people looking to register their businesses are small business owners and the majority of small businesses initially run on a strict budget and hence need to allocate funds wisely.

ZenBusiness accommodates all strata of businesses under one umbrella and helps businesses of all sizes benefit from its services. Starting as low as $39+the state fees, this platform has one of the most competitive pricing plans when talking about LLC formation. Considering the number of benefits and services that are included in this package, their packages are a genuine steal deal.

So, in conclusion, forming an LLC isn’t a very hefty task and can be done keeping affordability in mind.

Customer Service

Customer support and grievance redressal are some of the most crucial deciding factors for people looking for LLC formation services and fortunately, ZenBusiness has been a showstopper in the field of customer service. Even when compared to all its worthy competitors, ZenBusiness proved to be one step ahead in handling its customer doubts.

This platform also provides extended support hours both through telephone and chat services. So, they basically are available for extra hours to help support their customers in handling any type of issue while forming their businesses.

A huge range of features

This unique company offers a plethora of services and a bunch of unique features too to choose from. Considering the starting amount of $39, ZenBusiness makes sure that users opting for any of their available 3 packages get the basic benefits like registered agent services for a year, a CPA assessment, and takes care of the Operating agreement as well. They provide a worry-free CPA assessment that thoroughly evaluates your company’s needs and specifications and recommend you the best possible licensed CPA that resonates with your business.

ZenBusiness also provides a wide range of accounting and finance management services. These services provide a convenient pathway for its users to keep track of all their business finances, all their taxation deadlines and promote scheduling in general. These worry-free services are meant for budding entrepreneurs who have a lot on their plate when forming a new business.

ZenBusiness also offers a worry-free compliance guarantee which includes features like:

  1. Document handling and submission on your behalf, users just have to pay the required state fees and everything else is handled by ZenBusiness itself.

2. Deadline alerts.

Users are alerted and reminded about their annual report filing and other unavoidable deadlines along the way of business formation.

3. Users also have a chance to change or alter some details in their document filings per year. They can alter twice in their annual filings.

Talking about some add-on features and extra benefits, ZenBusiness provides a business domain, a business email and privacy features too in its LLC formation packages. These features might sound minute or unnecessary but are extremely valuable when looking for gaining visibility for your new business.

Easy to use and simple

Zenbusiness has one of the most easy-to-use platforms with efficient checkout times. It takes no more than 20 minutes for the whole order procedure. Its platform is optimized in such a way that it provides every user with a personalized online dashboard that every user can access their submitted documents and other details whenever they log in with their credentials on ZenBusiness’s portal.

Customer reviews

When counting down on the best-reviewed LLC formation services in the market right now, ZenBusiness has secured its place in the top tier.ZenBusiness holds an amazing overall rating of 4.8 out of a total of 5. Considering the fact that ZenBusiness is a relatively new entry to the LLC formation field and has been in business since just 2015, the customer ratings this platform has got are beyond exceptional.

Most reviews available online praise the platform for its simplicity and efficient checkout times clubbed with one of the best customer support services.

They are a Public Benefit Company

Going by the definition of public benefit corporations, these companies are a combination of nonprofit companies and for-profit companies where they emphasize social upliftment while doing the job which they ought to do. These companies have to include a public good cause necessarily.

In the tough year of 2020, ZenBusiness has granted huge chunks of money to budding small businesses as their statement of purpose includes the target of helping as many as one million businesses to launch by the target year of 2025.

Zenbusiness Disadvantages

ZenBusiness has been performing really well in the LLC formation field but since it is a review article, we owe it to our readers to mention some of its flaws as well.

So, below are some of the cons this platform has and can improve in the future.

1.Annual billing system

Most users using ZenBusiness have a question of why ZenBusiness wants its users to be billed annually for their chosen packages and that is also a setback for some of the people willing to opt for their services.

Although, one might keep in mind that ZenBusiness doesn’t force its users to be trapped in a long-term subscription but allows its users to opt-out from their services as and when they want without any extra charges or penalties.

2.Limited services in the website builder

We want to be completely transparent with our readers and hence would like to point out that the website builder provided by the platform is not extraordinary and hence doesn’t pose as a great competition to other LLC formation services in the market.

The domain provider of the platform isn’t also that attractive and doesn’t have extraordinary tools and services.

Pricing Plans

Like most LLC formation services in the market, ZenBusiness also offers a three-tier pricing plan. They offer a starter, pro, and premium plan but what really distinguishes them from other services in the market is the number of features they provide in these limited packages.

All of these packages are designed in such a way that they have some common features. For instance, all of them have filing and preparation of articles of the organization included in their package. Also, all these packages include registered agent services.

Zenbusiness review

The two higher-end packages also include some additional and advanced features that easily answer all your business needs.

1. The starter plan

The first and cheapest plan offered by Zenbusiness is this starter plan and it is priced at $39+state fees only. This plan includes all the basic business formation services and is ideal for entrepreneurs looking for a plan to just start their LLC simply that too without much investment. This plan doesn’t offer an extended range of features and some of the basic features of this plan are, a template for filing the operating agreement, basic business filing features, and year-long registered agency service.

2. The Pro Plan

Pro plan is the most efficient plan according to us but we’ll let our readers decide for themselves. The majority of new business owners cannot spend much on LLC formation but want a bunch of features that facilitate their business. The pro plan is designed exactly for them! Priced at $129+state fees, this plan isn’t too heavy on the pockets and has an efficient amount of features available.

Along with all the services that are available in the standard starter package, this pro plan has a list of other features like providing your business with an employer identification number, a worry-free compliance service, and an expedited filing service as well.

3. Premium Plan

This extraordinary plan is a dream for new entrepreneurs stepping foot in the corporate world, this plan has the fastest possible formation turnaround and is best for users who are in a hurry to form an LLC. This plan is also ideal for users looking to get a basic website made for their business.

Some of the advanced features of this package are getting a business domain name, a fast document filing service, and a basic business website.


I highly recommend Zenbusiness for your LLC registration. Their customer service is amazing and can help you with all the questions.

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